Enhanced Autopilot / FSD Trial

Enhanced Autopilot / FSD Trial


I purchased my midrange model 3 in early March immediately after they split the AutoPilot up into FSD and Base Autopilot. I paid 3k for the base autopilot and didn't have the additional 5k for FSD/EAP. My model 3 was delivered without AP enabled and the software updated broke as the delivery guy force restarted my car/screen while it was updating and it broke. I had to have my local service center remove the partially completed update and then wait for it to be applied properly. I was curious if I'm supposed to receive a trial of Enhanced autopilot as I've never used (or even seen in person) navigate on autopilot or any of the advanced features (summon, auto park). I was able to sell my old car last week and now have the funds for EAP, but I don't know if it's worth it or if I'll even use it.


EVRider | 29. April 2019

Just a note on terminology, EAP is no more, all you have now is basic AP and FSD (and as of now, FSD is the same as the old EAP, except that FSD includes the HW3 upgrade). Only you can decide if the extra features are worth it, but if you decide they are, better act before May when the price goes up.

bdumd | 30. April 2019

Just wanted to post that I finally put down the $5k for FSD for my X, purchased in March (didn't even know I could pay'only' $2k /wasn't informed about it/ probably wouldn't have paid for it at that time), after following this forum, and other discussions, as well.
Anyway, while I understand that complete functionality may not come for some time, I'm expecting that a new CPU will 1) make sure that updates apply to newer system capabilities, and 2) enhance the value of the car at resale (not for a while).
Last minute purchase - ? good idea? Time will tell!

mabbrus | 30. April 2019

I want to purchase, I wanted to know if I should have gotten a trial of it though, It makes no sense that someone who DIDN'T purchase any AP should get a trail of FSD, but because I purchased AP, I don't get a trial of FSD :/