I'm planning a trip with MS this summer to North Carolina. Has anybody travelled from south Florida to the North Carolina Mountain areas ( Beech Mountain/Banner Elk, N.C.) . I'm curious about the charging facilities available on the road, ( which seems to be more than adequate), time spent in traveling, and any information about charging and Tesla facilities in the Beech Mountain area. Any Tesla owners living in the area and available to talk to?
Thanks in advance.

Mitch in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

jpcollins9 | 10. Februar 2019

I often drive from Birmingham to Orlando. If you're using the turnpike and then I-75, the charger on the turnpike in Orlando has been accessible and available though occasionally moderately crowded. Ocala is near a book store and restaurant. Lake City (the old one) was remote to services but easily accessible. Tifton is close to Starbucks and restaurants (plus a decent hotel is also fairly close.) Macon is several miles off I-75 but in a neat area with a museum and restaurants. Atlanta Mid town is very convenient (wouldn't recommend Lenox unless you want to shop). I-85 and I-75 superchargers north of Atlanta are well spaced and easy. Can't help you if you're going up I-90. Hope this helps a little (we've made the trip often in an S-85D and had no range anxiety.) We also have an X100D that now makes the trip and find we can skip some of the ones we used to stop at.

Bighorn | 10. Februar 2019

Your battery size will often determine what scheduled stops make the most sense. It's only 800 miles, which I approach as a day trip. Long distance to me is over 10k miles, though, so we have different perspectives:) Have done the route several times.

One stop you'll likely need regardless of battery is Savannah, which is at an airport in their parking garage. It can be a little confusing to find and they charge you for parking if you don't get your ticket validated in the terminal or if it's after midnight when the staff leaves. It's only a dollar. You may charge at Kingsland, which is a visitor's center/police station or Jacksonville, which is at a Wawa. Your route has little in common with jpcollins' route to Birmingham, though I'd add that Macon got a second supercharger because that first one he mentioned is a bit sketchy after dark. You won't need it, regardless.

Will you be trying to make time or will you break the trip into two 8 hour days? Columbia has some really good restaurants if you're not in a rush, but if you want to eat while charging, in a hotel parking lot, it's a bit of a hike. Hickory made the news recently for a group of pick up trucks that were blocking chargers, but it was very peaceful there last month. That's in a Sheetz lot. Banner Elk looks to be closer to the Hickory SC than Asheville, though there's a mall supercharger at the latter. Check on Plugshare for more local Level 2 chargers. | 10. Februar 2019

The new Macon supercharger is in a better area with restaurants nearby (a little north of the older one located in downtown Macon). The Buford supercharger is across from the Mall of Georgia; traffic is horrible in this area around rush hour. If you are going by Savannah, your navigation should take you right to the chargers (Covered area of airport parking lot furthest away from terminal). Oddly, I have never found the Charlotte SC full even though there is only one for the entire city and no more currently planned.

RAR | 10. Februar 2019

The SC in Columbia, SC (sorry, I couldn't resist the double meaning) is at a hotel with a good breakfast buffet (6 - 9 AM) for $6.95 ($10.95 if you want an omelet instead of scrambled eggs). There is a dinner option also, but that is only fair.

NCC1701S | 10. Februar 2019

We live in Marietta Georgia (just north of Atlanta) and frequently make trips between central Florida and Asheville NC. Other than what others have stated, it is a pretty easy trip. Don't stray too far from the speed limit in South or North Carolina. The SC in Greenville SC is in the parking lot of the Hilton hotel but is a fifteen minute walk for food, so you might want to pick up something just before. The Hilton staff is very nice. From there trust the navigation to get you to the Asheville SC. The navigation will more than likely take you through downtown Greenville and out the other side. Once out of town the country side is pretty and mountainous. The SC in Asheville is in the outlet mall (that can get expensive if your wife goes in) near the interstate. I don't think that there are many opportunities to charge from there on. Not sure about charging in Banner Elk or Boone. Oh yea, if you stop at the Savannah Airport, take you parking ticket to the service desk as they will validate the parking. Have fun.

packpike | 11. Februar 2019

I go to Boone every year the day after Thanksgiving. We eat at the Daniel Boone Inn and there is a public J1772 charger in the parking lot next door. It's in an App State parking lot, so on school days you're supposed to have a parking pass (I'm not sure if they hold the EV spots to that rule or not). There are a few other chargers around and I would suggest that you get the PlugShare app on your phone to read up on them. The closest SC on the route we take is in Hickory, NC (straight down 321 from Boone) on I-40.

PBEndo | 11. Februar 2019

Hi Mitch
I work in PBG and I have taken 2 trips to Blowing Rock, NC.
What Model are you driving? With all of the Superchargers built out in the last few years, getting there is easy. You will be able to skip many SC's.
Though I have driven to Banner Elk from Blowing Rock, we didn't need a charge there so I am not familiar with the options. I have spent a lot of time in Boone/Blowing Rock if you are interested in going there, let me know.

EVRider | 11. Februar 2019

By the way, I was expecting @Bighorn’s response to be “you call that long distance?” :-)

Bighorn | 11. Februar 2019

I sort of did, in a nice way:)

PBEndo | 11. Februar 2019

This restaurant has a Tesla HPWC. I charged there 2 years ago and the owner was into EV's and running an environmentally friendly business. The chargers were not restricted to patrons. It is now under new ownership so they may not be as flexible.

