Tesla Charging “5 min” = Infinity

Tesla Charging “5 min” = Infinity

Well an hour anyway. Wanted to do a full charge to 310(?) miles. It’s been sitting at “5 minutes” for about 40 minutes. The Miles/hour was down to 5 but it stopped at 308 miles for full charge. I thought it would charge higher on miles as the car says I’m in the 109% efficiency for driving so I was expecting full charge to show 325 range.

Tesla should make it more accurate and show increasing time as it nears full charge. If it said “40 minutes to full charge when it got to 80%” it would give people charging to full for whatever reason a good time estimate and it would let others an incentive to move on. | 15. Juni 2019

It's very hard to estimate that last few percent of charge, and can take an hour or more for that last 1% or so. I think timing estimate is fairly accurate up to 95% or so, Not sure I've ever charged to 100% at a Supercharger. Now with an 80% limit on many Superchargers, the timing should be accurate.

Daryl | 15. Juni 2019

I saw that "5 min" notice too while charging this week (2019.20.1 firmware).

I was at Kettleman City, about 20% charge, and the charge rate wasn't very high, but my phone app said 5 minutes remaining.

I stopped and restarted charging, and eventually the "time remaining" became valid.