Tesla Service Ban Texas

Tesla Service Ban Texas

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Just ordered my Model 3 AWD. I hope this does not pass. It would suck not to have a service center in Texas.
What the hell Texas. I thought we were cool.

dgstan | 16. März 2019

You thought Texas was cool?

M3phan | 16. März 2019

Let’s hope states that face this don’t see it through. That’s ridiculous.

RES IPSA | 16. März 2019

Your link is not functional... Can the Ranger service still come to your house under the proposed ban?

texxx | 16. März 2019

Nope - According to the proposed legislation Tesla won't be allowed to service the vehicle in Texas. Time to start writing my representative. May not help, but if you don't participate you can't complain.

SysConsultant | 16. März 2019

Texas - Land of the Good Old Boys and Corporate Special Interests. Not only are Direct Sale of EV's a problem for the entrenched network of auto dealers but electric cars don't use petroleum fuels. I wonder who has a problem with that...

Here's the link:

The bill was introduced by Republican Senator Kelly Hancock. So, Texans, you voted for her and that's why voting matters.

texxx | 16. März 2019

Kelly is actually a man, but still, start writing!

jrh007 | 16. März 2019

He has been recognized as a "Courageous Conservative," a "Champion of Small Business," and a "Lone Star Conservative Leader." Senator Hancock also received the 2015 Guardian of Small Business award from the National Federation of Independent Business.

His small business is Advanced Chemical Logistics. Here’s an interesting about:

Advanced Chemical Logistics cares for the chemical needs of the following markets:
industrial and institutional formulators
water treatment
metal treating

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

apodbdrs | 16. März 2019

The good thing is, that unlike ICE vehicles, TESLAs don't require very much service. Tire rotations, brake service, wheel alignment an be performed at most places. Over the Air updates can continue regardless of where one is. As owners learn more about their TESLA, many issues will never require service, just knowledge of their car. Texas will be fighting a losing battle in the long run, EVs are here and will in the long run dominate. The dealerships are dying and have no place in this new era.

SysConsultant | 16. März 2019

I hope you're right, apodbdrs,. But contemporary evidence points to the petrochemical and NADA lobbies having considerable weight when it comes to deciding what options are available to customers who wish to purchase a car and operate it in Texas.

And even though a Tesla EV should need fewer routine maintenance procedures than an ICE car, we Tesla owner's have been known to require some help getting initial build quality issues worked out and don't forget that Tesla's don't have a spare tire. In my state I would call Tesla Service if I had a flat. I guess you call Bubba's Towing if this legislation passes you are unlucky enough to be driving your Tesla in Texas.

apodbdrs | 16. März 2019

If my car has a flat tire I call AAA and they come out and fix it! I don't know if the guy's name is Bubba, never ask him. Body work isn't done at dealerships, so I that shouldn't be a problem. About the only thing I can think of that would be a problem, would be the computer, a board or the drive unit going out. But, SysConsultant, you are right, if that dumb legislation passes I will certainly avoid driving through TEXAS!

stopnair | 16. März 2019

I cannot believe someone thought TX is cool.

kevin_rf | 17. März 2019

@jrh007 Sounds like he hauls around contaminated waste water in tanker trucks for the fracking industry. Among other industries that generate large quantities of very toxic waste water...

AWDTesla | 17. März 2019

@apodbdrs what about suspension components? Motors, driveshafts, battery cooling, these are all mechanical parts. All mechanical parts eventually fail. Teslas still have lots of mechanical parts that will fail and will need replacement. Are you going to swap out your control arms in your driveway when the bushings fail?

jjt2122 | 17. März 2019

All those reps in Texas are paid by the oil companies, eventually they will have to accept EV’s because they will loose money from taxes, also, I’m sure someone will take this case to Supreme Court to fight this to prevent this ban.
I’m sure this violates some kind of law.

M3phan | 17. März 2019

Texas owners, here's both an email link to Kelly along with a link to where you can find your state representatives. Reach and out let your voice be heard, but represent Tesla well, be thoughtful and reasonable.
Author of the bill draft: Kelly Hancock:
Find your Texas state reps:

TexasBob | 17. März 2019

The stupidity of this is profound. Sent an email to my state senator. I may just drive my model 3 over to his office (just around the corner) on Monday and emphasize my displeasure. Ridiculous.

TexasBob | 17. März 2019

The stupidity of this is profound. Sent an email to my state senator. I may just drive my model 3 over to his office (just around the corner) on Monday and emphasize my displeasure. Ridiculous.

TeslaWRLD | 17. März 2019

This is terrible news because I live in Texas I hope this never passes :(

rob | 17. März 2019

Well, we got rid of the crazy blue laws here in Texas. Maybe it won't pass. I've never written a politician but this is a worthy cause.

rob | 17. März 2019

Well, we got rid of the crazy blue laws here in Texas. Maybe it won't pass. I've never written a politician but this is a worthy cause.

apodbdrs | 17. März 2019

Relate to him, them, about TEXAS conservative values regarding government over-reach, free enterprise, competion, etc. In California, I can take my TESLA to their SC or any certified TESLA certified body shop. Tires, tire roation, alighnement, etc. at Costco, Goodyear, and maybe others. Glad I don't live in TEXAS! GOOD LUCK to all TESLA owners in TEXAS!

jjgunn | 17. März 2019

Lotsa Big Oil & Big Auto lobbying in Texas.

