Youtube I-Pace / Model 3 Comparison

Youtube I-Pace / Model 3 Comparison

I like "luxury" in my cars and was convinced I'd be buying the I-Pace once released. Had one of the first orders in, until......I finally got to see one in person and drove it, which unlike the Model 3 when it was released, was not an option we had. While the I-Pace was nice and I only had a short time with the car, it just did not give off a great first impression to me. Certainly wasn't the same looking as the prototype car I saw at the auto show. I cancelled the order and bought another Model 3 as my personal car.

In this video from Britain, they did a back to back test of the two cars. One of the turnoffs of the I-Pace for me was hearing about the real world range. I knew it would be less than just about any Tesla, but sounded like it would be under 200 miles.

I don't know what kind of test these guys did, but they said they tested the "real world" range of both cars. Was shocked to see the results, which come at the 22:18 mark of the video. Will definitely have to do so more research now to see if others are getting the same results. I know I certainly don't get 300 miles out of my car in "normal" driving. Probably could if I hypermiled it. But I've also never gotten the rated range in any of my Model S cars either, at least with my "normal" natural driving style.

Will be interesting to see what people think. This being a Tesla forum, naturally it will be one-sided, but curious to hear other's real world results in the Performance Model 3??

Atom12 | 14. Juli 2019

I think I beat that handily in my P3D-. Perhaps they did not have full regen?

vmulla | 14. Juli 2019

Didn't see the video, but what about these 2 cars is comparable?

jimglas | 14. Juli 2019

slower, less range, more expensive
definitely a tesla killer

gballant4570 | 14. Juli 2019

I routinely get better efficiency than the EPA range basis in my Model 3 - its a LR AWD config, not a P. I should qualify that by mentioning seasonal variation - my lifetime wh/m avg after the winter months (took delivery early Oct 2018) was 258, and has now dropped to 240. This time of year I see daily avg in the 200-210 range.

jimglas | 14. Juli 2019

my wife routinely gets better than rated range, I don't
I wonder why?

don.lind | 14. Juli 2019

test post - I'm getting a permissions error trying to post here.

BuffaloBillsFan | 14. Juli 2019

I will probably never get 310 miles of range on my M3P. I think it is the wheels and the fact that a lot of my driving is at 70+ mph. I am very very happy when my car gets 280 Wh/m. It is extraordinary when I get to 240 Wh/m, even for a short trip.

That worries me for when I head to our mountain cabin. The nearest supercharger is 133 miles away. And the trip is all uphill at 70 mph. If it wasn’t all uphill, I wouldn’t worry . . . But If I charge to 280, I should be able to make it to the charger in our cabin, right?

calvin940 | 14. Juli 2019

Shockingly, there was an I-pace at a meet up for a Tesla supercharger. Now the meet up was really about EVs than Teslas, but I never would have thought there would be an I-pace in my neck of the woods. They weren't from around here, but in the Atlantic Provinces. Anyhow, from CharleyBC's pictures I got a decent idea of what to expect with both the e-tron and i-pace cabins. After seeing an i-pace in person, my thoughts are only more strengthened that Tesla is waaay ahead. Totally hate the dash, consoles, buttons, and ugh, grill. Jeebus, what were they thinking.

I look forward to when the other car companies start coming around and actually developing real EV designs from the ground up.

jordanrichard | 14. Juli 2019

What Jag and other car makers are thinking is that they don’t want to scare off their customer base, hence the familiar styling and buttons.

calvin940 | 14. Juli 2019


Ya I get that. Ease them in. That will never be me, but it's all about the EV. Let's hope they eventually get the substance right then.

SnowZA | 15. Juli 2019

Some people like buttons. Some people don't. Just because you don't like the styling or ergonomics of a car doesn't necessarily make it a bad car - just think how boring the world would be if everyone wanted exactly the same thing. Someone who is going to buy an i-Pace or e-Tron quite possibly would never even consider a Tesla, in many cases simply because of the buttons. There will always be people who want the buttons. There are people who equate more buttons with luxury - they don't care if a car has a feature if they can't see a button for that feature.

While I much prefer the minimalist, clean approach, I don't begrudge them their buttons. I think that there is a market for both - just like in so many other categories. Rather give people a choice of EVs to buy, with the features (however irrelevant) that they want, rather than try to force everyone into the same mold.

kevin_rf | 15. Juli 2019

I miss the Prius's temperature up/down buttons being on the steering column.

calvin940 | 15. Juli 2019


Of course. It is personal preferencea that will direct people's dollars. There are also a lot of people that have bran loyalty so for some of them, Tesla will not be an option.

That's why they need to work on the overall capabilities and performance of the car so it can lure people away from ICE.

ODWms | 15. Juli 2019

Personally I don’t care for the screen or the buttons. I cannot imagine, for the life of me, why they don’t just have dials.

Both sides are really missing the boat here.

ben | 15. Juli 2019

I don't understand why all these car manufacturers even bother to make an EV that is more expensive, but inferior than Tesla. I wish someone can come out a better and cheaper EV than Tesla.

Joseb | 15. Juli 2019

What's the I-Pace range?

vmulla | 15. Juli 2019

ben | July 15, 2019
I don't understand why all these car manufacturers even bother to make an EV that is more expensive, but inferior than Tesla. I wish someone can come out a better and cheaper EV than Tesla.


They don't have a choice, they have to walk the same path that Tesla did. They also have the ICE baggage, and dealership baggage, and advertising baggage... You get the idea.

So you get a weak product that's pricier.

nwfan | 16. Juli 2019

@kevin_rf, I use right hand scroll wheel in my Model S to change temperature setting.
Don't we have the same function on the Model 3? Isn't the scroll wheels programmable?

Can't remember. Senior moment.