Charge times using lamp post charging such as Ubitricity

Charge times using lamp post charging such as Ubitricity

Does anybody have experience charging a model S using Ubitricity lamp post chargers? Specifically I am interested in charging times as I need to spend about £200+ to buy a smart cable to use their facilities. The UK Ubitricity site (I am London based) says in the Q&A section on its website ( ) that "Our current maximum output at streetlights equates to around 5.8 kW. As we’re complementing conventional charging infrastructure with a “low power, low cost” solution and accessing existing infrastructure, this is the highest power typically available for residential on-street parking at a street light." I guess this may mean very slow (5-8 miles per hour) which may not be worth the candle. LED Lamp posts, as they take less power, will potentially offer more power but I am not aware of many in my area. If anyone has any idea of charge times I would be interested to hear. Thanks. Paul

paulkirkby | 16. März 2019

Question about Ubitricity charge time experiences

pgkevet | 16. März 2019

What it really comes down to is price per kWh and convenience to you. At 5.8kW max assume 5kW and then your average Wh/mile. So far in my cold part of Wales I've averaged 414Wh/mile over last few months so close to 250mil/100kWh charge on my S so i'd be getting say 12.5 miles range per hr on that system.
What is important is whether this is somewhere you can park overnight or all day while at work, that's cheaper than home charging or a Supercharger UK rate and that it does your daily needs.

paulkirkby | 17. März 2019

Thanks pgkevet

Anthony J. Parisio | 17. März 2019

You are lucky to have such a system on your streets in the UK. We in the states have nothing like it. This makes street parking the worst situation for an inner city Tesla owner.

Beesiler | 17. März 2019

Paul Ubitricity have recently installed four such lamppost chargers in my street. They deliver 5.8kW per hour as advertised, not less. This equates to approx 20 mph for my vehicle. The best bit is you can use a QR code on the lamp post to connect using your own cable and you are billed via your card details (which you have to enter for each session). Today my bill which is emailed at the end of the session showed I had charged 15kW in 2.5 hours at a cost of £3.50 inc VAT (24p per kWh). Totally brilliant for me as I have no off street parking for my MS 75D.

pgkevet | 17. März 2019

It does sound like a promising system but I couldn't figure out if the price was across the board or might be varied by local authorities? The other issues are whether you can get consistent parking to charge regularly and whether vandalisation becomes an issue.

(When I lived in S London we had a spate of that.. every car in the street had it's tyres nailed including 2 of mine parked off road on the driveway. If there's copper in the charge cables they become a target).