BAVL : detail - Perpetual Motion Machine § 24.

BAVL : detail - Perpetual Motion Machine § 24.

Hi, all.

I am the, science artist: BAVL. I have recently, published a new: Research concept, of mine. It is, about the possibilities in: Thermodynamics and with, bending it to the limits. I did hope, for that my: Construction would, be generating movement for power. The origin roots, would probably be in an: Old clock in which my father, have been cutting out in wood. And now I want, to raise the question if: This research concept of mine, can be called for solid science. Please attempt to explain, for me how that this project: Might work, or not. And I am curious, if this pendulum based: Smasher is a fresh & original, new concept like I was hoping. As far as I know, regarding the § 24 in my detail works: There might only be a question, about the differences in sizes & proportions. And I am aware, of the fact that the: Rubber wheels / sylinders need to be replaced, after being stretched into tension again and again.

Se the paragraph § 24, behind of here: "Https://"

RIP : Nicolas Tesla - cars & hope.