Please!Please! Stop the Crying

Please!Please! Stop the Crying

What a bunch of cry babies PLEASE Stop nothing crying stays the same. I bought a computer two weeks later it was cheaper. It happens all the time with ICE cars but they don't give you updates

lilbean | 01. März 2019


sschaem | 01. März 2019

Computer drop in price because a new model is available that uses better component, is faster and perform better.
This greatly reduce the value of the existing model.

This price drop here is on the EXACT same product. Same motors, same battery, same everything.

Was Tesla suddenly able to shave $22K in cost on production cost of their flagship Model X ? No.

Believe it or not, telling people to stop crying that saw their one day, one week , one month brand new car drop $10K to $22k overnight is not going to undo what they are feeling right now.

Add to the now over committed supercharger station, bad after service , and you can guess why Tesla is not finding more people ready to spend $80 to $160K on their premium offering.

Hence the desperate price cut to offset how bad the business is run.

Word to mouth matters, specially when thats all you have to go on for sales/marketing.

(Even more so with the gallery closing)

lilbean | 01. März 2019

I guess those people wouldn't like socialism then.

jimglas | 01. März 2019

ss FUD, the shorts are scared

Teslapalooza | 01. März 2019

I think the ultra high margin S and X have been sliding in sales over the last year or so. So they are making a not so surprising move to go from ultra high margin to high margin with the hope that sales decline will reverse. .Also, it may be a pre-emptive strike on competition forcing competitors to debut their vehicles at a lower price point.

Reasons aside, there is no arguing those of us who bought the same car for 20K higher price does make us feel like suckers. Such is life I guess.

COrich | 01. März 2019

I never looked at my Model X as an investment. I expect it to decrease in value over time and over miles driven. I'm OK with that. I plan to keep it a long time because I really like it. So, yes, I can get a performance version with a 100KWH battery now for the price I paid for my 90D 2 years ago, but I've had the use of my X for the past 2 years and have been happy. The price drop has not reduced the value of the car to me at all. I don't regret buying it (and I like the leather seating I have more than the synthetic seating in the new ones).

bob | 02. März 2019

@ sschaem Not trying to pick a fight - but you are wrong. The cost to produce the MX has gone down. The cost to produce the battery has always been the Achilles heel for all BEVs. We don't know that Tesla has made a break through in the cost to produce the battery - but with this weeks news we sort of do know. With the release of the 35k M3 that signals that Tesla has found the efficiencies to manufacture the care at the reduced cost and still make a profit. Elon's letter to the employees stating that q1 will not be profitable might just be due to paying off the bond. But it might also be a horse and cart tipping point. Meaning they see a way to get the batteries made cheaper, but need to increase quantities manufactured to do so. How do you increase demand (volume), easy drop the price.

My advice to the people who are upset by this: Forget about the value of the vehicle sitting in your garage. Go spend some money on TSLA stock. Watch that grow over the coming years. The car is a GD computer that's gonna drop in value like a rock.

Silver2K | 03. März 2019


People before me bought their Samsung note 8 at full price and I paid half price 2 months after release and there was no note 9 announcement until 10 months later.

No one cried on Verizon's site

jjgunn | 03. März 2019

I'm heading to Verizon right now!!

Vawlkus | 04. März 2019

I love the smell of burnt shorts to start the week off.

Teslapalooza | 04. März 2019

Moral of the story is wait for another year before buying your next EV, be it Tesla or something else, the price will almost certainly drop by another 20 or 30K. The trend is inevitable. As for me I got the desire and the money to get my next EV for the family, but I am in no hurry. I am going to let it play out. After all, the novelty of the one I have has not work out yet.

On the bright side, this price drop is egg on the face of present US Administration/lawmakers who are hell bent on and will do anything to kill the EV transition.

Teslapalooza | 04. März 2019

typo correction in last sentence of first para …. change that to *not worn out yet*

betty_yee | 04. März 2019

Elon has always said the price early adopters pay are monies that brought the Model 3 into existence. I for one have no problem with the price reduction.

bonhari03 | 04. März 2019

I paid $4,000 for my first flat screen TV. It was 40” and weighed 100 lbs. Do you see me crying now that I can get a lighter, brighter one for $245? The price for early adoption is high and there are risks. Anyone want to buy a slightly used BetaMax? How about a HDDVD player? An automobile is a depreciating investment. A computer is worse. So what do you expect to happen with and automobile that is also a computer?

inconel | 04. März 2019

I remember the $50,000 flat screens...

sschaem | 04. März 2019

You guys a dense.... The issue is not about comparing different product 30 years apart.
Also you dont do trade in with TVs. You do with cars.

Anyways, we are talking about a liquidation event on the latest models... this is unprecedented.

And its clear it pissing off A LOT of Tesla owners.
But then again, Tesla doesn't to care about people once they paid a Tesla product.

And this is a reason why Tesla need to slash prices... the word to mouth is getting sour and demand is dropping of a cliff.

This desperate move to boost demand is going to hurt profit big time.

jimglas | 04. März 2019

get a life

jjgunn | 04. März 2019

sschaem | March 4, 2019
Also you dont do trade in with TVs.

Or this one which is now over.