Both are terrified of Tesla ...100% terrified

First they laugh at you....then they fight you...then you win.

Keep fighting!

M3phan | 17. März 2019

One more time Texas owners. Contact Kelly and your state rep this week!
Author of the bill draft: Kelly Hancock:
Find your Texas state reps:

paul | 17. März 2019

Not a surprise that an oil drilling state is afraid of electric cars.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17. März 2019

Six years. Tesla has attempted to get a Dealers License in the Great State of Texas for six years. In 2013, 2015, and 2017 Tesla tried to get a law passed that would allow them to conduct Direct Sales & Service in Texas. Each time the Texas State Assembly has 'run out of time' to have a floor vote. Texas Assembly only meets once, every other year. I wonder if they'll miraculously 'find the time' to vote on this service ban legislation THIS year?

Keep in mind that Tesla used to have a Dealers License in Texas. In 2013 they tried to renew that license and it was delayed for some unknown reason. Finally, it was discovered that under pressure from NADA and TADA, without legislative intervention, the rules for Franchise law were suddenly changed to prevent any automotive manufacturer from selling direct in Texas, they had previously had a choice, to use 'independent franchised dealerships' or sell direct, they simply couldn't do both. Tesla had been granted a dealers license before, because they had no franchises. But when it became clear Model S was outselling high end flagship vehicles from other manufacturers, their 'independent franchis3d dealerships' motivated legislators and regulators and NADA and TADA to 'do something about it'. Which they did, so now manufacturers are required to sell in Texas ONLY through 'independent franchised dealerships', to the only effect that Tesla Customers were further inconvenienced, yet continued to multiply nevertheless. For six years straight. Oops?

The great thing is there is something in the U.S. Constititution called the 'implied Interstate Commerce clause'. One State cannot prevent its Citizens from buying things from or in another State. As a result, Texans will still be able to buy Tesla products, just as they always have. Though these restrictive laws are obviously targeted at Tesla, they are ineffective as 'bans'. It is unconstitutional to pass a law against a particular company. One State, North Carolina, thought about trying it, but cooler heads prevailed. If they had passed a law that specifically banned Tesla and made internet sales of new cars illegal, that would have guaranteed the immediate disillision of all franchise laws. Basically giving Tesla complete, unrestricted access for sales and service. Oops?

The problem is, the franchise laws that govern the sale of new cars are universally rather poorly written. Utah, at least, never allowed the choice that Texas or Michigan had implemented. NADA had simply assumed they had locked up mandatory sales through 'independent franchised dealerships', but they had not. So in some States their protests fell on deaf ears.

I think Tesla should have filed a Federal case against Texas at least three years before they did against Michigan. I think they chose Michigan because they actually had a legislative change to franchise law, while Texas only had a procedural regulatory change based upon intrepretation of existing law. Tesla has tried to get a legislative solution in Texas for years without success. This proposed legislation to ban direct service seems a direct shot across the bow that should move Tesla toward a Federal Judicial solution in Texas and elsewhere. It is imperative that Texans vocally oppose this action immediately.

texxx | 17. März 2019

Wanna bet they won't run out of time to consider the ban?

rkalbiarEV | 17. März 2019

Big Money - Big Oil!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17. März 2019

texxx -- First thing on the agenda, behind closed doors, without public consideration or comment. So much for 'free market' enterprise, right? BTW... Who asked for legislators that were 'free to be bribed' anyway?

texxx | 17. März 2019

@RdD - yeah, no kidding. Surprised Abbott didn't mark it as an "emergency" to get it through the first week of the session.

Money talks. But won't stop me from writing letters. Already sent one off to Hancock and one to my Senator. Not done writing.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17. März 2019

texxx -- Be sure to include a request for their itemized income tax returns...

Earl and Nagin ... | 17. März 2019

I recommend every Texas resident or person with Texas business interests write and/or email their representatives stating their opinion on this issue, how it makes Texas look to the free world, and how it might affect their future voting and business investment. There may also be an automotive affairs bureau or similar in Texas who might appreciate a letter.
This has worked before.

rxlawdude | 17. März 2019

I would think this is violative of the Commerce Clause (or, in this case, Dormant Commerce Clause) but also of the Fifth Amendment's due process clause and the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

This sure looks like a slam dunk win for Tesla, if the bill ever makes it out of the backwards (er, Texas) Legislature.

cbmilehigh | 17. März 2019

Writing to your local Texas newpaper will help get the word out too.

mtmodel3 | 17. März 2019

I wouldn’t bother writing Hancock, he’s the bill sponsor. He’s not going to see the light and withdraw his own bill. Wait to see what committee it goes to and write folks in the committee, especially if your state Senator is on the committee. If it makes it to the floor, write again. Also pay attention if a similar bill comes up in the House and communicate similarly.

