RIP M3 owners.. Am mad :(

RIP M3 owners.. Am mad :(

So I see the price drop over 10k of what we paid 3 month ago.
Tesla should give us a free extended warranty or free autopilot or full self driving or anything make us feel better.

They give freebie for YouTube celebrity and screw company margins with useless referral programs and now we find out we are who paid for these expenses as a penalty for our loyalties.

Seriously Tesla look at old owners who got ripped here.

Am a loyal customer but feel mad

kurtmetcalfe24 | 28. Februar 2019

Not sure where you are calculating 10k. To be frank, this is just wrong

AWDTesla | 28. Februar 2019

Stop being a crybaby!

Lmao, jokes. Lots of unhappy owners judging by the comments on tesla and elons twitter feeds

Hopefully they do something, isnt this the second or 3rd time they burn early adopters with devaluating their vehicles?

Kikujiro | 28. Februar 2019

I am rubbing my thumb and index finger for you (playing the world's smallest violin).

Kikujiro | 28. Februar 2019

I am rubbing my thumb and index finger for you (playing the world's smallest violin).

Magic 8 Ball | 28. Februar 2019

You should have bought price insurance. Oh well, there is always next time.

apodbdrs | 28. Februar 2019

Musk or TESLA have always said they were going to have a $35K car, so why didn't you wait. Your fault, you were the one so eager to buy the car, you sign the contract. TESLA doesn't own anybody anything, everyone knew what they were paying.

ben | 28. Februar 2019

I paid $51k. now, it is only $47k. imagine people also paid autopilot..

ben | 28. Februar 2019

Maybe autopilot will go down to $500 in 2 months.

climbbike | 28. Februar 2019

it sucks but anytime you jump into something new, you often pay a premium. New 4k tv’s start out expensive, then get cheaper, guess it’s just how things work.

gwolnik | 28. Februar 2019

Every time I buy a computer, TV, or just about any electronic item, six months later there is a better version available for the same amount or less and if the version I already bought is still being sold, the price is less. Adjusted for inflation, prices for items like televisions have dropped continuously since the late 1940s. What is needed is a formula for factoring in the value of having and using an item for an amount of time, with a premium for getting it before most other people. Physical things like cars and computers cannot be manufactured instantly in unlimited quantities, so early adapters will pay more. Prices are set by supply and demand more than cost to manufacture. At least Tesla has never charged over MSRP like other car companies have when they had a very popular model. Capitalism rations by price, communism rations by queuing, Musk does what he wants.

SteveWin1 | 28. Februar 2019

climbbike is right. Sucks, but it's the way technology works. Just keep the car until the wheels fall off and it won't affect you. Only matters when you sell. Pretend the price never changed and enjoy your car.

AWDTesla | 28. Februar 2019

Yeah, i buy a $1000 TV and it goes on sale for 50% off 2 months later.

Totally the same thing as a $7600 price drop 2 months later on a car.


Hal Fisher | 28. Februar 2019

Pretty sure after this I’ll never buy another. I’ve never been so scammed. And all the fake posters here are so obvious now huh? They don’t care, they weren’t lied to and robbed. Hell they aren’t even paid enough for posting here to afford a car.

Hal Fisher | 28. Februar 2019

Hell Ben, i bet the new buyers will get it for free while we’ll still have to pay :/

lilbean | 28. Februar 2019

RIP? Who died?

ken.lunde | 28. Februar 2019

Someone's ego.

Rt002k | 28. Februar 2019

How were you cheated and robbed? We you promised prices would never change? Maybe they evaluated the market and needed to lower the price in order to continue to generate demand. They don't do that so you don't feel "cheated" and maybe Tesla slowly dwindles into folding and then you can't supercharge or get service. Yup, that's the way! Get over yourself.

BTW EAP didn't drop in price. The moved summon, drive on nav, and auto park to FSD and renamed it AP (not Enhanced) which should make everyone on here that was bitching about debundling TACC a little happier.

dmm1240 | 28. Februar 2019

I have watched the price I paid for a MX drop around $14,000 from what I would have paid two years ago when I bought a cheaper MS90D, and it's still down $5,000 from what I paid then.