You can also trade-in your phones.

burdogg | 04. März 2019

word of mouth is sour? Yet over 90% satisfaction rate? Can you explain your reasoning here?? Sorry trying to stay out of all this but quit making things up to fit your narrative...

nnh9207 | 04. März 2019

ok what about the undelivered car?

nipper2 | 05. März 2019

With the reduced prices on the X I am MORE motivated to buy My second Tesla Oh! and yes I paid more for my first Tesla compared to current prices but still love it and I have no issues about that.

bonhari03 | 05. März 2019

I’m glad someone mentioned the term is “Word of Mouth” rather than “Word to Mouth”. They have entirely different meanings. Now on the argument that cars are traded in and the other items I mentioned are not: I have yet to meet someone who received more money in trade in than they agreed to pay at outset. They are, by and large, a depreciating investment. By the way, my other car is a Chevy Volt. This car, like the MX75 is no longer made by the manufacturer. But both cars look as good and function just as well as they did when I purchased them. That is what I paid for, not an investment or an expectation that either will go up or even hold their value to a potential buyer. It would be naive to think otherwise.

sschaem | 05. März 2019

I talk to dozen of people at super charges... its not a 90% satisfaction rate on delivery and servicing, far from it.
Also go to a service center and see the backlog and the faces of people waiting. I waiting a month to get my MCU replaced. (and I have to go to a third party body shop to get the car panel aligned (factory defects))
And my first X was refused on delivery as it require repairs.. anyways. on the trade in.

The issue with price drop like this is its massive, $22k.

So if tomorrow I wanted to do a trade in for a E-Tron compared to last week, I will get $22k less for the trade in.

Is it because Tesla came out with a super upgrade that made their flagship P10DL worth so much less?

No because Tesla is facing massive drop in orders and is desperate... and who pay the price , existing owners.

BTW, if in 2 years Tesla sales a P100DL type car for $140 no problem. thats how tech goes.

But here Tesla is forcing an artificial depreciation to boost sales on a limited production cars.

Anyways, if you guys think Tesla is doing everything perfect and its company like Apple and Porsche that get it all wrong. Lets see how this charade ends.

nipper2 | 05. März 2019

I am part of the 90% my delivery went perfect ,my service has been outstanding. I can not say that about any ICE I have purchased.

dmm1240 | 05. März 2019

Tesla demand has been destroyed. Horse manure.

Inside EVs tracks sales of Tesla vehicles on a monthly basis. January and February of 2019 are now in. Shall we compare to previous years?

Model S
Jan 2017 - 900
Jan 2018 - 800
Jan 2019 - 875
Feb 2017 - 1750
Feb 2018 - 1125
Feb 2019 - 800

Model X
Jan 2017 - 750
Jan 2018 - 700
Jan 2019 - 950
Feb 2017 - 800
Feb 2018 - 975
Feb 2019 - 1100

There is no point in looking at previous year sales for the Model 3 because the ramp up didn't really start until 2018.

What do sales for the MS and MX show, if anything?
1. The Model S is apparently experiencing some cannibalism, meaning some who would have bought the Model S if the Model 3 wasn't available are shifting to the Model 3, a similar if somewhat smaller sedan.
2. The Model X shows signs of gaining popularity.

Here is what is happening for the light vehicle market overall.
1. Used car prices have collapsed. This primarily means ICE cars at this point because EVs simply don't make up a large share of second hand cars.
2. Defaults on subprime car loans have skyrocketed. What is a subprime car loan? Remember when the mortgage companies were handing out loans to buy houses to anyone with a pulse regardless of credit score? How that touched off the Great Recession when those borrowers' teaser rates ran out and they couldn't make the payments on their loans? This is the same thing.
3. New car sales have been flat for 2-3 years. Now, they've started down. Again, this is the entire market.
4. While this has nothing to do with cars, it's a worrisome indicator: New and existing home sales are tanking big time.
5. Major companies are starting to announce "restructuring" and layoffs (i.e. Pepsico).


So, it means the global economy is going soft. Go to YouTube and look — self styled financial gurus are peddling doom and gloom at more frenetic decibel levels. The stock market is becoming increasingly erratic.

Teslas are a luxury or near luxury purchase (if you like to cut and dice more finely).

Just a guess, but Musk said late last year that he thought Tesla would be okay in case of a recession.
He wants to get the lower cost cars out the door and into driveways ASAP because he's expecting a major slowdown in business sometime this year.

Bottom Line: Winter is coming. It's not Tesla, it's everything.

nipper2 | 05. März 2019

Great Information well done!

jimglas | 05. März 2019

well said DMM

oldxcskiguy | 05. März 2019

I understand all the anger. How do I keep it all in perspective? Our next car will probably be the next generation X in a few years. Sure, I'll get less in trade for our current Tesla, but at the same time, the new Tesla will be cheaper as well, so its not like I really lost a whole lot. Its sort of like selling your home in a down market and then buying a better home in the same down market a few weeks later. Who cares how much you got for your old house if your new house was purchased at a discounted price as well. Its difficult to execute "perfect timing" on the purchase of any item. It is what it is.

burdogg | 05. März 2019

@sschaem - so your small sample size from you personally is more accurate then the stats posted by dmm1240 adn those posted by Consumer Reports (which I hate by the way, but their satisfaction stats are purely that - stats straight from those that own the vehicle).

I am not going to get into it with you here and your own personal gripe - but the small sample size you have access to is off, but you will believe what you want to in this regard.

And this has nothing to do with Tesla doing everything perfect...because they don't. But I don't care for false "the word to mouth is getting sour and demand is dropping of a cliff." Unless somehow you have insider info into the board and sales of Tesla - but so far, the data posted is pretty clear - you don't.

jjgunn | 06. März 2019

Where's my "Ooooooo BURRRRN!" gif? >;-}

jimglas | 06. März 2019

ss is a troll