I've done 7,800 miles and spent $130

I've done 7,800 miles and spent $130

Hi, I bought a second-hand model S P85 in January.
It has unlimited free SuC so I have charged a lot on SuCs.
I have also charged in some free public chargers.
The only charger I pay for is at home, where I have spent $130.

I use to automatically calculate the costs of my charging considering the kWh used by the charger (not only the ones added to the battery).

So that's $1.67 for 100 miles
Anybody has spent less?

Tesla2018 | 15. April 2019

I used 1732 Kw for 7200 miles charging 99% at home. Since I pay about 9 cents per KW my cost has been about $160 but that doesnt take into consideration the kwh used by the charger. I charged about $3 at superchargers to try them out and charged at a mall for a few hours when shopping.

I kept track of my electric bill and my gasoline expenses for the last 5 years. Cant wait to see how much I saved when I do the calculation at the end of this year.

Tesla-David | 24. April 2019

We charge two Tesla's ~99%+ at home with 13.2 kWh solar system + PW2 battery storage system. Our solar covers all our Tesla charging, and last year we produced 252% of our electricity needs (all electric home). Costs us Nada to charge these vehicles. Our electric bill for entire year last year was only $180, and we received a check for $5k from our electric provider for our Net Metered electricity. Not much not to like, and our solar system will be paid off this year (7 years after installation). We did an 8009 mile cross country trip from Edmonds to NYC and down to Florida and back, and that trip cost us nada with superchargers.

HummerMan3 | 25. April 2019

~$64 for 8447 mi. 5135 miles for free at the ChargePoint charger 4 blocks from my house. Approx 1000 miles for free through other level 2 chargers & Superchargers. Remaining 578 kWh of electricity at $0.11 per kWh through my house.

SilverTrifecta | 25. April 2019

I get to charge for free at work 99% of the time... 5700 miles,and have only paid for charging at superchargers. Total charging cost so far is $30 since picking up the car on 9/30/18! $0.005/mile in electricity charges, not bad!