First refreshed ("Raven") Performance Ludicrous?

First refreshed ("Raven") Performance Ludicrous?

Given the posts in this forum and TMC forum, there have only been delivered 'Long Range' versions of the refreshed/Raven Model S. Has anyone received their Performance Ludicrous yet?

jeremyinthebay | 20. Mai 2019

Nope, and I’ve been scouring the Internet for any sign of one (outside of the 1 S and 1 X that supposedly were delivered). It is mind boggling to me that there are no updates of any kind, no real sign of movement, and if you go configure one today it still shows May delivery.

PPower | 20. Mai 2019

Yes I’m thinking exactly the same. Maybe the update in the production line with the new units took longer to implement than expected. But the first ones should be out to customers any day now.

rdalcanto | 20. Mai 2019

Ordered more than 3 weeks ago and still waiting for a VIN....

Jimdow | 20. Mai 2019

I'm in the same boat... Ordered 4/25, still no VIN. Sold my 2016 P100D last week.
I did hear from a Tesla employee that the new P100DL was going to be quicker 0-60 and thru the quarter mile due to a more powerful front motor and more efficient inverter. Won't be too much longer before we know for sure.
I'm hoping for more range, better handling with the new suspension and less road noise from the 21" tires.

aimeecoleman888 | 20. Mai 2019

Ordered 4/27, also still impatiently waiting...

aimeecoleman888 | 21. Mai 2019

I just spoke with Nashville SC and was told that Tesla is in the Performance production phase for North America and that they had had one person receive their VIN for a Performance S. I’m still waiting but hopefully not too much longer.

jeremyinthebay | 21. Mai 2019

Lots of people waiting (look at the forums). I’ve tweeted at Elon and Tesla AND paid to promote it, please like, comment, and retweet to help drive awareness and hopefully action.

caseyjgarland | 21. Mai 2019

I ordered mine on April 28 and still haven't received my VIN.

aimeecoleman888 | 22. Mai 2019

I ordered 4/27 and just got tentative delivery date of 5/29. No VIN yet.

Hart | 22. Mai 2019

@aimee - Did you get the 3K price reduction?

Jimdow | 22. Mai 2019

I received a net 2k reduction which is the correct amount. Still waiting for a VIN.

aimeecoleman888 | 22. Mai 2019

I got 2k knocked off after requesting it. Also had delivery date moved from 5/29 to 6/8...

Tropopause | 23. Mai 2019

Just saw a truck full of the new model S performance models. On the back it says Dual Motor with an underline.

PPower | 23. Mai 2019

Cool. That answers the question about badge on the performance model.

lawman | 23. Mai 2019

Where did you see the truck?

PPower | 23. Mai 2019

Did you see any rear carbon spoilers?

Boonedocks | 23. Mai 2019

Were they headed to Georgia :):)

jeremyinthebay | 23. Mai 2019

There is one that just arrived on the showroom floor at Santana Row (San Jose) and it has a carbon spoiler.

Boonedocks | 23. Mai 2019

Do the carbon spoilers come off easy or are they drilled / permanent? I have a P+L on order and don’t care for the spoiler look at all

PPower | 23. Mai 2019

I’m pretty sure it’s just 3M tape that you can carefully heat and then use a thin thread to remove it. Maybe there’s a how to guide on YouTube.
I’m like the sporty look it adds to the car so I’m definitely letting it stay on the car :-)

Boonedocks | 24. Mai 2019

PPower thanks for the YouTube idea I totally didn’t go that direction but I am sure you are right.

As I said in another thread I much prefer a “wolf on sheep’s clothing” car but I have a feeling those red calipers are going to be a dead giveaway. I matter what - hahahahaha

Boonedocks | 24. Mai 2019

Tesla has today added the Carbon Interior trim back to the order site. Oddly enough it now also specifically states that the in car infotainment system comes with ONLY 1 year of free service. When I ordered mine in April there was no mention of a one year service pre-paid….

Jimdow | 24. Mai 2019

@Boonedocks... where does it state ONLY 1 year of free service. Does that mean that the 4G LTE service will be billable after the first year?

Boonedocks | 24. Mai 2019

@Jimdow Go to "Design your Model S" and when you get to the interior section look 1/2 down on your right.

"Premium Connectivity (1 year included):
Satellite maps with live traffic visualization
In-car internet streaming music and media
More frequent over-the-air updates via cellular
Internet browser"

Jimdow | 24. Mai 2019

Got it.. thank you
Tesla Sales Rep in Miami told me this has actually been in effect for more than one year
She also told me the annual renewal cost is about $100
She told me she has many customers waiting for VIN’s on refreshed S and X models

Boonedocks | 24. Mai 2019

Yep and that $100 is well below just adding it to my AT&T account and it has no max usage to I don't have a problem with it.

Boonedocks | 24. Mai 2019

Not a phone call txt or peep from anyone but I did notice that my Ludicrous fee is $20,000 is now showing up as a “Price Adjustment -$20,000” now. That’s something showing progress I lol

PPower | 25. Mai 2019

This is apparently one of the first (Raven) Performance Ludicrous owners. You can see the Dual Motor (underline) badge and a carbon spoiler.

Tropopause | 25. Mai 2019

10.6 1/4 mile is good but I'm more impressed with 127mph trap speed.