Dual motors range

Dual motors range

I got the car about three days ago, I tried to change to 100% to see how many miles I can get but I only got 306 miles, is this normal?

TM3Q | 13. Februar 2019

I get 491km (306.8 miles) at 100% charge. I will wait for spring/summer temperature and see how high it will go, my guess is the battery temperature is not warm enough to get the extra 2% mileage. Unless someone from cold region have a higher number wich would be nice to know.

teddy.tseng | 13. Februar 2019

So that’s winter range? I change the limit back to 90% now or should I do it 80%?

Skyking421 | 13. Februar 2019

Currently in AZ I am getting 307 miles on a 100% charge but it is cold here so it should get a bit better in spring or summer. 306 is not that bad. I recently read about a guy up in Vancouver Canada who was traveling to the US on a long distance trip and he got 323 miles on an earlier version of the Model 3 long range model and he said he had 12% left in the battery. Crazy as I would TEST first before using that number and stay close to a charger!

TM3Q | 13. Februar 2019

It all depends how much you need for your daily needs. Just put what you need, don’t need to put too much if not needed. I put extra 20% when it’s really too cold outside for safety.

kevin_rf | 13. Februar 2019

Ditto, I set between 70 & 80% With my commute, no need to go higher

jimglas | 14. Februar 2019

EM says charge to 90% and keep plugged in when not in use

Justaguy | 14. Februar 2019

I get about the same as you and others. I charge to 90% every two days or so. My commute is 30 miles round trip.

hokiegir1 | 14. Februar 2019

My "full" miles estimate has been anywhere from 306 to 314 (up and down -- not consistently dropping). It's an estimate and it will fluctuate. Charge to what you need, plug in when needed. Don't over think it. If your normal max range starts to only show 90% of what it was (so, a 90% charge showing an estimated range of under 250 for a LR), then maybe give service a non-urgent call and see if they want to look at it.