Forged Wheel Referral Reward

Forged Wheel Referral Reward

So I have three qualified referrals and the rewards must be picked before February 28. My Loot box shows one option for a black wall charger (I think for two) and another option for a week with a model s or x (for the third)

However there is supposed to be an option to order forged wheels for the model 3. I don’t care about driving a model s or x for a week as I’ve owned both those cars and traded them in for two new model 3 performance in December for my wife and I.

Anyone else notice this and have a solution? I sent an email to Tesla as well as my sales guy who said he knows nothing about the referral program? Still waiting to hear from Tesla.

lbowroom | 13. Februar 2019

Doesn't need to be picked up by the 28th, just needs to be selected by then.

lbowroom | 13. Februar 2019

Sorry, misread.

lbowroom | 13. Februar 2019

Depends on when the third referral was delivered. The program with the forged wheels didn't start until Dec 24th I think? If the third car was delivered before that date, you're not eligible.

EVRider | 14. Februar 2019

You can e-mail the referral team at

AWC1014 | 14. Februar 2019

+1 EVRider

I had the exact same issue and about 4 days after I emailed that address, they got back to me and said they would escalate a fix once I gave them my preferred service center. After I did they, I was told the wheels would start shipping to service centers in the fall and I would be contacted by the service center when they receive my wheels.

AWC1014 | 14. Februar 2019

And per the rep at referrals, it’s based on order date, not delivery date

CST | 14. Februar 2019

Transfer you referrals to my account - I'll take care of it immediately!

lbowroom | 14. Februar 2019

So the OP's third referral would have had to be placed after the new program was in place. If he's not being offered the forged wheels in the lootbox, it was before that program was in place and he will not be able to get them.

AWC1014 | 14. Februar 2019

Possibly, but not necessarily. My loot box incorrectly did not show the option for the wheels (my 3rd referral fell in the correct window)—thus the reason I followed the steps I listed above and Tesla corrected it.

RCorsa | 14. Februar 2019

Yes thanks to you all. I emailed them. It Took a couple of days to hear back but today they got back to me saying that I was indeed eligible and asked me to confirm the service center. She then followed up saying they would ship sometime this summer and I would be contacted directly by the center.

lbowroom | 15. Februar 2019

That's great news. When was your 3rd referral ordered/delivered?

RCorsa | 15. Februar 2019

I traded in my P100d model S, and wife’s X for two model 3P on December 8 and both were delivered on December 12.

lbowroom | 15. Februar 2019

Well then the referral program is making exceptions, at least in your case. I hit my third referral on Dec 22nd. I emailed customer service after the forged wheel award was announced and asked if I could wait and get them. I was told no, I could only get the awards that were available during that award time period. Model S Arachnid, Model X 22's, or week with an S or X. Also, there is a disclaimer in the reward rules that states you can only claim Model S or X wheels if you owned one of those vehicles. You were also allowed to defer until you did own one of those. Otherwise, you have to take a loaner car for a week. How that's equitable.... I don't know.

Don't get me wrong, I'm please that you are able to wait for Model 3 forged wheels. Seems as though if the Forged wheels had been available earlier that they would have been a prize offering. Maybe I'll ask again to the specific referral email address.