No Enhanced Summon in latest update

No Enhanced Summon in latest update

Just got an update tonight. Expected to see Enhanced Summon, but it's not there. Also, I was under the impression that the car would now stop at stop signs and stop lights, but according to the release notes, it will just warn you if it thinks you are bout to run a red light.

Dog mode and Sentry Mode were also part of the release.

The one feature I am happiest about is the ability to control the standard summon feature with the key fob, like we can on the Model S. Tried that out, worked just like the Model S. Now if they would just give us Passive Start, the key fob will be great!

redacted | 27. März 2019

It's good your presumed MS now works just like a MS.

raffidesigns | 27. März 2019

In regards to Enhanced Summon, is your model equipped with EAP/FSD? Also would it be possible to confirm what version you received? There are two versions 2019.5.19 and there’s a 2019.8..??

Boonedocks | 27. März 2019

Received 2019.8.3 last night. No enhanced summon
2017 S100D HW2.0 EAP&FSD

Blackbetty | 27. März 2019

Yes also got 2019.8.3. Stop light and sentry, no enhanced summon. 2018 s 75d with fsd

Kj11856 | 27. März 2019

I got the 2019.9 update the other day and it has the enhanced summon feature. But I am on the beta test program. Still needs some work but I like it.

althena | 01. Juli 2019

Just bought model 3 with FSD last month (June 8) but there's still no enhanced summon..i have 2019.20.4.2

EVRider | 02. Juli 2019

@althena: No one else has Enhanced Summon either, except for beta testers in the Early Access Program. No one outside of Tesla (and maybe no one at Tesla) knows when Enhanced Summon will be released to the public.

Dramsey | 02. Juli 2019

Tweet from Elon on April 6, 2019:

"Tesla Enhanced Summon coming out in US next week for anyone with Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving option"

Fortunately, after being a Tesla owner since early 2013, I knew not to hold my breath.