Hey, Denver area peeps, who do you recommend for tinting?

Hey, Denver area peeps, who do you recommend for tinting?

I've never had tinting done on any of my cars, but my wife keeps asking me to do this. So . . . If you're in the Boulder/Denver area, who do you recommend? And, what should I know that I probably don't know about this process?

Thanks for your help and guidance!

howard | 13. Juni 2019

All American Window Tinting is the best in town. Numerous cars and trucks done over the last 10+ years. Carry all brands but I had Huper Optik Ceramic done. They do a lot of Teslas and are very careful with water penetration especially since I had the front windshield done as well.

2155 W Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80223

Pierogi | 13. Juni 2019

Hey jwins: I used Colorado Detail

They do a TON of Model 3s, including mine that I had tinted with Rayno S9 @ 30% and they did an awesome job. Not the most convenient for Boulder, but it's worth the effort to use them. They will do a great job!

There's not much to know about the tinting process. I just got the side glass / doors done. I didn't get additional tinting on the roof glass or back. I paid $370 and the work was done the same day I dropped it off. The tinting makes a ton of difference in keeping the car cooler and more comfortable while driving.

howard | 13. Juni 2019

Sorry I did not realize I had the phone number wrong. 303-936-1362

jwins | 13. Juni 2019

Great feedback, @howard and @Pierogi. Thanks so much! Thanks for the cost info, too, Pierogi. I'm definitely a neophyte here. I appreciate the help guys!

Kirbster | 16. Juni 2019

I’m really happy with the work Brodie at Deco Tint in Arvada did. I got PPF on the front half, ceramic coating, and ceramic tint.

mark | 29. Juni 2019

I'd also highly recommend All American Window Tinting in Denver. They did an excellent job with my Model 3. Very professional and high-quality work, I can tell they are quite experienced with this car.

calebsommer | 05. September 2019

Did any of you guys get your back window tinted?

howard | 05. September 2019

Yes 40% all side windows, back hatch and roof. 80% on windshield.