Consistency of thought isn't a positive trait.

Consistency of thought isn't a positive trait.

All those (not too smart) people are attacking Elon for changing his mind too often. What they can't see is it is actually a good thing. The smartest people change their minds often. To be consistent is easy. Even dumbest people could be consistent. They are just consistently wrong.

For example "[Bezos] said people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds [...]. It's perfectly healthy — encouraged, even — to have an idea tomorrow that contradicted your idea today." More of that in this article | 13. März 2019

+1! Yep, the biggest idiots can be very consistent.

Reminds me of someone totally consistent with building a boondoggle wall no one wants, needs or can afford.

Mike83 | 13. März 2019

Well stated.

Tesla-David | 13. März 2019

Well said @carlk, totally agree.

RedShift | 13. März 2019

Sigh. I will have to change my mind more often from now on. In fact I will always change my mind twice, bringing me back to the same idea.

Thanks for this life hack!

NoMoPetrol | 14. März 2019

Committing to extended leases in multiple locations one month, then abandoning the underlying reason for those leases in the next month may be an exercise in changing one's mind often but it doesn't speak too highly of a well-executed master plan.

carlk | 14. März 2019

To be a little more clear to change the execution as new situations emerge is how they do things but smart people like Elon and Jeff Bezos do not change the general direction easily. They are pretty much still following exactly their original plans formed a decade or two ago.

peter.watson51 | 14. März 2019

Totally agree!!! So many people just can't think anew outside the boxes there in.

Mike83 | 14. März 2019

People also like routines and are very uncomfortable when change occurs. Not everyone can accept or adopt.
The younger minds, some with photographic memory and new ideas should be accepted and encouraged. We all benefit this way.

blue adept | 14. März 2019

I think that you just might be overlooking emerging legislation in those "multiple locations" that might stand to circumvent Tesla's ability to bring the degree of services to its customers that they want to, but are finding their hands tied by certain bad actors in that area's/region's upper hierarchy who believe that Tesla's efforts undermine that areas traditional industries in your somewhat narrow minded analysis of the situation...

Just saying.

Tropopause | 14. März 2019

The fo's fight to prevent the Tesla Stores opening, then fight to prevent the closing of same stores.

blue adept | 14. März 2019

You'd have to get people in the affected area(s) to petition their legislature and city and state government entities and actually show up at their capitals to protest.

Otherwise, everyone will just have to wait until Tesla manages to find the time to flesh it all out in the respective courts which, in case no one's noticed, they've already got their hands quite full as it is, so a so-called 'homegrown movement/initiative' would be the most expedient option at this time.

NoMoPetrol | 15. März 2019

uh...last time I looked, many California store locations were on the chopping block. How does that fit the narrative of emerging locations, hostile governmental agencies and emerging court cases.

blue adept | 16. März 2019

It takes money to both compensate for lost revenue because of newly imposed restrictive state and government legislation so that factory doors can stay open and production lines can continue running, and to fight arbitrarily imposed legislation and legal actions in the courts.

This should've been obvious to you.

NoMoPetrol | 18. März 2019

@ blue adept "It takes money to both compensate for lost revenue because of newly imposed restrictive state and government legislation so that factory doors can stay open and production lines can continue running, and to fight arbitrarily imposed legislation and legal actions in the courts.

This should've been obvious to you."

So now we're putting the blame for corporate schizophrenia (open retail outlets one month; close retail outlets the next month) on the cost of lawsuits? Haven't lawsuits been a staple of Tesla's corporate budget since the early days?

blue adept | 18. März 2019


I've explained this before, the amount of litigation Tesla has been receiving is extraordinary from ALL aspects of the conventional auto industry and its subsidiary industry interests, overwhelming even.

Suing them bishes under The RICO Act would remedy the morass though.

blue adept | 18. März 2019


You should be happy to hear that Tesla is focusing its efforts on ensuring that they can continue to bring us their product(s) and associated services unabated/without unfair and acrimonious restrictions.

