Impressive, new (to me) autosteer behavior

Impressive, new (to me) autosteer behavior

I was tooling along the freeway with Autosteer turned on. A car in the adjacent right lane just ahead of me signaled a lane change and began moving to the left. Autosteer immediately slowed my car even though the lane-changing car hadn't yet crossed the lane divider. He apparently noticed me, turned off his turn signal and moved a few inches back to the right. Autosteer immediately resumed the original speed.

This is the first time I've experienced slowing when there wasn't a car directly in front of me -- my Model S reacted like I would have done.

I'm impressed!

Scorpyo | 17. Februar 2019

I noticed it does that when I’m on the right lane of the highway and some cars popup on the ramp trying to enter the highway. If they seem to try to merge or get too close the Tesla will break.

EVRider | 17. Februar 2019

The Tesla won’t break if it brakes. :-)

Scorpyo | 17. Februar 2019

Haha I hope so. I typed too fast.

AERODYNE | 17. Februar 2019

I have noticed it as well, running version 8 last fall. 2015 build, AP1....

muhammadfm123 | 19. Februar 2019

Have you tried it with 'MadMax' turned on... Tesla will react much more aggressively. I've tried it when the traffic is merging or when tesla is changing lanes. It is fun to watch. It won't let the merging cars take advantage of the open space ahead and stick to the bumper of the car in front and will squeeze into tight openings when changing lanes.