Regenerative braking in Tesla Model 3

Regenerative braking in Tesla Model 3

I am just curious to know from fellow M3 owners if they see any noticeable miles being added with regenerative braking. I commute to San Jose on 880S and people who commute on 880 know how bad it is. While I am still waiting for carpool stickers, I use regular lanes and my M3 barely crawls. With so much braking I was expecting my M3 to not loose many miles. On a 20mile commute I still loose like 35miles one way. I used to drive Nissan Leaf before and if I remember correctly I wouldn’t loose many miles, because of so much braking leaf would end taking just 3-5 miles on a 20miles commute. I used to infact joke with friends saying if the traffic is this bad everywhere then I can go infinite miles.

I am starting to think if my M3’s regenerative braking is actually working or not. Is this typical of any M3? Is there a way to check if its really charging, i never saw miles going up during my drive.


Halbach | 13. Februar 2019

It's winter and heat uses a lot of juice.

gmr6415 | 14. Februar 2019

@OP, "I use regular lanes and my M3 barely crawls."

You won't get much regenerative braking effect at such slow speeds. I'm sure during normal driving it adds some, which is mostly unnoticeable, but the only time I've seen it really pile on some miles is when coasting down mountains.

gballant4570 | 14. Februar 2019

You don't see your miles go up using regenerative braking - or at least I haven't, and don't see how that would happen. You will see your wh/m number go down. When you wh/m number goes down beyond 235 or so, you'll begin to see that the miles traveled plus the miles remaining add up to more than the estimated miles were reading when you left. Or you can see a situation where the miles remaining plus the miles traveled add up to more than 310.

During driving, if you reduce pressure on the accelerator, and see the brake lights coming on the little car on the screen, or it feels like the brakes are being applied, or it you see the green line going to the left under your speed number, you are adding charge back to the battery.

crmedved | 14. Februar 2019

3-5 miles on a 20 mile commute sounds like they are just bad at estimating range.

If you're in stop and go traffic, you might expend more energy on your environmental settings than your actual driving.

You'll never see miles going up though, I think... if you were going 80 mph and regen braked to 5 mph, I kind of doubt you would recover a mile of energy. The regen braking pretty much just helps mitigate the energy that you expend to accelerate in turbulent traffic (i.e. you accelerate, then when you brake in a few seconds, you regain a fraction of the energy you expended to accelerate previously).

In addition to the instantaneous reading below the speed, there is an energy graph you can access from the touch screen though. It shows 5, 15, and 30 mile history if I remember correctly. It will go green to show that you're regening. But in slow traffic, it might average it out to where you see no regen maybe.

crmedved | 14. Februar 2019

Also, from my experience, it does not really regen brake below 10 mph if you have creep mode on and below 5 mph without creep mode.

coleAK | 14. Februar 2019

If you keep the energy app open you can see energy usage and regeneration. I go down hill ~800 vertical feet to work every day. There are times i use 2% to get there but never use less that 6% to get home. I think I read somewhere that regen can only gain 50% back at max. So if you go 0-60 mph on flat ground over 2 miles then 60-0 on regen Best case you will gain back 1 mile range.

Rt002k | 14. Februar 2019

Your miles will creep back up on a downhill. I added about 3 miles back on a 2-mile downhill yesterday. However on flat ground you will not see this happen. Estimated range is based on an estimated average speed. It sounds like your Volt estimation is based on a higher average speed than seen in your slow commute to work.

Just look for the green bar under the PRND on the left of the screen. Also, if you have a lot of dots under the PRND, then you have a cold battery and it has limited regen. You can also verify your regen setting.