NoMoPetrol | 19. März 2019

@ blue

December 10, 2018 - Tesla announces an expansion of its retail presence by opening stores in 11 shopping malls (with, I would imagine, substantial lease commitments) in an effort to expose a larger audience to the Model 3.

February 28, 2019 - Tesla is moving to an all-online sales model and will be closing retail stores (most of them, I would imagine, in shopping malls with substantial lease commitments).

Not exactly the picture of a well-oiled machine surgically dissecting its dealership-modeled competitors with a coherent strategy of disruption. Most of the disruption in these maneuvers seems to be internal.

Mike83 | 19. März 2019

Mmmm. People that speculate many times don't have much information but assume due to bias.

Tesla is well known and sells via word of mouth worldwide. Malls are not doing so well in some areas. I've even seen some set up with boutique churches.

blue adept | 21. März 2019

Having the flexibility to adapt to an ever changing landscape reflects the security of continued market viability and is a preferable trait opposed to that of folding altogether when something doesn't go as planned.

Tesla is killing it despite a variety of encumbrances that would've crippled a lesser company with demand still exceeding supply.

DonS | 21. März 2019

To move forward, intelligence says that ideas needs to change as new facts are unearthed. Unfortunately, a large part of the world holds to the same ideas in spite of the facts.

It is a serious societal problem that so many believe in flat earth, anti-vaccine, and no man on the moon. They claim these ideas are conspiracy theories or just too unbelievable, while carrying a device in their pocket that can talk to people in most of the world and access knowledge of the ages.Of course, the fact that these devices are mostly used for selfies and video games kind of points back to the root of the issue.

jlackey1948 | 21. März 2019

Emerson said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"

kcheng | 21. März 2019

Being open-minded and having the ability to change one's mind based upon new information is great. However, changing one's mind because you didn't realize people would be upset by your seemingly rash and impulsive decisions implies a lack of thoughtful consideration. THAT's what is bothering people. The seeming lack of purpose to guide thoughtful decisions. How does talking up opening new stores one month, lead to closing those stores the next month? Did Elon not realize how much sales staff commissions were? Did he not know that most sales were online? Changing one's mind is fine when there's some logical thought evident. People are upset because they are not seeing the logic.

carlk | 21. März 2019

Lol...little mind.

NoMoPetrol | 21. März 2019

@kcheng: I guess we need to drink the Kool-Aid if we have any hope of wrappiing our minds around the erratic store expansion-store contraction behavior of the otherwise savvy Mr. Musk. Without that liquid enhancement we will be stuck in the doldrums of normalcy observing that, just perhaps, he blew it this time.

carlk | 21. März 2019

No need to drink the Kool-Aid. You just need a close to normal sized brain to figure that out. Elon got more feedback after the announcement was made. He tweeted he could not discuss it with store personnel before it's announced.

NoMoPetrol | 22. März 2019

Wow! carlk is a true insider. He has insights the rest of us just can't fathom. When he's not turning a blunder by Elon into an incredibly insightful shift of strategy, he's turning water into wine.

carlk | 22. März 2019

So who are you then? Pretty easy to figure that one out from Elon's tweet but then again you still have to have a minimal brain power to do so. | 22. März 2019

Option 1: Reduce product costs for profitability and volume, but find the entire approach too severe and within weeks back off slightly after listening to customers (Tesla).

Option 2: Kill hundreds of people, and hide the problem for 10 years before it is discovered (GM's lock issue)

Which management style do you prefer?

carlk | 22. März 2019

Or option 3: Gas hundreds of millions of people for years and destroy lungs of you don't know how many children for a little extra profit. Lie to authorities when discovered. And lie more when it's disputed. (VW dieselgate).

If you have not done so yet please go watch the first episode "Hard NoX" of Netflix documentary "Dirty Money". Even we have all heard of the scandal it's still shocking to learn how this whole thing was evolved.

carlk | 22. März 2019

Tesla sure acted on feedback from customers and employees. It's kind like how the autopilot or traction control works. Continues actions and feedback loop is always better than the fire and forget approach. Like I said Tesla could not talk to store employees and customers before that decision is announced.

NoMoPetrol | 22. März 2019

Option 1a: Reduce product costs while demonstrating more consideration for employees on the front line of interaction with potential customers. But then, according to carlk, I am intellectually only a half-step above Neanderthal, so WTF do I know?

Mike83 | 22. März 2019

Funny that all employees of Tesla and SpaceX love Elon(and their work) and esp. getting stock options. Kind of defunks the pissy posts. The negative people have bad motives IMO.

NoMoPetrol | 22. März 2019

Mea culpa, mea culpa. You guys are SOOOOO right. How could I have doubted your unflagging loyalty to Sir Elon. Oh, wait. The queen hasn't annointed him yet.

But seriously, nothing engenders employee loyalty like stock options, especially when your continued employment in Tesla's retail outlets is measured in hours rather than years. More simply put, your employment is at the whim of the CEO, whose whims are anything but predictable.

Nothing like a good laying off spree followed by a reinstatement spree to make an employee comfortable with his economic future. Because he has stock options.

carlk | 22. März 2019

***so WTF do I know?***

Enlighten us. Instead of living room quarterbacking how others play you can tell us your life's achievements.

NoMoPetrol | 23. März 2019


I spent my entire adult life in the service industry. Sometimes my service was in sales. Sometimes it was personal services to homeowners with swimming pools. Sometimes it was as the Executive Director of the local Meals on Wheels organization. Sometimes it was as a youth sports coach. But my job was always a service to others.

Throughout all these experiences the most enjoyable were those where my work was appreciated by those whom I served. The most soul wrenching ones were when my employer discounted my worth. With this as my background I cannot imagine any Tesla retail workers showing up for work today with the same depth of conviction and enthusiasm they had on the day before Elon's pronouncement to shutter retail locations and take sales online only.

DanFoster1 | 23. März 2019

Yup. If you can’t change your mind, you don’t have one.

NoMoPetrol | 24. März 2019

Whichever side of this debate you take, Tesla has a retail sales force that had been performing from a position of joy, and is now performing out of fear. Rather Stalinesque, don't you think?

NKYTA | 24. März 2019

^ hyperbole. | 24. März 2019

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carlk | 25. März 2019

From Jack Welch's GE to Andy Grove's Intel, to Steve Job's Apple to Reed Hasting's Netflix everyone performed from a position of fear. The fear of not able to perform to the highest expectation. And those excecutives set the bar very high too. If you are familiy with the Netflix culture one reason cited for only keeping top people is smart people enjoy working with other smart people. I'm sure people enjoy working for a highly successful company too. Mediocre workers who want an environment they can enjoy have a lot of other choices.

carlk | 25. März 2019

--If you are familiy--> familiar...

blue adept | 26. März 2019

Musk is merely adapting to the ever changing landscape of the EV manufacture, distribution and servicing environment, what with having to compensate for everything from various interruptions in the materials supply chain to numerous rounds of litigation in various states wanting to restrict EV sales within their borders to labor unions trying to insinuate themselves into Tesla workforce just to get a piece of the pie for themselves.

Adaptation is the key to survivability and if anything in Elon's past has taught us anything at all it's that his intellectual, cognitive and business acumen is highly adaptable.

People can try to define the narrative however they like according to their somewhat canted perceptions to suit their motivations, but that won't serve to change the reality of the matter whatsoever.

carlk | 27. März 2019

Just what I thought. Elon changed his mind after he got feedback from store people and now offers them the opportunity to prove themselves and save their jobs. That's exactly how it should be.

blue adept | 28. März 2019

Can't have a bunch of entitled millennial &/or Gen. X slackers drawing a check while sitting around on their asses.

Orthopod | 31. März 2019

If you are not creating or designing anything at Tesla, you GTFO.

That’s how it should be anywhere

blue adept | 31. März 2019

Or providing service to Tesla owners, you know, what you're hired and paid to do instead of staring at your phones/e-pads and interacting with your "clique" instead of answering the damn phone and doing your job!