Tesla Updated Specs

Tesla Updated Specs

I think tesla should included somewere inside the website the specs of all his EVs to this date with the latest software update the reason is right now i have a model 3 LR RWD and is no longer available on the website there is no way for me to see the specs of my own car and since this cars are recieving over the air update like peak power increases and things like that, that can change the original specs of the car. i think this is necesary steps because others car manufacturers to this date they lack of the abilitie to improve performance or specs numbers on a already sold car thats the reason why there was no need for this untill now.

EVRider | 11. Mai 2019
Tropopause | 11. Mai 2019

Some useful specs are in the Owner's Manual.

pieromontas | 11. Mai 2019

Yes both things are right but is not accured because these cars are receiving major performance improvement over the air things like top speed and 0 - 60 times could change from one software update to another.

EVRider | 12. Mai 2019

Tesla isn’t going to provide the information you’re looking for, but you should be able to find the latest specs for your car elsewhere. Try googling “model 3 lr rwd” and add the firmware version number.