2nd Autopilot Trial with Summon.

2nd Autopilot Trial with Summon.

I was wondering when they would do it. This morning I got a second Autopilot trial offer. It includes summon, but it doesn't appear to be advanced summon. I'll see how this compares to the trial I got last September. I hope there have been major improvements.

PECo CT | 20. April 2019

I just got the second free trial in Connecticut, too. It’s raining, here, but AP and TACC worked well, although not flawlessly. The worst glitch was on TACC when the Speed Limit dropped from 35 to 25 mph and the car suddenly accelerated to 50 mph. The car was even aware of the change and displayed the 25 mph Speed Limit.

edhchoe | 20. April 2019

NoA also quits in wet weather

gmr6415 | 20. April 2019

@edhchoe, Unless something has changed the only time I saw it drop out when raining during my last trial was when the rain was so hard the cameras couldn't see the road.

Maybe somewhere in the updates they have modified that. I don't know.