Careful with your car during your schedule service appointments

Careful with your car during your schedule service appointments

I’m very disappointed in the Tesla repair shop at San Antonio, tx.
I love the staff don’t get me wrong. And they repaired my car but I found it extremely unprofessional for someone at the shop ( don’t know who) that took my car while it was in service to go shopping to TJ Maxx and how do I know this. The person left their purchases in my car!!! When I picked it up I saw a big bag of TJ Maxx stuff still with the tags on in my trunk and I know I did not buy those and no one drives my car but me. I had left the car overnight and next morning when my car was “ready” and I picked it up I saw the purchases that I had not done. I left it on Monday June 8th at 8 am and picked up on Tuesday June 9th at 1 pm.
I don’t think this is acceptable in any level.
As I said I get great service from the staff but unfortunately had this happen and I’m really disappointed.

This was really unprofessional.

jimglas | 11. Juli 2019

maybe it was a present for you?

Triggerplz | 12. Juli 2019

I agree very unprofessional they coulda at least when to Neiman Marcus :-)

Vawlkus | 14. Juli 2019

You ever stop to think that was another Tesla drivers purchases that they left in their car and that it was mistaken put in your car by a tech who wanted to be helpful?

Triggerplz | 14. Juli 2019


20854 | 18. Juli 2019


jimglas | 19. Juli 2019

free stuff!