Autopilot Accident Avoidance - Camera footage of a nice maneuver - SoCal

Autopilot Accident Avoidance - Camera footage of a nice maneuver - SoCal

I was driving in the usual nightmare L.A. traffic, as I do everyday, on the 405 North bound.
I'm in the fast lane and the carpool lane is to my left. Some jackass in a truck was speeding
down the carpool lane and realized the people in front of him were slowing down quickly. I'm on autopilot
and you will see what happens. The car made the maneuver to miss him before I knew what happened.
Here's the dashcam and the left repeater.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Mai 2019

Very interesting. I had my doubts that the car would do this but..............................................

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Mai 2019

Our local news ran this TESLA stopping for a rabbit on the road a couple nights ago.

Not a rickroll ; )

lunde | 15. Mai 2019

It's hard to tell due to the resolution, but at the very end of the left camera view, it almost looks like that truck was struck by the truck that was behind it.

Joshan | 15. Mai 2019

I had my M3 do the same 2 weeks ago. Car in oncoming lane didnt see person with turn signal on and went around them to the LEFT!!! right into me....

The car moved out of the way before I could even react.

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

My car has made a few nice moves recently. This one was very aggressive though. Thank god there was no one next to me on the right because someone would have been hit. I was only doing around 35mph but still scary.

Effopec | 15. Mai 2019

@lordmiller - that's the huge advantage of AP. The computer already knows there's safe space to the right before the truck encroaches. If a person were driving and not fully aware (always keep your eyes moving...) they'd need to check their blind spot before making the evasive maneuver, which means hitting the truck. If there were a vehicle in the lane to the right I expect the AP would brake hard, but possibly still contact the truck.

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

I think I was looking in the right mirror at that second when I saw the truck start spinning, and before I did anything the car did it for me, pretty amazing in my opinion. I have been hit on that freeway before because some woman was on her phone. Everyday is an adventure on the 405!

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Mai 2019

Send the footage into the news station, see if they will run it.

SteveWin1 | 15. Mai 2019

agree with Effopec. I doubt it would have hit someone next to you. It probably only swerved because it knew doing so was safe. It would be cool if Tesla had our cars automatically upload stuff like this to use as marketing material, or even for use during investor presentations.

Joshan | 15. Mai 2019

Marketing material for a company that doesn't matket? :)

I agree with M8B, send it in to the news, see if they run it!

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

How do I send it to the news? Maybe I'll send it to Elektrek.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Mai 2019

Our local news station (the one I like most) is KTVU. They have a full website with contact info. including phone numbers for the news desk, email addresses, etc.

spuzzz123 | 15. Mai 2019

That's amazing. You are sure you didn't swerve yourself? I've had it slam on brakes before but don't know of an instance where it's actually swerved me away from trouble.

Joshan | 15. Mai 2019

I wish I kept my dashcam where it swerved. I deleted on accident :(

SteveWin1 | 15. Mai 2019

They do market. They just don't PAY for marketing. Twits, events, and YouTube creators....

spuzzz123 | 15. Mai 2019

@SteveWin1 and sometimes they do pay for it. How many free roadsters are going out?

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

@spuzzz123 Yes it did it by itself. As soon as it made the move I corrected it back because I didn't know who was on my right side. It has moved over by itself before while it was breaking. I'm going to save the videos every time something like this happens. I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this behavior.

Joshan | 15. Mai 2019

I have as I said above. For me it was even better as it avoided a head on accident from a guy doing about 50mph who decided to pass a stopped vehicle turning left on the LEFT side. This was a normal city 2 lane road.

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

@Joshan That's awesome. Would love to see the footage.

spuzzz123 | 15. Mai 2019

Holy hell is this factored into safety ratings and insurance premiums? I doubt it. If most Tesla owners aren't even aware of seriously significant safety features then third parties probably aren't. At the very least send it to Fred at Elektrek...he's published less impressive feats.

CharleyBC | 15. Mai 2019

@lordmiller, I think I know the answer, but just to be sure: You do not have HW3, right? That is, all of us have cars capable of this level of behavior.

I’m going to go home and hug Wattney for keeping us safe.

stopnair | 15. Mai 2019

Nice.. Thats the 405 and 101 interchange area...ridiculous traffic there always..

SteveWin1 | 15. Mai 2019

This is the point where it becomes unsafe to let humans drive in some situations. As OP said, he took over and swerved back to the left. The car probably knew there was nobody to the right and it was safe to swerve that way, but OP didn't because he doesn't have eyes on the back and sides of his head like the cars do. OP, can you post the video of the right camera, or at least review it yourself and tell is if there was anyone there that was at risk of being hit by the rightward swerve?

Williamticknor | 15. Mai 2019

I agree. This is definitely news worthy and excellent marketing. Heck I already sent it to a friend of mine (an engineer who is an autopilot naysayer) and to my wife (who is a future Model Y driver). KTLA seems like a good candidate.

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

spuzzz123 I sent it to Fred. CharleyBC not on HW3, EAP from a February purchase.
SteveWin1 I looked at the right camera, the car on that side was quite a ways back, thank god.

casun | 15. Mai 2019

very cool.

Bighorn | 15. Mai 2019

At autonomy day, Elon talked about allowable space or some similar phraseology that was important in solving FSD. I'm sure the car knew where it could and could not go to make an evasive maneuver. I've never seen so many backward and upside down cars as in CA.

bcb2220 | 15. Mai 2019

tweet to elon

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

Teslarati just tweeted it out, maybe Elon will see it.

M3NOICE | 15. Mai 2019


Were you using only TACC or steering as well?

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

TACC and Autosteer!

kcheng | 15. Mai 2019

Weird spin by the Chevy truck. No oil on the road. His right front locked up, while braking, and it spun 180. He had a ton of room to the SUV in front. Must have been the big rims and low quality of tires.

lordmiller | 15. Mai 2019

Anti-lock brakes at it's finest...... I mean worst!! I wish I could have asked the driver if he'd ever been in traffic before. I'm sure he was looking at his phone.

Mike UpNorth | 15. Mai 2019

Wow. That's amazing.
Great post.

TickTock | 16. Mai 2019

I can't really tell for sure but did the Tesla actually cross the right-hand lane marker or did it just swerve as far as it could while staying in it's lane. Did you upload the right-side camera feed?

walnotr | 16. Mai 2019

I have had my car swerve to avoid and obstacle while on AP. I was approaching a car in a left turn lane that had its right rear quarter over the solid line marking the turn lane. I had noticed the car and was monitoring how my car would react to the obstruction as I had already determined a straight line course on my part would have missed the offending vehicle. Apparently the Tesla felt it was too close for comfort and quickly steered to the right. As I was already alert to the situation, my torque on the wheel dropped my car into TACC and we continued on with out further mishap.

It was just one more marker in my confidence book we are getting ever so much closer to FSD. I tend to let my car have the opportunity to handle unusual traffic situations and have seldom had to take over, much to my wife’s chagrin at times! At the same time, the car is teaching me what it can and can’t do.

Still enjoying the ride!

charles.a.braun | 16. Mai 2019

I have a question for the OP or anyone else that has experienced an event like this:

Does auto steer remain engaged throughout the entire event or does it disengage at any point either before the evasive maneuver, during the evasive maneuver, correcting after the evasive maneuver or after correction?

I ask because when I have sensed other cars dangerously encroaching on my lane, I have reacted faster than AP I guess and my own evasive actions have disengaged auto steer in the process.