Any bets on surprise announcements tomorrow?

Any bets on surprise announcements tomorrow?

In addition to the model Y what surprise announcement do you think will come out tomorrow?

A. Release of a FSD feature
B. Implementation of HW3
C. Update to model S/X to be Supercharger V3 capable
D. First Semi delivery
E. Compact Tesla
F. Tesla minivan
G. Tesla motorcycle
H. Tesla Roof mass production
I. Tesla roadster spaceX package demo
J. Something else

I’m betting on HW3 mass production.

pgkevet | 14. März 2019

Tesla merges with Amazon and the cars do your shopping for you. At the moment you will just get the basic staple foods but a pending upgrade will allow you more choice. :-)

inconel | 14. März 2019

B as well

Mathew98 | 14. März 2019

You'll be spammed and be upset enough to sell your car and short the stock...

jordanrichard | 14. März 2019

Maybe the hovering version of the Roadster will float onto the stage........

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

Pick up and definitive manufacturing date for semi

Firaz | 14. März 2019

J: Substantial battery improvements, with inclusion of capacitors and wireless charging.

Mathew98 | 14. März 2019

You are a decade ahead of everyone...

akikiki | 14. März 2019

More on Tesla Pickup Truck. | 14. März 2019

Cubby below touchscreen can be fitted with optional …. 8 track tape player!

revrev4ruach | 14. März 2019

Expecting D. First Semi delivery as most likely.

Hoping in Houston for H. Tesla Roof mass production

Let's make H-Town a reality!

reed_lewis | 14. März 2019

They will never have wireless charging. The power loss is too high to make it feasible.

But I would love an 1/8 inch stereo jack in my car for audio playback. But an 8-track would be very retro.

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

65" MCU touch-screen retro-fit will go live. | 14. März 2019

Tesla Personal EV Helicopter!

sentabo | 14. März 2019

Buying out every ICE car manufacturer and moving the planet towards 100% EVs. Hey, we can dream, can't we?

sbeggs | 14. März 2019


Practically spit out my wine! Thanks!

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

$32k Model 3.

No seats and carpeting just crates

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

30k model 3
No seats, no carpeting, no screen. You get crates, a 15" chalkboard and 6 months supply of colorful chalk

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

No eraser

jordanrichard | 14. März 2019

With rope for seats belts.............

jordanrichard | 14. März 2019

Oh and an Etch-a-Sketch for a screen..

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

The etch-a-sketch is an upgrade to the chalkboard and will cost extra. Ropes included

reed_lewis | 14. März 2019
reed_lewis | 14. März 2019

I would love if Tesla sold the frames that they used to have in stores of the Model S with just a seat and steering wheel. Imagine the 0-60 speed of that thing!

Imagine if Tesla made one of these with the roadster performance!

That would be cool!

RedJ | 14. März 2019

Ok the live stream delay is getting old. I want to see the show already :)

revrev4ruach | 14. März 2019

Shucks. No surprises. Just high quality car company stuff.

And I was able to order my Y without delay on the website. Excellent.

Bighorn | 14. März 2019

$2500 down

txakoli | 14. März 2019

Ditto on the $2500 down. Loaded, but not the 7 seater.

akikiki | 14. März 2019

And 16K option for the Smartcar they strap to the roof to get some people AM radio.

rxlawdude | 14. März 2019

@akiki, et tu?

NKYTA | 14. März 2019


RedJ | 14. März 2019

White on white 7 seater AWD long

Silver2K | 14. März 2019

Gotta get wife to take a look at this guy. I wanted a small SUV for her. It's really nice looking

jordanrichard | 15. März 2019

That was a truly underwhelming reveal. Was expecting something along the lines of the Model 3 reveal. It was neat how they lined the cars up S 3 X Y, but the stage was poorly lit and Elon said little about the vehicle other than the specs. Franz was there getting out of it, but immediately walked off into the darkness.

Granted it is quite amazing to think that 5 years ago they only had the Model S to show. Now they have 6 vehicles, S 3 X Y R and the Semi.

PhillyGal | 15. März 2019

We'll almost certainly be getting one but we opted against plunking down $2,500 now. It didn't seem to matter much with the 3 rollout.

SO | 15. März 2019

It was really poorly lit.

The Model 3 reveal was much better. They should have done it the same way with the Y in the same colors and lighting.

Mathew98 | 15. März 2019

Guess who predicted the spam attack and shorties going to town?

Boonedocks | 15. März 2019

@Mathew98 | March 15, 2019
Guess who predicted the spam attack and shorties going to town?"

Why did you have to say that. I just went to my TDAmeritrade account to see how TSLA is doing after the big reveal.....OUCH!!!!!!

Mathew98 | 15. März 2019

Me? I'm probably the only sucker in the crowd loading up on the discount before the next squeeze.

Call me a contratrian but I'll be getting rid of the minivan in favor of the MY. Soon...

inconel | 15. März 2019

Me quoque. $2500

akikiki | 15. März 2019

rx, akiki is both correct and not. akiki means friend. I like to think you and are/could be. but akikiki (name of my street) and means name of a little Hawaiian bird on Kauai.
No big deal.