Trading in M3 - What about the mobile connector?

Trading in M3 - What about the mobile connector?

So, I'm trading in my M3 MR for LR+dual motor. I asked if they need the mobile charger back when I trade it in and the response I got was odd. They said I could keep it, but it's preferred I bring it because they'll be reselling the car (obviously). It's kind of like they're trying to guilt me into giving it to them.

I kind of want to keep it so when I finally setup my 240V line, I can just use the mobile charger to charge instead of buying a $500 wall connector (and keep the one coming with my car in my trunk as intended). Yes, it's slower, but overnight, it shouldn't matter.

I feel like it's kind of weird for them to basically ask me if I want to give them a $300 piece of equipment. Should I give it back?

M3BlueGeorgia | 12. März 2019

You could also keep one of the tires, or perhaps the steering wheel? :-)

The Mobile Connector is part of the standard equipment, together with the J1772 convertor, the case and the two adapters.

If you want another one for home use, consider a used Gen 1 connect0r, if you can find one, as they support higher current.

rysmith1782 | 12. März 2019

Im sure if you decided to keep it they would modify the value of your trade in to account for having to replace it.

theblindtree | 12. März 2019

@rysmith1782, +1

It was technically a part of the ownership of the car, so their answer makes sense. You will somehow be responsible for it, whether you keep it or not