Regular Autopilot should be free

Regular Autopilot should be free

I think that the regular Autopilot and not FSD should be free or nearly free for all Tesla owners. It doesn't make sense that the basic features such as adaptive cruise control is behind a paywall and a lot of cars in Model 3 price range have this feature. I do wonder, statistically speaking, what the adaptation numbers for Autopilot and FSD are and how many people who opt out from buying it. I opted out from buying it not knowing if that would something I would care about or not, and the 30 day trial didn't really convince me that I should pay at the time for a system that was half implemented, so now I'm penalized for not ordering it within 30 days and that I find baffling.

reed_lewis | 24. April 2019

Your wish has been granted for all new purchases. The S/X/3 all include basic Auto Pilot in the price.

But I find it interesting you are complaining about the functionality, yet want it for free.

dimag1001 | 24. April 2019

I was only complaining that it was not FSD that I was trying out but Autopilot so I was under the impression that it would be able to do a lot more than it did, and I personally don't see how lane assistance and adaptive cruise control should not be free for all.

Xerogas | 24. April 2019

@dimag1001: would you support raising the base price of the car, and including it “free”? Because there’s no such thing as free. | 24. April 2019

Although FSD sort of got redefined (features of EAP were moved to FSD), the actually Full Self Driving feature is not yet available in any car - you can buy it, but it will not be activated until next year pending completed development and regulatory approvals. FSD as offered today on new cars, does provide some nice features that are rolling out now:

- Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
- Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.
- Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
- Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot.

blue adept | 24. April 2019

Once again we find yet another someone who wants something for nothing....

dimag1001 | 25. April 2019

@blue adept Thanks for the ignorant comment.

I have paid $47000 for a car that will let me try features that now come standard in other cars for 30 days and you find the acceptable, really? So the hardware in the car that's already there, barely being used, and on top of that, Tesla can get data from your vehicle to improve the software they will be selling back to you and you get nothing in return, cool.

reed_lewis | 25. April 2019

You are experiencing the world of buying from Tesla. They will lower prices and you will be not happy. This has happened to pretty much everyone here.

EVRider | 25. April 2019

@dimag1001: Autopilot wasn’t free when you bought your car (but you bought the car anyway), but now it is “free” (not really, but standard), which is what you asked for in your OP. Are you really expecting Tesla to give everyone who didn’t buy AP before free AP now? And should they also give everyone who paid for AP before a refund since it’s now standard?

dimag1001 | 26. April 2019

@EVRider: Tesla was not my first choice, Kona was, but at the time when I was looking for an electric vehicle options were not good, even now it's not great for pure electric. Tesla does not have packages like other manufacturing, so they force the hardware on to you. I would be perfectly fine if the car was cheaper and didn't have the hardware necessary for autopilot, but as of right now that's not the case and we are have to pay for the software separately. I actually DO expect and believe it the right thing for them to give everyone AP. If someone already paid for it, give some discounts or incentives (discounted chargers, free super charging, etc.), possibilities are endless. It boils down to, I paid more for the car then than if I would have purchased it today and I get less features, how is that ok too?

xtcTesla | 26. April 2019

Thats the problem, when ya got a company that flip flops on decisions, depending on which way the wind is blowing.
They have been able to do this because ppl buying their cars before model 3 had tons of money to throw out the window and prolly didnt fully understand what they were buying. Their model 3 customers now, are more value orientated and they are not liking the backlash now.
I cant wait till they go mainstream in Europe because if they do not fix some of their quality issues, they are going to fnd out about it because the consumer confidence there will go down and they will have less cars selling there.

EVRider | 26. April 2019

@dimag1001: It's not okay, but that's how it goes, and Tesla can't make all current owners happy whenever they change something (and no other car company does that either). Keep in mind that sometimes the change is in your favor.

For example, I took delivery of two Teslas in December (an S and a 3), and within 6 weeks the price dropped about $19,000 between them (the reduced tax credit offset part of that drop). I wasn't happy about that, but I didn't expect Tesla was going to give me a refund.

Tesla has always made lots of changes to both pricing and features, and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. | 26. April 2019

@xtcTesla - Yep, Tesla has such a poor product that it's the #1 in sales of ALL cars (ICE and EVs) in many European countries in March. Humm -must be everyone is stupid and don't know anything about cars and just toss their money away (not). Of course Tesla sells more than all the others without advertising makes it all the more sweet!

@dimag1001- Obviously some people do like getting ripped off with expensive packages offered by legacy automakers. I prefer Tesla's model of providing most features standard, such as a large screen and maps. It allows for a lower cost for everyone. AP hardware is required in all Tesla cars as it is used for a number of included safety features (extra priced options in most legacy cars). This includes AEB, Blind spot warning and Side collision avoidance. It's keeping with Tesla's goal to make their cars some of the safest cars you can buy at any price. Also price of all cars went up when AP was added as a standard feature - so it really isn't free like you've made it out to be.

blue adept | 26. April 2019


Ditto what said (+1 by the way, TT).

Other than that...