Points to mention...

Free market/competition

Bill not in interest of Texas citizens but is protecting special interests

While not called out in bill, Tesla and other EV’s are perfect compliment to Texas wind energy production

Should be supporting, not handicapping, an American automotive success story (Tesla - designed and built in USA)

Companies will find way around law by deploying mobile technicians from or bringing cars to, OK, LA, and NM. Why give those high paying auto service jobs away to neighboring states.

king16x | 17. März 2019

Kelly Hancock represents State Senate District 9 in Texas.

texxx | 17. März 2019

May not help writing to Hancock, but I feel obligated to point out his hypocrisy and the obvious conflict his bill creates with the rights of the voters he supposedly represents. Time to stop siting back and letting this type of behavior go unchallenged. May not help, but doing nothing is guaranteed to do just that - nothing.

Go point about lobbying committee members. I'll keep an eye on the bill and see what happens in committee.

gmkellogg | 17. März 2019

Lots of big oil interests in Texas.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17. März 2019

Forcing Tesla to use a third party for Distribution, Sales, and Service just because 'Everyone else does it.' is not right. Especially since 'Everyone Else' is older than Tesla and were offered a choice. A choice that was retroactively taken away from Tesla simply because the Model S started to light up sales charts without the aid of any third party.

billtphotoman | 18. März 2019

Wrote my reps about this already. The Stealership lobby is really strong around here and their argument that car dealerships "protect" consumers is the just laughably ridiculous. Kind of like how mafia "pay for protection" schemes work.

bjaminaltman | 18. März 2019

I wrote Hancock. Can't hurt. The Dark Side is winning the war to doom of the planet. Electric vehicles could change things dramatically if implemented radically. Not a green deal fan other than the environmental aspects.

jordanrichard | 18. März 2019

Personally, at this point, Tesla needs to stop taking the "high road" and playing nice. They need to hold a press conference and let the general public know what kind of BS their "friendly local dealers" are pulling. All the general public knows is what they see on TV (commercials) and at the local Little League games (sponsorship).

The general public has absolutely no clue as to how the car business is ran.

Earl and Nagin ... | 18. März 2019

Unfortunately, the press won't be on Tesla's side. Remember who the biggest advertisers are.
If you hold a press conference, nobody will come.
We ran into this when the auto companies were taking back EVs and crushing them in the earlhy 2000's. Even with supportive folks inside the press we had to do something "newsworthy" before editors would let anything be said.
The first one to gain traction was that a rancher protesting in Sacramento because Ford was taking his truck away to crush it. It was a Ford Ranger EV with a huge American flag painted on the fiberglass bed cover that made a great photo op.
The next was a funeral for the EV1 complete with celebrities.
The final was a Bay Watch actress getting arrested for blocking a bunch of trucks carrying EV1s off to the crusher.
See the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" for pix.
This won't be an easy battle. It will take a sustained, multi-party attack. It can be won, however.

disapr | 18. März 2019

I would think that Amazon backed Rivian would join Tesla on this fight since they plan to sell direct and Texas will be a huge market for giant SUV's and Trucks. Assuming we can get people to stop putting oil in their coffee and brushing their teeth with coal. :\

vishious911 | 18. März 2019

Tweet at this worthless d-bag (I already did)!

Maybe tag a few reputable EV-friendly news reporting sources. Or start retweeting / liking a "trending" tweet.

tesla | 18. März 2019

Tesla (i think since its looks pretty official) created a site for this:

If you are tx resident, please follow the links above to send emails to reps. The site makes it super simple.

todd.storch | 18. März 2019

I sent my Senator as well as my House Representative an email this morning to stop this nonsense to protect "good 'ol boys".

todd.storch | 18. März 2019

@tesla thank you for pointing out the website. I just followed the instructions and sent an email automatically to a number of representatives.

Here's the info after hitting send:

Your email has been sent to the following elected officials:

Governor Greg Abbott
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
State Senator Kelly Hancock
State Senator Robert Nichols
State Senator Donna Campbell
State Senator Brandon Creighton
State Senator Jose Menendez
State Senator Angela Paxton
State Senator Charles Schwertner
State Senator John Whitmire
State Senator Judith Zaffirini

Thank you very much for your support for Tesla in Texas. We will continue to provide you with status updates through this website and occasional email alerts if you opted in.

rxlawdude | 18. März 2019

texasfortesla does not appear to be an official Tesla site.

kevin_rf | 18. März 2019

Hope, they also don't ban selling electricity to charge electric cars next...

...Why can I see them going after the super charger network?

bedoig | 18. März 2019

@rxlawdude I'm pretty sure it is, or at least fully condoned by Tesla. I get notifications from Tesla employees encouraging me to take action using that site.