Range Anxiety-How close have you gotten to 0%/0 miles?

Range Anxiety-How close have you gotten to 0%/0 miles?

I make a regular drive out to the coast from Seattle that is 139 miles. I usually make sure I've got 200 miles or more left on the battery before taking off. By the time I make it there, I can have anywhere from 30 to 50 miles left on the battery, depending on time of day and outside temperature.

Today I left with only 170 miles on the battery and had 17 miles left on the battery when I made it to the destination and plugged it in. My range anxiety was kicking in, and I was really hoping the battery readout was right so I didn't need a tow.

What is the lowest you've allowed your battery get to while out and about?

Bighorn | 03. Juli 2019

Minus 5

rajan900 | 03. Juli 2019

Low levels of charger are bad for the battery unless I'm mistaken?
So for me I wouldn't personally let it get that low on purpose and charge a bit before or on the way

posinator | 03. Juli 2019

6 miles to empty with 14 miles to go to get to the primm nv sc, arrived with 11 miles to empty (good thing the last stretch is downhill)

Lonestar10_1999 | 03. Juli 2019

I was at 30 miles remaining on my SR+ when l arrived at work and plugged in, no problem. The range anxiety set in on the way to work when the battery icon bar graphic changed color from green to yellow.

CharleyBC | 03. Juli 2019

The car was showing 13 miles remaining with 17 miles to the next Supercharger. Yeah, negative. But those 17 miles were blessedly downhill. Arrived with 7 left.

@Bighorn, really? Does it actually show negative? Or just you were at 0 for five miles... Either way. :)

Bighorn | 03. Juli 2019

The latter. Technically, I’ve arrived closer to zero on the positive side, though those weren’t as memorable. Especially since the negative “charge” was arriving alongside Elon Musk and family.

CharleyBC | 03. Juli 2019

"arriving alongside Elon Musk and family."

Selfie needed!

Bighorn | 03. Juli 2019

Elon hid out in a support vehicle. Long chat with his bodyguards who totally lied about the sitch. Saw one of his sons, though I did get a pic of Elon and his wife as they drove by in the next SC town.

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Juli 2019

Isn't 0% why they have the flatbed of shame?

Maxxer | 03. Juli 2019


casun | 03. Juli 2019

if memory serves, 6%.

gmr6415 | 03. Juli 2019

4% with the closest SC 12 miles away, so I should have gotten there with close to zero. I drove below highway speeds and made it with no problem. The battery indicator was still showing 4% when I arrived. Trust your on screen navigator.

BuffaloBillsFan | 03. Juli 2019

8% on my first drive home from the Tesla Store in Raleigh. Drove like a maniac until I realized I might not make it all the way home. I try not to let it go below 20% now.

ST70 | 03. Juli 2019

3 miles

beaver | 03. Juli 2019

10 miles, I was on track for 3 but when I turned on NAV to SuCher the arrival charge went up likely due to letting the battery warm up (so no compressor to cool the battery and warmer battery has higher range). It’s a trick I have used before. If you are getting low to home NAV to a Supercharger (but just drive home).

vmulla | 04. Juli 2019

:) best be silent about this.

2015P90DI | 04. Juli 2019

0 Miles with 23 miles to go to the supercharger and I MADE IT :-) !

Very, very, very stressful though! And pissed me off as I had left my location and nav said I'd have 26% when I arrived. Then it dropped to 19%, still no biggie. Then with about 80 miles to go, it just started plummeting for no apparent reason. Soon came the "stay below 60" warning, then 50 warning, etc, etc. Prior to that, have always reached my destination within 10% of the navigation estimate that is reflected about 20-30 minutes into the trip (after it adjusts for your driving and conditions). Still no clue why that one time it was so far off.

steveishere | 04. Juli 2019

13 miles, so around 4%?

neilhamrin | 04. Juli 2019

Two times the first fall (2014) with modelS. About ~8 the first and ~2 the second. Wife was not happy so have made sure no repeat. And with model 3 easy to avoid.

Lonestar10_1999 | 04. Juli 2019

This thread makes me wonder whether anyone has depleted the charge so much that they damage the car. The user manual warns against this.

Nobody would be proud to admit they damaged their own vehicle, but it would be helpful to know what Tesla needed to do to repair the damage and how expensive was the repair.

jjgunn | 04. Juli 2019

8% - piece of cake.

Seeing people post 0% or in @Bighorns case negative.....

Good can it be negative & still move?!?!?

I always do a calculation in my head when Nav tells me what I'll arrive with & how many miles traveled including uphill. I know that going from 100ft to 5k-6k....uses double the battery, from my trip Roseville, CA to Tahoe. 85 actual miles uphill 50%-55% battery used in MX (100 kW pack) at 69 MPH with Temp about 81 degrees F.

With the M3 you get better efficiency but also have a smaller pack (75 kW). YMMV

FISHEV | 04. Juli 2019

Lowest I did was 37 miles and that was on purpose, did a long range test of 200+ miles and then circled the SuperCharger. I started getting warnings about stuff no working so that's when I plugged in.

"Then with about 80 miles to go, it just started plummeting for no apparent reason."

That's the conflict between the Rated Range and the Estimated Range and why the last 50 miles (in your case 80 miles) are problematic.

My Rated Range is 310 and Estimated Range 295 but it uses the 310 on the screen. I've been tracking my miles/kWh because I'm dependent on SuperChargers so I deduct 10% since the actual range is 8% less than it shows.

Total kWh 804
Total Miles 3077
Actual Miles per kWh 3.83
Rated Miles per kWh 4.13

Even the Estimated Range of 295 put out by the car is a bit optimistic as actual recorded Miles/kWh of 3.83 would mean actual range of 287 vs. Tesla's 295 about 93% of rated range.

-TheJohn- | 04. Juli 2019

Still peddlin that paper eh FishHorn?

I've gotten down to 7 miles.

Bighorn | 04. Juli 2019

Still clueless after one long drive

Bighorn | 04. Juli 2019

Hit 250,000 miles on my Model S today, if anyone is curious about batteries and range.

FISHEV | 04. Juli 2019

Very. What size battery and what does StatsApp say is the car's reported degradation.

This is report from FISHEV on its degradation curve to date. What does your look like after 250k

abhi.the.knight | 04. Juli 2019

Just yesterday, I went as low as 3 miles just before reaching the work garage to plug it in.
It showed 2% when I changed display settings though.

About 6 months ago, I was on I-5 driving up from LA to the Bay area, and I made it to the huge Tesla pitstop at 3% (maybe 10 miles).
The first time I was getting anxious as it was a little chilly outside and it was like 20 days since I got the car. :-)

rob | 04. Juli 2019

This thread gives me more anxiety than my Tesla...
Now I need a Xanax and a glass of wine

2silkies | 06. Juli 2019

Got down to 0% and continued for another 6 miles to the supercharger. Model 3 screen stayed lit, no signs of any functions shutting down.

davelloydbrown | 06. Juli 2019

I am in Canada and my battery just shows percentage. I have had my model 3 for a year and have 38 k km (23 k miles). I live about 2 hours north of Toronto so once I leave Toronto I am on my own. I have been a little disappointed in the mileage algorithm's ability to predict my percentage charge upon arrival as it does not seem to adjust for driving style (fast driving) and cold weather. I have reached home a couple of times with 0% charge on my battery and it seemed ok except loss of some functionality. What I do now, especially in cold weather is charge at the supercharger until I have at least 20% expected battery when I reach my destination and when I get there I am usually at about 5%. I did have one situation where I was about an hour away from home and it was flashing that I would not make it home so I searched for chargers and found a destination charger at a local private ski resort and they let me charge enough to get home.

pcrz | 06. Juli 2019

7 miles remaining yesterday when I arrived at the SC in Evanston WY.

FISHEV | 06. Juli 2019

"I am in Canada and my battery just shows percentage."

You can change that to show miles. The miles shown will be the Rated Range miles so it tends to be optimistic.

"Total estimated driving distance (or energy) available. Instead of driving distance, you can display the percentage of battery energy remaining. To do so, touch Controls > Display > Energy Display > Energy (see Controls on page 91)."

ManuRandhawa | 07. Juli 2019

37 miles on RWD LR M3, I managed to pull over to a supercharger

vmulla | 07. Juli 2019

I win this one (actually Tesla does)

moabchick | 07. Juli 2019

I have also gotten “-5” like Bighorn. In December I was driving back to Denver from Houston. Gaining altitude and cold weather. I was 5 miles from the Childress, TX charger when I hit 0. Nothing happened! I made it to the charger without incident.

eandmjep | 07. Juli 2019

29 miles. But that was a deep cycle attempt and on way to work left at 50 arrived at 29. Charged for 8 hours at work.

Mauler | 08. Juli 2019

Guilty of giving too many rides @ a family gathering last Nov. & was 80 miles from SC. Made it with 6 mi range (~2%) remaining. The last 15-20 miles was a bit more stressful than I liked!

M3forMe | 08. Juli 2019

5 miles on my LR RWD.

