Nerfed Supercharge speed

Nerfed Supercharge speed

I own a 2019 Tesla Model X75D and every time I charge at different Superchargers I only get 87-93 kW. Not supposed to get the max at 118 kW?

inconel | 08. April 2019

I think the current max supercharger speed on the 75D is around 96kWh

inconel | 08. April 2019

96 kW

jjgunn | 08. April 2019

What's your state of charge (SoC) when you begin to charge?
Should be lower than 40%

What's the temperature outside?
Above 60 F is preferred.

Make sure nobody is parked next to you
SuCh stations are marked (1A / 1B, 2A / 2B, etc.)

If everything above matches, then see a service center. | 09. April 2019

@kiaui - a bit more complex. Likely worth reading: for understanding how charging works. The numbers you get are normal.

inconel | 09. April 2019

Interesting. TT where did you see that the 2020 Roadster will be able to charge at 250kW? | 10. April 2019

@inconel - As noted, it is a guess. Tesla has not stated what the limits are. Since Tesla stated the Roadster can go over 600 miles, about double an S100, a good guess is the battery pack is double the size and could easily handle 250 kW charging. Then again, the new battery formulation used in the Model 3 can already handle 250 kW charging. It seems likely the Roadster 2020 would use the Model 3 style batteries. With Model 3 batteries, I may be too conservative and it may be possible to double this or more (if a 500 kW charger existed).

jjgunn | 10. April 2019

Roadster & Semi truck have their own plugs & stations - also believe Roadster will have an adapter to use a "regular" low-life Super Charger like the rest of us poor folk