Updated Maps Not Downloading

Updated Maps Not Downloading

My Navigate on autopilot won’t work because it requires updated maps. My car is always connected to WiFi, but it doesn’t seem to be downloading. Anyone experience this and know how to fix it?

aix93 | 08. Juli 2019

I had that happen to our X last year. Your LTE card may need to be replaced. Make an appt. with the service center and have a Tech check it out.

rishabh0428 | 08. Juli 2019

I did that, the tech said it takes about 4 weeks after delivery and he can’t do anything! Super irritating!

EVRider | 09. Juli 2019

Which firmware version is installed?

bp | 09. Juli 2019

Recommend the OP contact Tesla's phone support about the issue. It doesn't sound right that it takes 4 weeks after delivery to get NOAP to work.

There is a delay while the AP software calibrates the sensors - but that should be done within the first day or two of driving.

All new vehicles should already have the latest software and maps loaded at delivery.

And if they don't the service center should be able to initiate the downloads themselves, even if it requires a visit to a service center or by a mobile service vehicle.

The 4 weeks delay might be true if a vehicle is queued up for delivery of the updates remotely - using LTE or WiFi.

nukequazar | 09. Juli 2019

@rishabh0428 I had the same problem and started a thread on it, linked below. Bottom line, after wasting a lot of time with Tesla service (multiple phone calls and failed Mobile Service visit), the Navigation Maps Update downloaded on its own when I left my MS in the garage connected to WiFi all weekend from Friday night to Monday morning without touching it. I now have Navigate on Autopilot working!

My car had been connected to WiFi overnight every night for almost a month, and even for 36 hours once with no luck. I've read that the update is a 6 GB file, and if the download is interrupted it will not continue on next connect but has to start over.

rishabh0428 | 09. Juli 2019

Right, but its been weeks and still nothing. I will schedule another apportionment. The service centers are NOT helpful AT all

nukequazar | 09. Juli 2019

Supposedly a service center can download the update locally from a laptop but I’m not sure if they are up to the task after my experience. Are you able to leave your car connected to WiFi unmolested for 48 hours or more?

rishabh0428 | 09. Juli 2019

Yes, but it hasnt updated anything.

nukequazar | 09. Juli 2019

I'm just curious... How is your car "always connected to WiFi?" You don't drive it?