Atari controller

Atari controller

So who has put a USB controller in their 3 to play the Atari games? Recommendations?

jimglas | 15. Februar 2019

Xbox controller works well

KP in NPT | 16. Februar 2019
coselectric | 17. Februar 2019

I had an old Logitech USB joystick laying around, and now it lives in my center console so that my, um, kids can play (ok... It's a guilty pleasure of mine... And, as I've recently discovered, my wife's too). I think that just about any USB joystick will work. My only recommendation is to get something small enough to fit in the console; my old Logitech just barely fits, and only in one orientation, so I may just get something smaller like an Xbox controller - although they seem pricey and have way more functionally than you need for Teslatari. Definitely wouldn't want a genuine Atari 2600 joystick - I remember that thing wrecking my hand as a kid.

andrewsjra | 07. März 2019

Anyone know if this Xbox wireless controller works: