Aero or no Aero for city driving

Aero or no Aero for city driving

Most of the driving I do is under 55 MPH because a lot of it is around the city. Has anyone noticed a huge dip in the distance per charge they can travel if most of the driving is in the city?

Also, is there a search feature that's usable in this forum?

Kikujiro | 15. Mai 2019

Doesn't make much difference in city driving. If you live in an area with bad pavement, potholes, sport wheels do not make much sense.

neil.weinstock | 15. Mai 2019

Shouldn't have any noticeable difference. I took mine off after several months and consumption seems about the same, maybe *slightly* higher, and I do a lot of highway driving >65 MPH.

Take 'em off, if you're so inclined.

Stach | 15. Mai 2019

Here's a great table that compares all of the models at various speeds, wheels, aeros, etc...

bcb2220 | 15. Mai 2019

it's been shown that the aero wheels provide about 7-10% of efficiency. it's good for long road trips though. i took mine off 2 weeks after getting my car and been driving the car without ever since.

ADinM3 | 15. Mai 2019

Tire pressure, driving style, temperature and weather conditions dominant at slow speed. If most your driving is below 45 mph, you will find it hard to even do a controlled experiment to show a difference because of the above effects.

thedrisin | 15. Mai 2019

Do you do so much city driving in one day that you need the maximum range? Otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit.

johnw | 15. Mai 2019

Most actual tests I've seen are usually around the 5% range. Still 5% with 310 miles is more than 15 extra miles. At first I didn't like them but they've grown on me and I leave mine on all the time.

johnw | 15. Mai 2019

Search- nope. You can use google with added on the end. Works pretty well.

Frank99 | 15. Mai 2019

bcb2220 -
Have a link to those results? The most authoritative I've seen show perhaps a 3% range difference at highway speeds; I tested and found, at best, 1% difference.

No aero hubcaps on my wheels.

langolier | 15. Mai 2019
dmaini | 15. Mai 2019

It gets very noisy.. I put them back on.. much quieter

casun | 15. Mai 2019

no aero for any driving.

Daryl | 16. Mai 2019

@dmaini "It gets very noisy.. I put them back on.. much quieter"

Is it wind noise?

Daryl | 16. Mai 2019

I got my Model 3 about a year ago, and immediately bought the Aero Wheel Cap Kit. At first, I put the caps on for city driving, and put the Aeros on for highway trips. But after a while I realized that I like the look of the Aeros as well as the caps. They kind of make the Model 3 stand out, and look kind of futuristic.

I realize that it's a matter of personal taste.

johnw | 16. Mai 2019

@frank99- so I did a google and found a ton of hits for a 4.3% test. BUT they were all referencing the exact same video that Prolifk did in January. Sorry I thought I had more data points but apparently there's not much data out there for this. His own video admitted it was not very scientific. I withdraw my 5% claim. ONE data point that I saw showed 4.3% Your data shows <2%. It would be nice to get more real world results, but of course it's basically impossible to do this test because the temperature/wind/acceleration will never be the same between multiple runs.

lbowroom | 16. Mai 2019

Is it wind noise?

No, just the voices in his head

Mr. Spacely | 16. Mai 2019

I noticed no difference (other than it looks way better with them off. Who puts cheap plastic hub caps on a $60,000 car?)

lbowroom | 16. Mai 2019

Apparently you did ;-)

jimglas | 16. Mai 2019

my wife .....

PhillyGal | 16. Mai 2019

I literally just tweeted that "after pothole season comes repaving season"....

Having the lower profile sport wheels sounds like a disaster to me.

httran26 | 16. Mai 2019

I found no difference with them on or off for my commute to and from work. At lower speeds the added weight of the caps have minor impact on the range, but at higher speeds aerodynamics come into play. So in lots of stop and go traffic, I think it's better to have them off. For highway cruising, aero caps on.

I'm not sure what speed where things break even but I'm going to guess around 45mph.

walnotr | 16. Mai 2019

Mine come off for day to day driving but are still currently installed after my road trip as we have been doing some 100+ mile legs lately. They will come off once we get settled in to our more normal routine.

Do the Aeros make a difference? I have no definitive answer but figure they can’t hurt for road trips.

johnw | 16. Mai 2019

They weigh 1.5 lbs each (rounded up) for a total of less than 6 lbs. That's 1.4/1000th the weight of the car. In other words, at most they would cost 1.4 miles every 1000 miles of range due to their weight.

Worst case scenario with them on, say 1% gain, would mean an improvement of 100 miles for every 1000 miles of range, or net of 99...

If you want to eek out the most range, leave them on. If you don't like they way they look, take them off- pretty much sums it up.

Bighorn | 16. Mai 2019

Makes no sense from an efficiency standpoint to have them on.

httran26 | 16. Mai 2019

rotational mass is different from dead weight on the car. That's why the 19" wheels get less efficiency.

johnw | 16. Mai 2019

@hhtran26, oh good point. any way to calculate their approximate impact due to mass?

johnw | 16. Mai 2019

OTOH, I haven't heard of anyone saying they get less range with them on. I stand by my statement about range vs looks.

ADinM3 | 16. Mai 2019

At highways speeds they certainly do make a small improvement though many other effects like whether you have a 10 mph headwind or tailwind will have a larger impact. For city driving it really has no measurable difference. Suffice to say I also removed the covers after a little over a month when the car was new and haven't looked back. I actually think the covers look pretty good, at least for certain color M3s, but I also think the bare rims look even better. Maybe, if I was planning a coast to coast road trip in winter I might consider popping them back on, but otherwise not.