Possible to still get the carbon interior?

Possible to still get the carbon interior?

My sales rep is currently investigating if it is possible to change my order so I get the carbon interior instead of the dark wood (black seats).

I’m curious to hear if anyone else has asked for that, and if you have already gotten an answer?

lilbean | 07. Mai 2019

We are trying to cut our carbon emissions so no. ;)

PPower | 07. Mai 2019

Good one ;-)

sr.smr | 07. Mai 2019

I asked and was told no by sales when they announced the new suspension. But things always change so no harm in asking. Also asked about panoramic roof and also told no.

Dramsey | 07. Mai 2019

I remember, back in the day, when we could choose among five different interior accent trims for our cars: piano black, three (later four) different types of wood, and carbon fiber.

My 2013 Model S P85 had the Australian lacewood trim, a beautiful textured non-glossy wood. Still miss it.

smithst | 07. Mai 2019

Ordered P100DL (free upgrade) and was told that Performance orders can ask for and receive carbon fiber “off menu.” So I did. It hasn’t shown up on the order, but sales guy says it’s a done deal. Should know for sure in about 4 weeks! Definitely a no-go on the pan roof. I’ll miss it (2013 P85).

Yodrak. | 07. Mai 2019

"We are trying to cut our carbon emissions so no. ;)"

But, but ... locking up the carbon in the interior decor removes that carbon from the environment, yes?

I've often wondered, is the 'carbon fibre' decor really carbon, or is it just plastic the is embossed to look like carbon fiber? Of course, plastic does contain carbon.

PPower | 08. Mai 2019

Just got an email from my sales rep where he forwards the reply from Tesla back office: We cannot add this option at the moment.
Hmm.. guess they are out of carbon interior by now...

kerryglittle | 08. Mai 2019

That sucks PPower. I wouldn't have wanted anything other than carbon fibre trim.

TranzNDance | 08. Mai 2019

I also prefer the carbon fiber trim, plus the white lower dash, that I got in the knick of time.

PPower | 08. Mai 2019

Weird though why they stop selling the carbon trim and carbon spoiler when it was mandatory on the performance models just two weeks ago.

Tropopause | 08. Mai 2019

The spoiler is gone too?

Dramsey | 08. Mai 2019

This smells like another belt-tightening move for Tesla. Reducing options makes it less expensive to produce the car. Now you can have a black interior, a white interior, or a cream interior, with pre-chosen matching wood trim. Period.

CygnusX-1 | 08. Mai 2019

Or maybe they are just reducing their stock in preparation for an interior refresh. They sold out all of the carbon fiber dash pieces and are now working on the remaining ones.

Boonedocks | 09. Mai 2019

I’m glad they are only offering the wood trim currently. I ordered a P100D +L after the refresh blog almost 3 weeks ago and would not have chosen the P if it came with the Carbon Fiber trim. I do hope they bring it back or at least off menu for those that do want it. At the premium price for a P there should be several options in my opinion.

Dramsey | 09. Mai 2019


Possible, I suppose, but as Tesla has steadily reduced option choices over the years, I don't recall any cases in which options ever came back.

Admittedly most of the reduction in options has come from making formerly optional items-- power liftgate, glass roof, air suspension, cold weather package, stereo upgrade, premium interior, etc.-- standard equipment. And the price has come down quite a bit compared to what you would have paid for those features when they were optional.

Still, as competition is starting to ramp up in the higher-end BEV space, it would be nice to see some more variety.

sr.smr | 09. Mai 2019

I'm no expert at determining the best way for selling cars at a profit, but there has to be a value at which an option becomes profitable to sell and someone buying a car at the $100K range would not think twice to add the cost to the price of the car.

kerryglittle | 09. Mai 2019

+1 sr.smr.

Dramsey | 09. Mai 2019

"I'm no expert at determining the best way for selling cars at a profit,"

Neither is Elon, apparently...;-)

lagomorph | 23. Mai 2019

Carbon Fiber is again showing up as a trim option for the Performance Models.

PPower | 23. Mai 2019

Ok I didn’t see that coming. Why on earth would Tesla remove it only to put it back on one month later? I really wanted the carbon trim so have to, once again, talk to my sales rep about changing my order. Guess that makes a June delivery in EU very unlikely...

sr.smr | 27. Mai 2019

Are they still offering the free Ludicrous mode incentive?

PPower | 28. Mai 2019

Yes. They haven’t set an end date for this offer yet. BTW it was possible to change my order to carbon interior after contacting my sales rep.