Charger separated when removed

Charger separated when removed

75d, 1.5 years. After charging, took it out and the section separated, leaving the distal portion inside the charge port...Port still closed, and i was able to recharge later by reinserting the other section. i then removed it, and miraculously it cam out together!!!!Weird, anyone have this happen???

colorczar | 16. Juli 2019

Yes, same thing happened to me (although the separated plastic had to be removed from the car by service). Charger (UMC) was then replaced under warranty at the service center.

hoffenberg | 16. Juli 2019

Mine has now come back together, wonder if i should try to epoxy it . | 16. Juli 2019

@hoffenberg - If in warranty, Tesla will replace it. I'm reluctant to suggest epoxy - if it spreads out from the break, it may make it impossible to fit the connector in, or worse, in might go in and not come out!

hoffenberg | 17. Juli 2019

Thanks....That would suck monkey nads

colorczar | 17. Juli 2019

Don’t attempt to repair it. It can fail “silently” in that, sometime in future you might end up with a small plastic charger part lodged in the car, which typically isn’t a problem if you’re using the matching plug from which it dislodged (I know this from experience, it works just fine) until you need to use another plug (eg. Supercharger) at which time, you cannot insert the other charger due to interference with the “foreign” object in the charge port, leaving you without a charge.