Viewing Sentry Mode videos on iOS with SSD HD question

Viewing Sentry Mode videos on iOS with SSD HD question

Hi everyone. I have a 60GB SSD HD that is used to record video for Sentry Mode. I have a lightning to USB adaptor but when I plug in the HD, my phone says it does not have enough power to view the files. Is there some sort of power adaptor that I can get to power the HD via a USB so I can view these? It is almost like I need an adaptor that separates the power and data functions from my SSD adaptor vs having it all in one. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

EVRider | 04. Juni 2019

Even if you solve the power problem, you might not be able to view the videos on iOS unless your SSD has an app that lets you view files. For example, the Apple USB to lightning adapter uses the Photos app to display content, and I’ve read some reports that Photos is not compatible with TeslaCam videos.

gmr6415 | 04. Juni 2019

@tbevivino, Is there a place on the SSD to externally power it?

I use the Sandisk Connect Wireless 200GB stick, and I can connect through WiFI, LTE or a web browser and play the files on my iPhone with no special apps.

The down side is you have to first unplug the stick from the USB port in the car or you can't access it remotely. I've contacted Sandisk about the problem. They said it's a security issue. I asked why they couldn't leave the choice to connect while plugged in or not to the user. I haven't gotten a response.

It also had pretty slow write speeds, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.

alisse | 04. Juni 2019

I'm using the teslaUSB solution turning a rasperry pi zero w into a network connected USB stick. It's awesome. Got a kit on Amazon for $25 which included the board, case, heatsink and power supply. Granted it's not for everyone, but if you have any technical ability, it's a great solution.

tbevivino | 04. Juni 2019

Oohh, I like that Rasperry Pi idea...I have a few laying around. Also, I saw someone use an app called WitStick on iOS. Seems like it might be buggy but will get the job done. I guess the other idea is to get an external case and plug it in somehow. Thanks!

tbevivino | 04. Juni 2019

I just realized it does not work for the Pi3...still a cool idea though!

bradbomb | 04. Juni 2019

Well with the new iOS 13 update when it comes out in the fall, there will be support for plugging in flash drives directly to iOS. Its listed as a feature for both iPhone and iPad. For older iPads and for iPhones, you would most likely need the Lightning to USB adapter.

Kary993 | 04. Juni 2019

I am hoping in the future that Tesla will add some more intelligence to Sentry for viewing and uploading to the cloud or just locally in some manner. So much can be done and they have the direct access to the files...for example files could be air dropped for apple devices once you select the ones you want from the car screen. That would be cool!

CharleyBC | 04. Juni 2019

Maybe some future OTA update will give us an app in our cars where we can review the videos in an intelligent, coordinated way, similar to what folks have developed for Windows, OS X and the web. That’d be nice.

bmarkjones | 04. Juni 2019

That's what I'm hoping for also, @CharleyBC. I feel it's just a matter of time.

EVRider | 04. Juni 2019

@bradbomb: Can you elaborate on your comment about iOS 13? As far as I know, no existing iPhone or iPad has a port to read media without a lightning adapter, so it seems we would need more than an iOS update.

Kary993 | 04. Juni 2019

You can use a USB to lightening adapter for any USB SSD drive. iOS 13 will be able to read the files like the iPhone can today using an adapter for an SD or micro SD card using the iUSB app.

bradbomb | 04. Juni 2019

@EVRider Yes, my comment talks about the adapter needed. Yesterday, Apple had their Worldwide Developer's Conference and they announced iOS 13 and put it in beta. iOS 13 (iPadOS 13) will have support now for external media directly in the files app and the API will be open for apps to access directly any external media. So with iOS 13, if you plug in a USB flash drive, SSD, or HDD into this

It will now be readable on iOS in the Files App and you can play the media directly in there.

howard | 04. Juni 2019

Thanks Brad. Nice info!

EVRider | 05. Juni 2019

@bradbomb: Thanks for the clarification, sounds like that will solve the problem.

calvinrg | 03. Oktober 2019

FYI here, I just updated my Cam Viewer app to support Tesla Software v10 so you can view all four angles at the same time on your iPhone. It requires iOS 13 and the USB 3 to lightning dongle.

bEEar | 14. Oktober 2019

@calvinrg I’m very interested in your app! Do you have any USB drive recommendations though? I have 3 different flash drive types, two from Sandisk and one from Samsung, and all 3 say “Cannot Use This Accessory ... This accessory requires too much power” when plugged in.

Or maybe I need a different adapter? I’m using Apple’s lightning to USB adapter currently. Not the one with an additional lightning port for power. If that is the case, do you have to actually supply power to that other adapter for this to work?


bEEar | 14. Oktober 2019

I think I answered my own question. You do seem need to supply power to use any (of my at least) USB drives on the iPhone. Instead of getting the other adapter though I was able to figure out a workaround using a USB hub and splitter. Not great but works...

tbwnm | 14. Oktober 2019

Yes, I had the same question. Here is my post from the Tesla Motors Club Forum. Didn't get an answer but assume at this point you need a powered adaptor. The one in the link works.

"Further to my earlier post regarding the playback of Tesla Cam footage from a Samsung T5 SSD on an iPhone, I tried the Apple USB C plugged into the SSD drive to Lightning cable plugged into the phone but this also did not work. Have to conclude at this point that there is insufficient power coming from the iPhone to power an SSD drive and an additional power adapter like this one is needed:

You can use one of the rear USB power sources in the M3 to power this adaptor with a USB to lightning cable. However, this set up is pretty cumbersome (not to mention the power adaptor is another $40 expense). Is an additional power supply required if your using micro SD and wish to view the footage on your iPhone or can the micro SD be plugged directly into the iPhone?"