95000 cars is a line without gaps nearly 300 miles long, and other stats

95000 cars is a line without gaps nearly 300 miles long, and other stats

Recharge before pulling out to pass, because there are no gaps in between.It roughly equates to a full charge and driving aggressively to pass them all it is doubtful if you would make it.

A years production at the intended rate will stretch coast to coast USA, driving with a small gap.

They will be choofing out at one a minute. Not counting China.

Do you have any cute stats of your own?

greg | 02. Juli 2019

95,000 cars represents more than about 7.5 GWh in cells. Depending on mix of Models and battery packs.

So a years worth is about 30GWh - right now Panasonic can't make more than about 25 GWh, leaving a shortfall of packs.

So either Tesla has to increase the cell/pack manufacture by about 2/3rds of a quarter or it has to sell a shitload of Model 3 SR/SR+s.

Ross1 | 03. Juli 2019

Thanks Greg, that is very relevant. Tesla in China will not be importing cells from USA, so the new tech will be sharedaround. Methinks every major cell manufacturer could sooner or later be producing cells to the Tesla standard. Read Maxwell..
My thoughts on why EM has dialled back the Roadster 1-60 from 1.9 to 2.1 is because the new cell structure is not ready. Perhaps he intended solid state batteries for Roadster 2.0.

Anyone else?

Ross1 | 03. Juli 2019

Roadster cell structure and Semi are possibly aligned, as I see from the enormous "impossible" range for both. I imagine new tech is expected. But may not be ready.

greg | 03. Juli 2019

Elon dialled back the Roadtser 2.0 specs as he doesn't have to promise sub-2.0 0-60 times, no one else is offering to go there yet.

I think Elon is keeping the Roadster 2.0's powder dry. He can turn up the dial down the track. May also be a health and safety thing - too much G force might make it harder to get certified.

Also he knows the Cold-Gas thruster package will give the car a *vertical* or *horizontal* 0-60 time of well under 2.0 seconds.

Imagine that kind of smackdown to any ICEs that wanna beat the Roadster 2.0 - a VTOL Roadster 2.0!

Leap over road crashes in a single bound!

Ross1 | 03. Juli 2019

Moving this to Model 3 thread

dsvick | 03. Juli 2019

Assuming an average of 12,000 miles a year and 35 mpg that 32,571,428 gallons of gas that won't be needed.

JAD | 03. Juli 2019

Dsvick, you are being very generous with your 35 mpg. With all my previous cars, getting a real world 20 mpg was a challenge. Using that it is around 50 millions gallons saved.

jjgunn | 03. Juli 2019

I had a Toyota Yaris that got 35 MPG :-)

hokiegir1 | 03. Juli 2019

@JAD -- we'd have averages out, because I had 45-50mpg prius for awhile. ;) Of course, we also have the 22mpg Santa Fe and the 13mpg diesel dually (which we call the anti-Tesla).

JAD | 03. Juli 2019

@hokie, exactly and the best selling vehicle every year, Ford F150. I think there are more sub 20 mpg cars than the 35 mpg cars, so the average is pretty close to 20 mpg I think. Especially in the 'premium' market that Tesla plays in.

Either way, it is a LOT of gas and a step toward cleaner air...

dsvick | 03. Juli 2019

@JAD - "Dsvick, you are being very generous with your 35 mpg."

Probably, but my last car was a Corolla :) And, you're right, either way it's a lot of gas!!

apodbdrs | 03. Juli 2019

As a comparison, my Tesla model 3 gets 130 mpge, and has a 325 mile range. LOVE My Tesla!

Mike83 | 03. Juli 2019

Using electrons from our solar panels we did NOT use about 3000 gallons of gasoline. Gasoholics no more.

Kary993 | 03. Juli 2019

I was reading an article today about Iran and there was a video attached about the history way back when....US was involved in a coup to overthrown then another , then another in Iran. Very good refresher as few people know what happened 50 years ago there. That said, we would not even being worrying about Iran if we didn't want the oil....yes the nuclear thing is there but much more recent than all the oil stuff.

I hope one day soon our government starts actively encouraging EV's, solar, and batteries to reduce oil dependence far not much unfortunately.....

CharleyBC | 03. Juli 2019

Good stuff, @Kary993. Californians (and others) interested in their ability to use solar may be interested in this group:

rdclark53 | 03. Juli 2019

300 miles of cars is 300x longer than the mile of cars in the movie "Used Cars" with Kurt Russell and Jack Warden.

quinney | 03. Juli 2019

I'm just glad the cars are without gaps.

eurekaa987 | 03. Juli 2019

thanks for the info dude

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 03. Juli 2019

They said “styles” of cars and then that guy edited the tape for Roy L Fuches. They still made a cool mile, though!

Hal Fisher | 03. Juli 2019

I think i can go about 120 miles on about 3/4 tank (10 gals) in my ‘67 chevelle. It even has a 4l80e overdrive! But my tree hugging days are over. Those trees will have to find another source of CO2 (and unburned hydrocarbons haha).

SalisburySam | 04. Juli 2019

My huge V8 1964 Ford Thunderbird with its ultra-inefficient 3-speed auto transmission gets about 8 or less mpg. It’s a hell of a ride though for the 200-300 miles I drive it per year. Then there’s my LR RWD Model 3. And the 2012 LEAF.

NKYTA | 04. Juli 2019

@Salisbuty, definition of anachronism?

;-) ;-)

carlk | 04. Juli 2019


There's no change of Roadster spec. What you've seen was a misquote.

bj | 04. Juli 2019

@carlk - the 2.1 sec acceleration for the Roadster is correct - for 0-100 km/h, which is what the rest of the world uses.

dragontattoo987 | 27. Juli 2019

Okay thats interesting