Has anyone bought the Tesla Wireless Phone Charger?

Has anyone bought the Tesla Wireless Phone Charger?

Hi, I bought the Tesla Wireless Phone Charger ( and for the life of me can't make it work. It's a combination Qi-enabled wireless phone charger and a battery, but I can't seem to be able to charge it. I've tried two different cables and two different USB chargers but there is no indication that it's charging nor do the %-charged status lights change after hours of charging. I even sent the first one back to Tesla and ordered a second one with the same result.

Has anyone purchased one of these and had it work successfully for them? I'd appreciate your help. Thank you.

Getting Amped Again | 19. Juni 2019

I figured this out. The printed instructions are a little confusing. Use the USB-C port to charge the battery and the USB-A as the power output from the battery.

JenniferT | 21. Juni 2019

no, not yet

andy.connor.e | 21. Juni 2019

if i buy the wireless charger, it'll almost be like owning a Tesla.