Price reductions for all electric cars are just going to happen over the next few years. Just the way it is.

ben | 28. Februar 2019

BTW, I am on 1 month EAP trial, but got disable after 2 weeks.

patriciachen | 28. Februar 2019

no other car depreciate like this. I lost trust in Tesla!

enzoshadow | 28. Februar 2019

Bunch of people now comparing price reduction like it's a TV? You guys are hopeless. This is unheard of with any other cars I've own previously. A stupid prius retains value better than Tesla.

lavelock67 | 28. Februar 2019

You guys are forgetting to deduct the $3750 loss in Fed write off. And AutoPilot now for $3k is just fancy cruise control and EAP is more like full FSD. What I don't understand is what is FSD gets you or if EAP is going to be somewhere in between "AutoPilot" and FSD or just now full FSD. So you can't compare AP to EAP.

For example my M3 AWD was $57,000 in 2018, now it's $54,000 configured the exact same. Minus the loss in 2019 of $3750 in Fed tax deduction it's only a net difference of $250. That's nothing to care about for an early adopter.

mazinyen129267 | 28. Februar 2019

@lavelock67 I think your math is not correct. The base price of the LR AWD was $53,000 in 2018. Today the price is $47,000 (option prices has not changed). So the difference is $6,000 - $3,750(tax credit) = $2250

Tuning In | 28. Februar 2019

It’s just an F’n car so what’s the big deal to get so butt hurt about. It’s a car, it was going to depreciate anyhow. I knew that buying it. I’ve put 14k of miles on my car which were lots of fun and I don’t worry about the depreciation per mile so why do I care what a new one costs today. If someone told me that it I would have saved this money by waiting I still would not have waited. Life is short, money is earned. Go and enjoy the money.

david.yli310 | 28. Februar 2019

I guess it hurts more for people like me. I got the car delivered like a month ago, and the price is now 6000 Canadian dollars less. We did not have any incentive, so this is a solid 6000 dollars less. Painful but complaining does nothing I guess.

Bighorn | 28. Februar 2019

Grow up

Mike UpNorth_ | 28. Februar 2019

+1 tuning in....much agreed....

dgstan | 28. Februar 2019

I made a decision when I bought the car that I was willing to pay what was asked. It sucks if it's cheaper now, but that doesn't change the fact that I was willing to pay what I paid.

M3phan | 28. Februar 2019

Though some don’t need it, want it, or expect it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elon and Team do something for early adopters.

nightingalepjjd | 28. Februar 2019

Early adopters will get FSD for $3000 for those who already bought EAP. My account showing upgrade to FSD for $3000 before it was $5000.

burdogg | 28. Februar 2019

yeah, like they did for early S adopter....oh wait, nevermind - they got nothing - no autopilot sensors, nothing. Which reminds me - THANK YOU early adopters!

(lets not forget there were way less model S early adopters and they got nothing but saw so much change so rapidly on them. Tesla could have easily done something for them - as there were way less of them than this model 3 bunch. AND they paid way more than these Model 3 owners...guess model 3 owners expect more than those that pay more??)

burdogg | 28. Februar 2019

Sorry - wasn't trying to get after you M3phan :)

rsingh05 | 28. Februar 2019

The cars are only cheaper by $2250, factoring in the loss of federal credit. Come July when the credit drops further, it will only be $375 cheaper than the 2018 price. And current buyers do not get the free supercharging (whether 6 months or lifetime for P3). I’d say it’s not a big deal.

Ron the engineer | 28. Februar 2019

It costs Tesla less to make and sell a Model 3 now than it did three months ago (or four weeks ago). Rather than keep the same price and increase their profit margin, they are dropping their price so that they can sell ever more electric cars, which as they replace gas and diesel cars is good for the air we all breathe. Their cars will continue to get better and cheaper over time as their manufacturing volume grows and the technology evolves. More EVs will benefit all of us by helping to create a less polluted world.

If it makes you feel any better, Tesla is probably making about the same margin on the cars it sells now as it was three months ago. We bought ours July 5th, paid $5.5K more than what they are asking now, and their margin was probably lower on that car as they were still struggling with production.

