No New England used Model S list in used inventory?

No New England used Model S list in used inventory?

Looking at the Tesla used inventory page, no cars in New England? They just disappeared three days ago, tried a couple different computers to see if its a error on my end. still no Ma cars mot sure if’s a page issue, NH resale issue (I'm located in NH) or a wholesaler issue?

jordanrichard | 18. Februar 2019

It’s definitely not an error on your end. I am in CT, used my zip code and the nearest Model S is in NJ. Now, this is pure speculation but perhaps to make room on the delivery centers for the Model 3s, they relocated all the used inventory to Paramus. Tesla has a huge holding area there. I don’t see why it cost $2K to ship a car from NJ, but that might be just a standard amount they post not the wedsite and it is really a case by case basis.

ATCRomes | 18. Februar 2019

More speculation: New Service Center in Warwick needs loaners.

AndrewinNH | 18. Februar 2019

Just heard today that the Warwick may be able to SELL used cars? I will believe when I see it, but would drive a couple hours if that was the case, without CPO I will want to see and drive the used actually car before I buy. Buying a used car is very different than new.

jordanrichard | 18. Februar 2019

First, Tesla has to have the service center in RI up and running before handing out loaners.....

ktslab | 18. Februar 2019

I would just go to Paramus to pick the car to save that $2k. I really would, as New England is not a geographically large area.

ATCRomes | 19. Februar 2019

Yes, I think most people would drive anywhere around here and save the money. Aren't the CPO cars kept at a holding facility and not able to test drive anyway?

Bighorn | 19. Februar 2019

Funny, there was a big shorts “scandal” revealed on Twitter yesterday about 11k unsold, hidden Model 3s in the US