DU replacement, lucky or unlucky?

DU replacement, lucky or unlucky?

This is an update to the below post.

I received the car after almost a week and they replaced the wheel bearings. After getting into the highway I immediately noticed the same noise. I thought I was mistaken so gave it a couple more days but same noise def exists: buzzing whinning noise from the rear at speeds higher than 60.

Scheduled a service appt the for repeated issue and upon doing a road test this time with a different tech the tech def agreed to the noise and mentioned he could even hear it at speeds lower than 60.

After a few days car at the service center I just got a call from my service consultant that they have decided to replace the Drive Unit to address the issue. This is a 2015 Model S 70 rear wheel with 32k miles that I purchased from Tesla. I have started doing some research immediately after and I have only seen positive posts about if something like this happen to anyone, in one case calling it a “lucky” event for your car to get a new DU. I will update once I receive the vehicle but any feedback greatly appreciated.

JAD | 18. Februar 2019

Most 2013-2014 Tesla's had the DU replaced. No big deal, not like an ice engine.

Bighorn | 18. Februar 2019


ktslab | 18. Februar 2019

Definitely lucky. I'm hoping my door handles will break before the warranty runs out.

SamGabbay | 18. Februar 2019

They replaced my DU also. 2015 Model S 85. They labeled the noise as a “milling” noise.

jordanrichard | 19. Februar 2019

ktslab if your remark about your door handles is based on the prospect of having to drop $1K to replace the handle, times have changed. The issue with the handles is either the touch sensors fail or the gear that pushes the handle out breaks. Both of these items can and will be repaired by Tesla. I know this first hand. They will remove the door handle, disassemble it, replaced the failed component and put it all back together. A few months back I had my front passenger door handle fixed in the parking lot of my office. The gear broke, they replaced it, added windshield fluid, put some air in my tires and checked the tire tread depth. $243.

ktslab | 19. Februar 2019

@jordanrichard, good to know. That makes me feel better. It really did. Thanks.