You seem to want to make the correlation that, merely because a feature is available as part of a vehicle's inherent infrastructure and/or might be accessible for a period of time to help you recognize its benefit, it should be made a 'standardized' feature for ALL owners even though they opted out of paying for it at the time of purchase or it simply wasn't available then!

Do you even listen to yourself?

Then you have the audacity to say someone's comment is "ignorant"! Bish please!! Just because the truth hurts is no reason for you to get belligerent with someone who calls you out on your BS.

rxlawdude | 26. April 2019

@dimag sounds like he may be suffering from @EntitlementSyndrome.

skchang_99 | 26. April 2019

Fist of all, in business world, nothing is free. There is no free lunch.

As a consumer, if you don't recognize that when you buy something, the fault it on you, not on the business whose primary goal is to stay in business by making money of the product you are buying.

That being said, let's look at other business when buying some of these so called safety feature, here is the article for your reference: https://

"Here’s an example of the complicated pricing for the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse: If you go shopping for a base-model Traverse L that starts at $30,925, you can’t get blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert or rear park-assist. Those are available on mid-level $36,095 LT trims, but you’ll have to pay extra to get them."

That's not even a luxury brand. It's Chevy. You have to pay $6K as a package to get those features and we are talking about a base model of $30K car which is lower than the average purchasing price of today which is $35K.

"Go for the $45,995 front-wheel drive Traverse Premier trim, and you can opt for a safety package that adds low-speed automatic-braking, collision alert, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist and front pedestrian detection — but you’ll have to pay an additional $475 to get it. Only on the $48,895 all-wheel-drive Premier trim do all of those features come standard."

You can see more examples in the article from different car makers, none of these safety feature is free, you either have to buy a much higher trim, or buy as part of a package.

Why do you think Tesla has to be different and include AP as free?

andy.connor.e | 26. April 2019

TACC should be free. Autopilot should remain a paid feature.

TACC is not a steering assistant, and is only aware of proximity of vehicles in front, and only adjusts speed. I still dont think this should be an autopilot packaged item.

Earl and Nagin ... | 26. April 2019

let's see, Tesla give you a big battery, great Supercharging network access, and awesome car for the base price but charges you for Autopilot. Kona gives you a free AP with the $45K Ultimate package with pathetic charging network and only 'good' performance.
Then you chose the Tesla because it had better options. Now you complain that the Tesla should give you even more options that you decided twice you didn't want them enough to pay for them.
no comment (but silent head shaking and eye roll).

blue adept | 27. April 2019

@Earl and Nagin ...

Like I said, just someone else wanting something for nothing.

Yodrak. | 27. April 2019

All car manufacturers adjust features and prices, and have made many formerly optional features standard equipment. Tesla just does it a lot more often, it's a nimbler company.

It's not just the car industry that does this - the evolution of the computer industry comes immediately to mind, and there are other examples if one stops to think about it.

And wow, we sure do have a lot of wannabe MBAs and future CFOs and CEOs telling the real ones how to run a business! | 27. April 2019

@andy - You're wish is my command. TACC is now free with every new car purchase. As a bonus AP is also free! Wow, that was easy :)

Yodrak. | 27. April 2019

Well done TeslaTap, you must be Elon's nome de plume. :-)

Either that or you pay attention to the web site.

reed_lewis | 29. April 2019

Hey, I already said that in the first reply. Basic AP and TACC is now included for all cars. | 29. April 2019

@reed - Sorry! 3 days may be to much for my thread memory :)

Yodrak. | 29. April 2019

"I already said that in the first reply."

So you did. A gold star for you and a lead one for me.

hainesy | 30. April 2019

I paid CAD $6000 for Enhanced Autopilot when I bought the car in November 2018. LIke an idiot, I missed the chance to buy the FSD upgrade for $2600 in March and now it is $6600. I can't do it. $12,600 for something that now goes for $6600. It's robbery and has caused me to question Elon Musk and Tesla. I'm honestly thinking about selling my Model 3, which I otherwise love. This is betrayal of customer loyalty and terrible business ethics. If Tesla fails, it will be because of thinking like this. So tomorrow the price will increase by USD $1000, so likely to CAD $8000 or so. And my buyers remorse and anxiety will worsen.

I get that FSD is the future and that it comes with a hardware upgrade, etc. But it wasn't even offered when I bought EAP. This just sucks and it has made me regret buying a Tesla. And I hate that.

reed_lewis | 01. Mai 2019

I will take that gold star and put it on the wall with the other one(s) that I might have gotten... :)

Yodrak. | 01. Mai 2019

"I'm honestly thinking about selling my Model 3, which I otherwise love."

So, if you do sell your 3, what will you replace it with? Will the replacement have all of the features that your 3 has, and the feature your 3 does not have but you wish you could afford to add?

I and many other Tesla owners could have had more features for less money had we bought at a different time. Would have been nice, but dwelling on it does not improve the situation, it just makes one feel worse when they could be enjoying all the good things they have. Maybe a few visits to a shrink could help you - and others who feel the same way - get over the remorse and anxiety.