Hkinkade | 08. Juli 2019

With the trip energy graph on display I’ve been able to arrive at superchargers with 5 or less miles often, without anxiety. Of course there was that time I ended up in a significant headwind, wife didn’t like the fact that drafting and below speed limit driving was required to reach destination ;-)

The energy graph can really be helpful if your one who likes a challenge, Feaher in your arrival range with speed, watch out for the invisible headwinds though.

Bighorn | 09. Juli 2019

Used to aim for 5% arrivals. Works until you hit a detour, closed scheduled exit or missed turn.

Kathy Applebaum | 09. Juli 2019

I've been down to 13 miles left in the 3, but in my Leaf I'd regularly pull into the driveway with 1 or 2 miles left on the guess-o-meter.

hokiegir1 | 09. Juli 2019

Lowest we've gone is 1% (about 3 miles). I prefer to keep it above 10%, though. We usually leave superchargers on trips with the expected next arrival at 20%, knowing it will drop to 10-15% depending on conditions.

reed_lewis | 09. Juli 2019

When I first got my Model S, I took it out near my house and went to 2 miles left just to see what would happen. The last I was low was coming back from a short trip where I got to 5% left because there was no super charger on the way, and no reason to go out of my way to charge for no reason.

With the new Model 3, we drove it to about 9% the past weekend because we had driven to CT, and came back and needed to go somewhere else before returning home. We could have added some range, but why do it when you do not need to?

reed_lewis | 09. Juli 2019

@bighorn - I agree with you on the cushion. You never know when there will be something that causes extra range to be needed. Of course I always have to explain to people that sitting in stop and go traffic is not an issue like an ICE. People seem to think that sitting still uses a lot of electricity, but as we know it does not.

The_Flash | 09. Juli 2019

7 miles. LR RWD

mingoglia | 09. Juli 2019

Hello everyone, this is my first post having gotten my car (M3P) 12 days ago. My VERY first charge, I got within 1 mile. I had 68 miles when I got to work, and was 16 miles from a SuperCharger. Since it was a new Tesla, several at work wanted to go for a ride. That brought me to 24 miles left. What I didn't take into account was the 16 miles was as the crow flies. The other variable was I was going to be driving in Friday Atlanta rush hour traffic. To make a long story short, I put it in Chill mode (in case that helps), and by the time I got to i75 I had 11 miles to get to the SuperCharger but only 13 miles of range. I got my speed down to 54 on the freeway. Anyone that knows Atlanta knows most drive 80+, particularly in the parts where there isn't traffic. I had one guy honk and several others riding my butt. I then arrive at Lenox mall and had to look for the SuperCharger. Pulled in with a mile to spare. Vowed to never do that again. My friends and family would have never let me forget that I needed to call a tow truck on my very first couple days owning an electric vehicle.

Techy James | 09. Juli 2019

I normally play the 20% rule of keeping the battery between the 20% and 80% SOC except when I know I will be driving extra miles then I might push the top end to the 90% mark. For normal driving extra 32 miles is normally enough.
The lowest I ever got it was on vacation going from one Supercharger to another, where I got the warning when I left to keep speed below 70 mph. The warning went away about half way to the distance to next stop, and when I arrived I was down to the 13% SOC or 43 miles of range. For trips I always try to have a 20% buffer if possible. When going to visit my family that is about 540 miles away the last charge is normally at the 300 mark on the map so I make on quick stop about 200 miles in the trip to get a boost of about 20% SOC before continuing. This trip normally end at destination where I have free destination charging with about 18% SOC. Having made this trip multiple times now, I start the trip with 90% SOC, 1st stop charge to 45% SOC, then 2nd stop charge to the 90% again.

Tuning In | 09. Juli 2019

13% (40 miles left) was my lowest ever and I had planned the trip have 20% by the time I reached my destination due to the unexpected.

The last 20% is really for emergencies and below that is bad for the batteries anyhow. That's when you have a lower cell voltage which means more amperage drawn and a lot more internal heat in the battery cells.

Life is unpredictable, and the last 20% I count on only for the unexpected things such as: needing to go to the ER, the destination's charging station is broken, you are forced to turn around or take a big detour because the road is shut down.

jithesh | 09. Juli 2019

7% on a long trip 2 days back but I was sure I would be in the Supercharger with >5% so took that chance. I followed the on screen advice of driving under 75 mph also.

It took me around 40 mins to charge from 7% to 90% in the supercharger.

LostInTx | 09. Juli 2019

Amarillo (by morning), Texas to Trinidad, Colorado. Temps were in the 30's and I was driving into a 20+ MPH headwind. Left Amarillo with 292 miles. The trip is 236 miles and I arrived at the SC in Trinidad with 3 miles remaining.