Vending Machines and/or toilets at all Superchargers

Vending Machines and/or toilets at all Superchargers

The Supercharger in my city, Colorado Springs in the US state of Colorado, is in a parking garage. It does not have a toilet/restroom nor does it have any snacks or drinks.

I am very glad that we even have one in our city, but I wish that there was a toilet there. Many businesses that surround it do not offer public toilets/restrooms, a necessity some of the times that I go to Supercharge with a full bladder and/or bowel, among other issues.

To add to the experience of Supercharging, it would be great to have vending machines at all Superchargers. They would greatly help out during road trips and routine charging sessions, for those dependent upon Superchargers for whatever reason. Vending machine services would also help to serve as a great way to bring in a little revenue while the vendors serve as surveillence for the Superchargers.

By the way, I am one of those who are dependent upon Superchargers until my house is rewired between now and September.

jennifermontgomery84 | 28. Juni 2019

By the way, the reason why I stated toilets and/or vending machines is because I know some locations like the one in my city most likely cannot fit toilets into the space that the Supercharger occupies, like a parking garage in our case. While a toilet may not always be possible, vending machines seem like they would be possible at all of them, because of the durability of all vending machines as well as their compact nature.

bp | 28. Juni 2019

Most superchargers are located near restrooms - usually in restaurants or hotels.

Though those are usually available only during business hours, so some research on projected charging stops might be worthwhile when planning a long drive.

And we've found one supercharger location where the nearest restroom was in terrible condition and don't plan to ever stop their to charge - reviews on plugshare can help identify those.

While Tesla has done a great job in getting coverage for the supercharger network to enable long distance travel, as more EVs are sold, hopefully we'll see the long distance charging networks expand, and provide better coverage, especially for restrooms or food/beverage outside of normal business hours.

David N | 28. Juni 2019

It’ll take some time (many many years) to incorporate restrooms and vending machines. In the meantime, simply plan to stop somewhere (gas station/fast food) before pulling into SC to charge, problem solved.

EVRider | 28. Juni 2019

I’m guessing the vast majority of superchargers (in the US anyway) have access to both restrooms and food, but I’ll leave it to our resident supercharger expert Bighorn to weigh in on that.

I have to wonder why the lack of a restroom and food are an issue for a supercharger located near your home.

rxlawdude | 28. Juni 2019

@bp must be talking about Quartzsite, AZ. Yech.

Tesla2018 | 28. Juni 2019

If a supercharger had a bathroom, then Tesla would need people to clean it and take care of it. Thats why they put them near restaurants that are open 24hrs. The nearby businesses get customers from Tesla and Tesla doesnt need to hire people to maintain the superchatger areas.

I just stand behind the car and take a leak if there are no nearby restrooms.or use a Big Gulp cup and wear sweatpants with an elastic wasteband on major roadtrips when I drive 1000 miles a day stopping just once for gas. Its gross but I put out less urine on the grass than the hundreds of dogs that use pet relief areas at reststops along the highway every day! Also have a cooler with premade sandwiches snacks and drinks for long trips.

sbeggs | 29. Juni 2019

Easier for men than women, not having any restroom at a supercharger that is, for example, located at a service center which is not open in the early morning hours, or on Sundays when we like to travel. Also, have experienced frustration at malls which do not open before ten or eleven, and restrooms are locked.

Portapotties would be more than sufficient!

Tesla2018 | 29. Juni 2019

Sbeggs Years ago I was driving with my brother late at night and we were about 10 miles from home and he had to go to the bathroom but couldnt wait. We drove by a new home site that was being built and it had a port a poti in front of it that the construction company had set up. He stop and used it.

Bighorn would probably know best but arent most superchargers in populated areas that have gas stations or stores or hotels that are around them? I drive between FL and Canada frequently and the only isolatrd place is when I took the Cape May Ferry to Lewes Delaware and then had to drive a few hundred miles on 17? to get on I95. Nothing but Bible Churches and Pecan Pie stands and the nearest McDonalds or food places were an hour apart. Forget Chargepoint locator websites, someone needs to make a piss point application to gind public restrooms :)

jordanrichard | 02. Juli 2019

While it may be frustrating to have local businesses closed when you are supercharging before/after hours, the last I checked gas stations are not exactly open 24/7 either. So how on earth did one get by before?

As for putting in porta-potties, you are forgetting that Tesla would have to get permission to do such and there my be zoning issues against having what is considered a temporary structure, sitting there permanently. Then of course there is the expense of having someone cleaning them out. That of course is EXACTLY what I want to hear/smell when charging my car, a septic truck cleaning out a porta-potty.

andy.connor.e | 02. Juli 2019

Tesla is offering you fast charging where no one else is. They do not offer toilets.

rxlawdude | 02. Juli 2019

This crap has me pissed off.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 02. Juli 2019

It would be super convenient to have some Super Chargers at rest areas. Are there some cons that I’m overlooking? I don’t hear any discussion about this anywhere so I figure I must be overlooking something obvious.

sbeggs | 02. Juli 2019


jordanrichard | 02. Juli 2019

Here on the East coast there are a number of superchargers at rest areas. In MD at both rest areas on RT95, at the only rest area in DE, presently at two rest areas in NJ, the North and Southbound Milford, CT (RT 95) rest areas and soon the Fairfield CT rest areas (North and Southbound sides RT95). Then there is the two rest areas in NH (North and Southbound sides).

Like any desired location, it is not simply a matter of Tesla just putting them where they want. They have to get permission from both the property owner and the local town zoning board.

Techy James | 03. Juli 2019

@Tesla2018 while a Majority might be in areas with 24 access facility nearby, that is not true for all the locations. I have taken the 2 Long distance trips in the 7 months I have owned my Model 3, and it was a good thing I was traveling during the day on each of the trips, had I been traveling off hours I know of at least 4 locations there wouldn't have been anything in the near vicinity to use while I waited on my car to charge.
@jennifermontgomery84 There is nothing wrong with using the Supercharging network till you can get access to local charging in your home.

Tesla2018 | 03. Juli 2019

I mentioned a few years ago that the frunk area could be redesigned and a portable toilet could be installed. Just remember to put the lid down when you are done and be sure to dump you tank when driving in front of a diesel pickup since no one would notice the smell.

rhj | 05. Juli 2019

Use the San Fransisco or LA option

SCCRENDO | 05. Juli 2019

Agreed. Much better than the Redneck Florida option.

Tesla2018 | 06. Juli 2019

Too bad I cant post pictures.
A toilet seat and lid fits perfectly inside the frunk!