Unlocking charging port without using App

Unlocking charging port without using App

I park underground where there are shared chargers for my building so I use the adapter provided. I have occasionally found the charging cord removed from my vehicle when I return with the adapter remaining. Trying to unlock the port with the app doesn't work as my phone doesn't get Internet reception down there, so I've been looking for a way to unlock the charging port so I can remove the adapter without having to go back up to street level, get internet connection, use the app and go back down.

Any suggestions?

NKYTA | 19. Februar 2019

Press and hold the rear of the fob for ~5 seconds.

Anthony J. Parisio | 19. Februar 2019

Use the Touch screen. Press the charge port.

kerryglittle | 19. Februar 2019

Just press on the port door.

Bighorn | 19. Februar 2019

He’s got an adapter stuck in the port. The door is already open.

EVRider | 19. Februar 2019

Like @NKYTA said, you can unlock the port with your key fob, or just unlock the car -- either one will let you remove the adapter.]

akikiki | 19. Februar 2019

ralphgowen, All these are good ideas. But if you want one more way, you can go over to to the Want to Buy section and post a note. In 2013-14 before the UMC or WC handle would open the charge port, an owner found a small hand held remote that would release/open the charge port door. Its no longer needed, so someone might sell you their. Charge Port Remote.