Fade grey border all around the Touchscreen

Fade grey border all around the Touchscreen

I have a fade grey border showing up all around the touchscreen since yesterday. Anyone having the same issue?

NKYTA | 18. Februar 2019


ATCRomes | 18. Februar 2019

Might be the same "yellow band" some have been reporting. Search for that. Good luck.

reed_lewis | 19. Februar 2019

It means your screen needs replacing. This is a known issue, but manifests itself usually as a yellow border around the whole screen when in daytime mode.

MrPinKY | 20. Februar 2019

I had the same issue appear two nights ago. It was gone the next day. It seems to me that the ‘fade to black’ animation that executes when you bring up settings had gotten stuck. Watch near the top of the screen when you pop up settings and you will see a brief gradient during this transition. That gradient got stuck on the screen. This is different than the yellow border which is a physical defect rather than an apparent software glitch.

egonzo21 | 26. Februar 2019

Thanks @MrPinKY for the information. This morning on my '13 MS60 I had gray bands at the top of the main screen, this was during night-mode.........I did a soft screen reset to no avail. However I just went back out and did a hard reset, so we'll see tomorrow morning if the bands persist. They were not present during day-mode so I'm hoping it is just software related and I do not have to go in for a service visit.

GEMs | 26. Februar 2019

Have had problem with yellow band since October 2018. Service states known problem and engineers working on solution. Was told if screen replaced before they find a fix that problem would come back in 3 months.

egonzo21 | 28. Februar 2019

Hi Everyone,

Here is a link to a picture showing what I am describing. The Service center reached out to me and asked that I provided pictures so they can send it to a tech for review, so I did. I'll update once they get back to me with a solution.

you may have to copy and paste it in your URL............

egonzo21 | 06. März 2019

So Tesla just got back to me with this:


We have attempted to get in touch with you in regards to your touchscreen inquiry. Our technician team has notified us that the gradient display will present itself when it is set to NIGHT MODE and the NAVIGATION system has satellite view is turned off. You will notice when the satellite view is turned on, the issue of the gradient screen will no longer be present.

If you have any further questions, please call us at 510-249-4092.

Thank you,


To me that sounds like they are saying, "this is normal", however I am fortunate enough to have a Model 70 as well and the gradient lines (grey bands) are not present on it. Also these lines where never there prior to my post here. They just appeared and they seem to change, smaller lines, more lines, then they revert to the picture in the link above. Does anyone else have these gradient lines on your screen when night mode is engaged and satellite view is turned off?

Thanks! | 06. März 2019

Had to just check my car. I see the same light gray bands at night at the top of the display. Clearly it's software, and I suspect it's always been there. Had to look carefully, as I never noticed it before. For me it appears regardless of satellite view or not so long as it is forced to night mode. I do not see it in day mode. I have MCU1 too, so perhaps MCU2 doesn't do it.

MrPinKY | 07. März 2019

Yup, I originally thought it must have been an animation “glitch” but clearly is a design choice for night mode. I can’t say I like it much but it was only distracting for the first few days after I noticed that it wasn’t going away.

egonzo21 | 07. März 2019

Interesting, thank you again good sir!