Version 2019.16 software thread

Version 2019.16 software thread

Tesla started releasing a new software update to its fleet with a bunch of updates to its Sentry mode and Driving Visualization features, as well as a few new features.

In addition to two new active safety features powered by Autopilot, ‘Lane Departure Avoidance’ and ‘Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance’, Tesla’s new 2019.16 software update also includes a bunch of updates to existing features and a few new ones.

The automaker started releasing the update to its expanding early access fleet.

Alset Srotom | 07. Mai 2019

Enhanced Summon back?

kmazzone | 07. Mai 2019

Any idea of when it will go GA? What about Enhanced Summon?

drchris3 | 07. Mai 2019

Looks like you will also be permitted to be part of the Advanced Upgrade group:

Tesla is also now enabling owners to have their car check for new software updates available:

Software Update Preference
You now have the option to receive new software updates as soon as they are available for your car configuration and region. Tap Controls > Software > Software Update preference > ADVANCED.

ICEMELT | 07. Mai 2019

Lot of useful features. Any more screenshots available on the driving visual?

Hope conditional speed limits include school zones.

EVRider | 07. Mai 2019


"Any idea of when it will go GA?" Soon. :-)

"What about Enhanced Summon?" Seems unlikely, since it wasn't mentioned in the article.

EVRider | 07. Mai 2019

@drchris3: Glad to see that 2019.16 will let you request updates. Now if you could only request 2019.16...

drchris3 | 07. Mai 2019

According to STATS APP 47% of M3 owners (I guess using STATS) are at 12.2

Whdame | 07. Mai 2019

Some of the features in 2019.16 were released in a confidential version a while back for testing.
Apparently they are ready for the masses now.
There are a couple of neat things coming. Enhanced summons will be separate and not included in this one.

M3BlueGeorgia | 07. Mai 2019

Waiting for the 4th bug fix version of 2019.16.................

M3phan | 07. Mai 2019

@Whdame, Yes, the new visualization is sweet

Whdame | 07. Mai 2019

M3phan - yep, I miss a couple of the features I had already. Had them since beginning of March and held onto them until till three days ago. Weird on how you don't get to keep them if you update.

Coloradofun | 15. Mai 2019

New M3 AWD LR HW3.0 FSD picked up last weekend. Came with 2019.7.106 - cameras would not calibrate on Monday after a service request I got 2019.12.1.2 - this fixed the camera calibration. Then tonight I got 2019.16

M3D | 16. Mai 2019

2019.16.1.2133a1f just downloaded new little sentry icon next to the cam icon. Notes are as reported. Sentry enhancement, lane change, etc.

Daryl | 16. Mai 2019

2019.16.1 is rolling out fast; TeslaFi tracker shows 95 just in the last couple of hours, and it is higher each time I refresh the page.

This one is going to Models S, X and 3 with AP 2.5.

So far no reports if there are any differences from 2019.16.

Seulgik1 | 16. Mai 2019

I'm wondering then, what version HW3 will get. So far TeslaFi only shows like 5 HW3 and they're all still on 2019.12.