Deep sleep lockout

Deep sleep lockout

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else ever been locked out of their Tesla due to the car randomly going into a deep sleep? It’s happened to me three times in the last month, most recently after a 2-hour road trip. Some details:

- 2014 Model S 85 - no Autopilot.
- Running the latest firmware (installed at the Brooklyn, NY SC two weeks ago after the last time this happened).
- Vehicle’s fob and 12V battery are both in good condition, according to the SC.
- Battery pack always has in excess of 100 miles remaining.
- Car receives 3G LTE just fine (was streaming Slacker seconds before the latest lockout).
- Latest lockout occurred IMMEDIATELY upon me closing the door.
- The only way to wake the car is to set off the alarm by jumping the 12V.
- Fob on passenger windshield will not open the door.
- Car never wakes from app. The latest time, I received a “Server Error” warning and a “Vehicle Connection Error.”

I’m very concerned about this issue. My wife is due in June with our first, and now I can’t stop imagining breaking a window on a hot summer day to get my infant out of her car seat. Tesla says they have no idea what’s wrong.

Please help me, y’all, before I get rid of my dream car and buy a Prius.

kerryglittle | 24. Februar 2019

Usually the car will go into a deep sleep several days if it hasn't been disturbed. If you push in the door handle it doesn't wake up, with the FOB nearby? Call Tesla when it does this so they can bring up the logs on your car and maybe it will tell them whats wrong. Actually never heard of this before.

lilbean | 24. Februar 2019

The fob on the passenger windshield does not open the door.

joe.collevecchio | 24. Februar 2019

Kerryglittle, thank you for the response. I had the fob right next to me and pushed the handle several times - no response. In this case, I had been driving for the previous two hours with a Supercharger stop, so I’m not sure why it would go into a deep sleep so quickly. I roadside assistance (as I have on previous occasions) and they couldn’t access the car. It’ll be with service tomorrow. When they pull the logs and update me, I’ll let you know what they find.

Lilbean, thanks for the answer. In the user manual, there is a section about opening the car’s door if the fob’s battery dies. On the model S, there is an area near the passenger windshield wiper where it can read the fob, even without the battery, and will open the car. Here’s a demonstration:

lilbean | 24. Februar 2019

Thanks. I didn't know that. :)

joe.collevecchio | 24. Februar 2019

Good to know, better to never have needed to know :)

p.c.mcavoy | 25. Februar 2019

@joe.c - Curious what you hear from service, but since the only way you're able to wake it is by jumping the 12V battery it seems like something happens such that the 12V goes dead such that once the contractors open to shut down the high voltage battery source the car goes dead. I'm wondering if there's something in the 12V charging circuit that's failed.

kerryglittle | 25. Februar 2019

p.c. might be onto something. Makes sense that it could be related to the problem. Let us know what they find please. Good luck.

joe.collevecchio | 25. Februar 2019

Hi P.C.,

A 12V issue was my guess when this happened the first time a few weeks ago. When the SC pulled the battery, they said it was fine. But a loose connection to the charging circuit or something similar - hmmm...

At any rate, I’ll give the SC a call and see what’s they say. I know the car was fine at 9:30pm because it was supercharging, so they have a 2-hour window to look at the logs. Maybe that will make diagnosis easier.

joe.collevecchio | 27. Februar 2019

Okay. Got a diagnosis and fix from the Service Center. It seems when the previous owner replaced my car’s 12V battery, the grounding wire to the 12V was left loose. As a result, the car would go into a deep sleep as soon as it was shut off and was unable to wake. A very rare case to be sure. Kudos to Kathy at Brooklyn Tesla (who is awesome, btw) for finding the problem in ~1 day.

I haven’t picked the car up yet, so no test on whether or not the fix will stick. But this whole process has me sweating about out-of-warranty repair costs. Guess I’ll just have to save up enough for a Model 3 by the time the warranty on my MS runs out!

Thanks for the help and advice, everyone. If your car ever goes into an immediate deep sleep after a drive, check the 12V grounding wire.

kerryglittle | 27. Februar 2019

Great news and good call P.C. We were all hoping it was a simple fix. Lets hope it stays that way. LOL.

p.c.mcavoy | 27. Februar 2019

kerryglittle | February 27, 2019
Great news and good call P.C. .....
I’d like to think after 35+ years professional experience around engine/powertrain/vehicle development that I’ve not totally lost my problem solving skills, but as I always tell folk, never turn down the opportunity to just get lucky!

onetrickaday | 08. März 2019

i hope no one is ever locked out of their car. what about emergencies and there is no help around.

gilles.emeringer | 23. Mai 2019

I got my Tesla 3 in March19. I was already locked out 3 times (unable to open the car with my phone, keycard nor via the app. Tesla had to open the car remotely and wake it up. It always happens when the car stands still for several hours and when it was around 25°C outside.

EVRider | 23. Mai 2019

@gilles.emeringer: Has service checked your car?

gilles.emeringer | 24. Mai 2019

They will check the locks. Lock out occurs when I park the car and lock it and if its under the sun the whole day. Seems to fall into a deep sleep mode and not able to wake up again (something turned off by itself)