By the way, used Model 3 prices are pretty high. Check out the prices of used BMW i3s or Nissan Leafs vs new if you want to see a price crash.

burim.istogu | 28. Februar 2019

I took delivery of my Dual Motor Model three last week. Now $4000 cheaper. Not right ...:(

jefjes | 28. Februar 2019

Every new vehicle and used ones also have gone down in value each year. Some have dropped shortly after I bought them depending on what time of the year I got them. I went to the configurator and configured the exact same car I took delivery of back in June and it now costs $5500 less before tax, registration, tax credit, delivery charges etc. are thrown into the equation. I paid cash so no loan payments etc. to figure into it either. Am I mad, nope. Still, the best damn car I've ever owned and still believe it is worth every penny I paid for it. I could be envious that some will get a great deal now but takes nothing away from my feelings about my car or Tesla as a company trying to move forward as prices fluctuate with almost everything. Good for you Tesla, since you've figured out a way to make your cars available to even more people and will put even more EVs on the planet!

Samfu | 28. Februar 2019

I'm in a unique situation. I take delivery of my model 3 on Saturday... Now the price is just dropped. It's about 3k difference. It stings a little knowing I could just buy one today for the same price but get FSD now...

burdogg | 28. Februar 2019

Samfu - you are in a unique situation and usually with the price drop and you not taking delivery - they will honor the price drop. But they also just said you could return it and get all your money back - so basically use that as your leverage to get them to make the change.

Tuning In | 28. Februar 2019

We own two Model 3’s. Double the losses, zero regret or resentment.

Madatgascar | 28. Februar 2019

So many posts, and nobody has mentioned that the $35k standard M3 has shorter range, is slower, and has a lesser quality interior.

ILoveMyModel3 | 28. Februar 2019

I wish I could filter out all these stupid ass crybaby posts. If you don't buy stuff you really can't afford you wouldn't be crying when somebody else gets a better deal ..

lilbean | 28. Februar 2019


ST70 | 28. Februar 2019

@yasser907- dumb@ss!

TinyCricket | 28. Februar 2019

Grow a pair. Prices fall over time. Is your car suddenly performing differently?

Every new car model is more expensive when it just comes out. The only difference is that Tesla's price is transparent, whereas with Auto Makers it gets masked through dealer incentives that you get during negotiations and haggling.

Were you born yesterday or something? Jeez.

openwheelracing88 | 28. Februar 2019

When a hot new car just come out, you get less incentives and require higher financing from manufacturer.

Same thing here with Mode 3. Look at it objectively, a Tesla is not a iPhone with price match guarantee. It's a car. You at least had 3 days to return it, but you kept it. Try dealing with Mercedes. You don't really know what kind of incentives are out there, and they really rape you on the price with dealer tactics. Tesla's model is transparent.

openwheelracing88 | 28. Februar 2019

When a hot new car just come out, you get less incentives and require higher financing from manufacturer.

Same thing here with Mode 3. Look at it objectively, a Tesla is not a iPhone with price match guarantee. It's a car. You at least had 3 days to return it, but you kept it. Try dealing with Mercedes. You don't really know what kind of incentives are out there, and they really rape you on the price with dealer tactics. Tesla's model is transparent.

openwheelracing88 | 28. Februar 2019

maybe this will make you feel better:

Hyundai dealerships are marking a premium on the new electric Konas. They are selling above MSRP because demand is high and inventory is low. This happens all the time with cars like BMW M3 (back in the day), STI models....etc.

ebmcs03 | 28. Februar 2019

I’m pissed too. Never buying another Tesla. Clearly they were over pricing the crappy model 3 not recommending the brand to anyone anymore either. I can’t believe they lowered the price so F ing much that the tax incentive doesn’t even cover it.

bj | 28. Februar 2019

Meanwhile, those of us in the RHD world can’t even buy a Model 3 yet. | 01. März 2019

There is no guarantee that Tesla will delivery the new car before the end of June so you will not get the same tax credit as if you got your car this year.
The price difference will not be that significant.