So, the E-tron was supposed to be an "X killer", baha, ha, ha.

So, the E-tron was supposed to be an "X killer", baha, ha, ha.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read this article from Electrek. Why I was laughing is because all of the so called auto experts spouting off about how easy it will be for any of the "big boys" in the auto industry can make an EV to compete with Tesla. Also, this article further illustrates just how far ahead of everyone else Tesla is.

jimglas | 11. Februar 2019

tesla battery tech will be difficult to replicate. The rest, not so much.

jjgunn | 11. Februar 2019

They like to pimp their 150 kW charging vs. Tesla's current 120 kW charging as being "faster" which it is, slightly....if all conditions are perfect.

Bottom line e-trons range is less than Model X.

Can't wait for Tesla to squeeze in 150 kW pack (or more) as we move into the future.

jordanrichard | 11. Februar 2019

If no has done so, go to the E-Tron page on Audi’s website and see if you can find how many miles it can go on a single charge........ I will save you some time, you won’t find it. The number one thing that people want to know and they won’t tell you. What they keep “pushing” is that you can get a 80% charge in 30 mins. You have to go further down the page to see a graph that tells you that 80% is something like 160 miles and that 30 mins is based on using a 150Kw charger.

Vawlkus | 12. Februar 2019

If it’s so easy jimglas, why aren’t they?

jimglas | 12. Februar 2019

Because they haven't been serious about trying and if you can't make a competitive battery, whats the point of the rest? The battery is the key.

jordanrichard | 12. Februar 2019

And it’s the battery cost that has got them stumped. LG had/has demanded more money for the batteries it was going to supply Audi with for the E-Tron.

We also all know the level of seriousness up to this point, but that is going to have to change because starting 10 years from now, in Europe, new ICE vehicles will start to be illegal. So if the European car makers want to stay in the business, they have to get real serious about BEVs. | 12. Februar 2019

For the time being Elon's cooperation with Panasonic, including 2170 mfg in the US has been a winning strategy. Best Li-ion cells, brilliant battery pack design (especially Model 3), outstanding motor/inverter design and software control, outstanding coefficient of drag body designs, advanced driver assistance software, radar/camera/ultrasonic sensor combination to pave the way for future driver assistance functions, bold high power Supercharger buildout, superior handling, declining prices. Elon can tout supporting the advent of sustainable transport all day long while wiping the floor with competition. The longer the other guys take to get their act together, the better completitor Tesla will be as they iron out the many wrinkles resulting from explosive growth.

jimglas | 12. Februar 2019

what he said ^

bob | 15. Februar 2019

I think everyone is missing the point. e-tron isn't a Tesla competitor. There's lots of room for more EVs. They are both ICE disruptors.

But if you do want to talk Tesla competitive advantage: (as mentioned above) battery tech for sure, the other two major other issues are the systems integration (which is what allows for the over the air updates) and the supercharging network. IMHO Tesla has got a 5 to 8 year jump on everyone else relative to both of these technologies.

jordanrichard | 18. Februar 2019

Bob, agreed about the E-Tron, except that Audi is positioning it against the X and I-Pace. We know that without a proper fast charging network, the E-Tron or anything else is not comparable to Tesla. However outside of our bubble here, people don’t know that.