Mitchlevison | 11. Februar 2019

Many thanks for the excellent information from other owners!!
I have a Model 75 S, and a full charge is approximately 240 miles. Plan is to use I 95 north to Savannah, stay overnight at either Band B or Hotel with charger, and then through Charlotte, Hickory and to Banner Elk. Staying for 2 weeks in condo, thus the information needed for the chargers near Sugar Mountain, Banner Elk. There does seem to be a charger in Banner Elk labeled "for Tesla only, call for appointment" which I will inquire into.
I expect to lose some energy throughout the trip due to summer heat on highway, Put into the Nav a proposed route, and It seems that there are ample SC on route, with other level 2 chargers available.
I have EVtripplanner, Chargepoint, Findus ( Tesla) and plan on Plugshare as well.
Responding to @Bighorn... I'm attempting to make this a vacation, rather than a point A - to - B trip, and to keep my wife happy, I'm stopping overnight (I was informed). We made enough 2 day trips from NY to WPB (1200 mi) to now listen and to take to time to relax.:)
to @PBEndo...I'd appreciate any info you might share.
Thanks all for the advice.

Bighorn | 11. Februar 2019

Sounds like you've got most of the usual suspects for research links. I misspoke when I commented on Columbia as I'd conflated it with Greenville. Greenville has awesome bbq as well as an outstanding Indian buffet, surprisingly. You're not likely to take that route unless you want a different return experience. I wouldn't bother with a Charlotte stop and I'd top up in Hickory unless you knew exactly what your local charging situation will be the first night.

I wouldn't sweat (no pun) energy loss in the heat. The AC draw is largely imperceptible. I'd recommend getting the Yelp app if you enjoy finding foodie gems along the way. I spent a bit of time in Crossnore during medical clerkships--great place to escape the worst of summer.

RAR | 11. Februar 2019

If you top off in Savannah overnight you should be able to make Columbia for your next charge (you might need to keep the speed down a little until you are assured of making it with a 75 - I have an S90D). If you leave early enough you can get a second breakfast at the hotel that has the supercharger. Otherwise there is a Subway, but it is a long walk next to a very busy road. Bighorn is correct that Hickory should be your next stop. You only need Charlotte if continuing north on IS77 in the winter (or with a smaller battery).

I leave home just north of Savannah headed for Columbus, OH and leave early enough for breakfast. Not a traveler like Bighorn, but over 650 miles.

Mitchlevison | 13. Februar 2019

Thanks all.
Looks like I'll have to stop at all of the big cities, Santee, Columbia, Charlotte and Hickory , as my MS 75 will realistically only go about 230 on a full charge, and two legs seem to be greater than that distance. Can't make Savannah to Columbia, nor Columbia to Hickory.
Lots of planning ahead. Not going till August.
Taking the scenic local rt vs the express> LOL

Bighorn | 13. Februar 2019

Maybe you’re looking at kilometers. Neither of those legs is over 170 miles I.e. 162 and 142, approx. The car will tell you what to do. I never pre-plan trips anymore.

Bighorn | 13. Februar 2019

Unless you’re taking a very serpentine tour:)

Mitchlevison | 18. Februar 2019

Bighorn is correct! I don't know where I looked to get those numbers, but a check n google reveals that I can make just 2 stops to Sugar Mountain, NC from Savannah. ( Stay at Savannah hotel(?) with destination charger available)
Bigger problem... I'm staying at mountain top complex... without any charging station. Maybe big mistake.
Closest charger is east by 40 minutes, or south by 75 minutes. and they are only Level 2 !! I'm not sure that the range anxiety is worth taking the Tesla and planning 1/2 day to charge the car. Anybody know of a Tesla owner in Banner Elk NC willings to let me charge overnight at their garage?? ( Glad to pay fo the privilege). I have a 240 V 20 foot extension to fit 240V dryer plug outlet, plus Tesla charging cord.

Bighorn | 18. Februar 2019

I guess it depends how much driving around you’ll do while there. The Hickory supercharger is about 50 miles away, it appears. Also, the resort may allow you to plug into any outside 120V outlet and that’s all you’d probably need.

PBEndo | 18. Februar 2019

You could contact The Mast Farm Inn in Banner Elk to see if you would be able to use their charger. The website says the charger must be reserved, but it doesn't specifically say "for patrons only"

PBEndo | 18. Februar 2019

There are also a few other HPWC choices in Blowing Rock and Boone. Maybe you could stop there for a meal on your way up or back and top off. Throw in a 120V outlet that you can reach while parked at Beech Mountain and Bob's your uncle.

PBEndo | 18. Februar 2019

It looks like the Mast Farm Inn is in Valle Crucis, though the address is listed as Banner Elk. That's another 15 minutes from Beech

Bighorn | 18. Februar 2019

Buy some stuff at Mast General Store and see if they can hook you up (no pun).

PBEndo | 18. Februar 2019

Don't forget about campgrounds. Most will have 14-50 plugs and may let you charge.

NKYTA | 18. Februar 2019

FL to NC will be just a small part of my upcoming trip.

Not sure if I’ll make it as far north as Boston, but I am leaving from NorCal. ;-)

harry pippic | 19. Februar 2019

Have a safe trip NKYTA, hope you make it to Boston, have fun.

harry pippic | 19. Februar 2019

Have a safe trip NKYTA, hope you make it to Boston, have fun.

PhillyGal | 19. Februar 2019

Just adding another perspective that it can be more enjoyable to stop more frequently for shorter periods of time than skipping chargers.

Sometimes a bathroom and drink break - 15 minutes - is all you need to get to the next stop. If the next stop happens to be meal time, you'll end up full or close to it in the time it takes you to eat. It has been a while since we've done a trip but my hubs and I always choose the method of stopping more often for shorter times. Plus, a hydrated traveler is a happy traveler :) | 19. Februar 2019

If you decide to go by Santee between Savannah and Columbia it only adds 15 miles to your trip. You would not have to charge as long at Savannah or Columbia trying to make it all the way to the other SC and reduces your range anxiety, although 200 range miles would be more than enough in the summer with A/C on.