BMW i4 spyshots...

BMW i4 spyshots...

Says they expect 372 miles of range. 0-60 under 4 seconds.

Of course it is supposed to come out in 2021 which as we all know, means 2022 or beyond!

And unless they put a big battery in that thing, it will never go that far.

....and of course the following is required.....

Where to charge it on the road?

But it will be nice to have a normal looking EV from BMW instead of the very weird i3 thing which looks like a smart fortwo became pregnant.

jimglas | 29. April 2019

" they expect 372 miles of range. 0-60 under 4 seconds"
And I expect to win the lottery

jordanrichard | 29. April 2019

I wouldn't pay ANY attention to ANY estimated range numbers the other car companies spit out. Look at how low the E-Tron ended up being rated at, using the EPA standard.

So in 2 more years this i4 will still be slower than at that point a 7 year old 2014 P85D.... | 29. April 2019

It's easy to get 372 miles of range going downhill! Then again Europeans always show EV range in the wildly inflated NEDC which no one can actually get (unless going downhill!)

rxlawdude | 29. April 2019

Anyone notice the shape seems to be a ripoff of Tesla's slick (low CoD) design?

carlk | 30. April 2019

BMW, Audi,...everyone else. They are only fighting for the runner up prize and they all know it too. Tesla is too far ahead for them to even try. They just don't want to be beaten by their traditional rivals.

jordanrichard | 30. April 2019

What the traditional car companies have known for a long while now, is that car hailing and FSD is the future. They know that fewer and fewer people are even bothering to get licenses/cars and utilizing Uber/Lyft instead. So what this means is the pool of consumers that actually buy cars is getting smaller, which means the number of car companies needed to supply the ever shrinking pool of car buyers, will get smaller. That is why they are each investing in or starting their own ride share services. Basically they are all fighting/join forces to stay relevant and in business.

My prediction for the fist "company" to fail, Cadillac. The head of the caddy division is on record as saying, with regard to caddy taking point for GM's EV efforts, that it was their last chance. "We have to hit the ball on this one". Caddy's sales are falling, they are trying bolster sales by pushing their SUVs, but once again Caddy faces an identity crisis because no one associates SUVs with Caddy. Their first EV isn't due out for 2 more years, which means they will be even further behind Tesla.

reed_lewis | 01. Mai 2019

The other reason Cadillac is not doing well? All the old people who buy them are dying off. Being seen in an expensive Chevrolet is not the status symbol it once was.

dmm1240 | 01. Mai 2019

Maybe I'm a wee bit Tesla oriented (okay a lot Tesla oriented) but if that's the i4, I'm underwhelmed by the styling. It does look better than the designed-by-a-six-year-old using Lego blocks i3, but meh. Not my cup of tea. How can you make something so blah antiquated that won't be out for two more years expecting to sell millions of 'em? I wouldn't bet on it.