Free Android app for reviewing and deleting Sentry and TeslaCam videos

Free Android app for reviewing and deleting Sentry and TeslaCam videos

Hey everybody, I have just launched a free Android app for reviewing and maintaining the saved camera events on your car's TeslaCam USB drive. The app is named TeslaCam / Sentry Reviewer and can be found on the Google Play store here:

This requires you to have an OTG adaptor to allow you to plug your USB drive into your phone's USB port. Those can be obtained for a few dollars on Amazon or at your local electronics store. Make sure you get the right adaptor - many phones use micro-USB ports, but newer phones often use USB-C. For example, these are the ones I got:

Once you have an adaptor, anytime you want to look at Sentry videos or a dashcam recording, you can stop your TeslaCam by holding down the TeslaCam icon on the screen until its recording indicator goes gray. Then pull it out and plug it into your phone/tablet, select the TeslaCam folder in the app, and you will be able to review every dashcam/sentry event on the USB stick.

It supports playback speeds of .5x through 2x, but the quickest way to find an event is to scrub around using the video's progress bar. The app presents a little tab for each of the 1-minute clips that is part of the event, and there are forward/back and beginning/end buttons to navigate from clip to clip quickly.

This is a fresh app, so I'm sure I haven't worked all of the bugs out yet. The best way to do that is to release it to a supportive community and have you guys give me feedback, so please let me know if there's anything you don't like about the app or if you find any bugs.

PS I will probably release a few extra features for the app soon under a 'premium mode' in-app purchase, but all of the basic functionality described here will always be free.

hokiegir1 | 13. Mai 2019

I downloaded last night and tried it out. I was very impressed...and when I showed hubby, he was asking how much it was and was shocked when I said free. It looks like you did an update today that will address one of my wish list, but I won't be able to test it until the weekend (sitting at the airport now to go out of town).

hokiegir1 | 13. Mai 2019

Forgot to add that I really like the "slide to confirm delete." Makes it much harder to do accidentally.

jefjes | 13. Mai 2019

I downloaded it and will report back when I have a chance to try it out. Just want to say thanks for developing this in support of the Tesla community.

cosmicwarrior | 13. Mai 2019

iOS version coming soon?

snailboat | 13. Mai 2019

I do some iOS development for work, but I don't have a personal Apple Dev account or Mac hardware to program on, so I don't think I'll pursue an iOS version yet unless somebody wants to lend me a MacBook for a month. Might consider the investment if nobody has made an iOS one by the time the Android one is relatively feature-complete.

SteveWin1 | 13. Mai 2019

Thanks for doing this. I also just installed it and will try it out after work. I love that my car records everything, but its a little bit of a pain to review the footage.

johnw | 13. Mai 2019

Glad you were able to post- thanks for setting up a separate thread from my Windows app.

derotam | 14. Mai 2019

Started using the app last night. I had a problem though that it wouldn't recognize the OTG thumb drive. It showed my SDCARD that was in the phone but doesn't see the drive with the OTG adapter. I can see the drive in the phone's file explorer though.

phinallydone03 | 14. Mai 2019

thank you.

snailboat | 14. Mai 2019

Interesting, I wonder if that's permissions-related. If you go into the app's settings (this screen: ) and then into Permissions and check off Storage, does that solve the problem? If not, it might help to know the device and OS version. Thanks for letting me know!

derotam | 14. Mai 2019

@snailboat.. Yeah that was the first thing I checked, Storage permission was off so I turned it on but no change.
Galaxy S7, Android 8(Oreo)

snailboat | 14. Mai 2019

Sometimes Samsung does its own things with the OS. I'll see if I can get my hands on a Galaxy S7 to figure this out.

SteveWin1 | 14. Mai 2019

Just tried it out over lunch. Works great. Thanks. I love being able to see all three feeds at the same time instead of having to watch each one separately. It would be great if they could be exported as a single stitched-together video -- paid feature maybe?

jefjes | 14. Mai 2019

Works fine and I like being able to review the clips in the car. I would like to be able to tap on 1 and it go full screen as the one johnw has for Windows but if I see something of interest, I can decide to save it for later viewing on the larger screen. Maybe a feature to actually be able to export a clip as an email attachment so it could be shared directly from the phone. Great app and I appreciate it.

gmkellogg | 14. Mai 2019

I haven't tried it yet, but I like the no nonsense startup. Pick a folder get to work. Why cant' more apps do this?

derotam | 14. Mai 2019

Looks like it decided to work on my second try just now. Working great now!

snailboat | 14. Mai 2019

@derotam - Good to know it's working for you now!

As far as feature requests:
I've got a feature to 'zoom in' on one selected video by tapping it working now and I'll deploy it in the next couple of days along with some other things as a 'premium' upgrade. I also have some enhancements for non-premium queued up. Does it sound reasonable to have the premium mode cost $3.99 if it includes all future 'premium' enhancements?

I am investigating the viability of the stitching feature as well, which I'd also include in 'premium'. If I can knock it out in a reasonable amount of time I'll definitely add it, because that would be awesome, but video editing isn't something I've done in Android before so I can't promise success.

1agkirk2 | 14. Mai 2019

$3.99 sounds reasonable

derotam | 14. Mai 2019

But free is MORE reasonable... haha

Cissell | 14. Mai 2019

Spectacular add, tyvm, works great!

SteveWin1 | 15. Mai 2019

yeah, I'd pay $4

Slonkis | 15. Mai 2019


snailboat | 16. Mai 2019

Just uploaded an update to fix some issues and add the ability to view the 'Recent' clips. Feedback (positive or negative!) is always welcome.

3onTheTree | 16. Mai 2019

Just downloaded. Excited to use it.

lbavier | 20. Mai 2019

I just got the app and have to go to work so not much time but I do get the files but can not select them

snailboat | 20. Mai 2019

Do you mean you see the events in the list in the app but nothing happens when you click them?

I think loading up the events from the flash drive is a little un-intuitive so I'm working on making it more convenient. If you're having trouble getting the folder selected on the first screen of the app, just click the Select a TeslaCam Folder button and navigate to the folder named TeslaCam. You don't have to go deeper and select an individual event folder or clip - it will parse all of the subfolders once you select the main TeslaCam folder.

hokiegir1 | 21. Mai 2019

FYI, @snailboat -- it looks like 2019.16.x changes the file type, which has caused issues for a couple other readers. Not sure if you had seen this yet, so if so, apologize for the duplicate info.

snailboat | 21. Mai 2019

Thanks for the heads-up! H.265 HEVC videos should theoretically be supported by all Android devices that are capable of running this app, but we will see. I'd hate to have to decode these videos manually.

PBEndo | 21. Mai 2019

This sounds great. Though my Teslas are too old to have sentry mode, I have experienced a situation where this would have been very useful. I was hit by another car and had the incident recorded on my dash cam. The other driver gave the police a false description of the events. Once I played the video for the police (by removing the microSD card from the cam and putting it in my phone) the police promptly wrote a ticket for the other driver. Being able to easily playback camera footage at the scene prevented a lengthy battle after the fact.

snailboat | 02. Juni 2019

I have confirmed that this does work with the newer videos from 2019.16+. Also, I updated the app yesterday with some bug fixes and new features (including premium mode).

bignoxorg | 27. August 2019

Can I install this app on my PC and use it with nox emulator ( because I do not have an Android device.

snailboat | 27. August 2019

You could run it via any Android emulator. It might be more convenient to use something like this (by a different developer) if you're using a desktop, though: