Sentry Mode: Guarding Your Tesla

Sentry Mode: Guarding Your Tesla

transaxl | 13. Februar 2019

The blog post does not state which camera is recording -- is it the heretofore disabled interior camera, the front-facing dashcam camera, or the side cameras? I will be disappointed if it is just the front camera.

Rjk | 13. Februar 2019

It does say the cars cameras plural. Combined with Elon’s tweet, it would be truly surprising if it’s not the cameras all around or at least any cameras that detect motion..

I’m more concerned about “Sentry Mode must be enabled each time a driver wants to use the feature by going to Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode.”. If that means it won’t be running unless you set it each time you exit the car, its utility drops significantly.

guydude | 13. Februar 2019

Has anyone received the update yet?

SPeditor | 13. Februar 2019

Rjk, if enough people take issue with this I would imagine a software update to allow it permanently on would be easy.

rxlawdude | 13. Februar 2019

I'm guessing that it draws a significant amount of power, markedly increasing vampire drain. That's why it takes affirmative action each time.

Of course, I could be wrong. ;-)

lunde | 13. Februar 2019

I personally like the idea of needing to explicitly invoke the mode. When my vehicle is at home or parked at my office, I don't see a need to enable it.

varadorn | 13. Februar 2019

I wish that Tesla would also push at least a short clip of video recording when the threat is detected to a cloud so that we can access via the app in case the USB drive got taken away during the breaking in.

eztider | 14. Februar 2019

I hope we will be able to activate Sentry mode through the Tesla app as well as the touchscreen.

gmr6415 | 14. Februar 2019

@eztider, My thoughts exactly. It should have it's own icon on the touchscreen to activate it too, so you don't have to dig through menus to set it...maybe a voice command should be set up.

TickTock | 14. Februar 2019

Time to hide the real USB port and leave a sacrificial drive in the usual location.

hokiegir1 | 14. Februar 2019

I think the current drives are pretty well hidden. You'd have to know how to access them -- which, the first time I needed to change my cable out (new phone, different cord), we had to look it up. For at least a short time, I'm not sure thieves are going to do the research ahead of time to figure out where to look. Yes, they will learn, but by then, they may realize it's more hassle than it's worth -- and it could be a cloud-sending drive, so more risk than reward.

efuseakay | 14. Februar 2019

More details here:

All exterior cameras. Have to activate it from far each time you want to use it. You’ll get a notification on your phone. Warnings on screen. When “Alarm” state activated, stereo turns on full blast.

efuseakay | 14. Februar 2019

Far = car.

richardls | 14. Februar 2019

No trunk monkey???

reposado2 | 14. Februar 2019

Anyone who thinks Sentry mode will stop a homeless meth-head from a quick smash and grab of your car in the Bay Area is naïve.

At best you'll have a video of the incident(good luck getting the SF police to care) and a broken window.

CharleyBC | 14. Februar 2019

Assuming there’s an energy expense to using Sentry Mode, I’m okay with having to activate it each time, but I’d rather it weren’t a few menus deep. Maybe as you put the car in park (or open the driver’s door, etc.), the screen pops up a prompt, “Enable Sentry?”. You just touch Yes, and off you go.

Also they could have a configuration thing for use always versus confirm each time. Make everyone happy.

ODWms | 14. Februar 2019

Great idea, Charley. Maybe even give it the option to tap yes or just ignore. Wouldn’t want to have to tap no every time for those who would only use it occasionally.

CharleyBC | 14. Februar 2019

Yeah, ignore = no.

M3phan | 14. Februar 2019

I posted this on another Sentry Mode thread. This is a cool pic of it activated: