Wattney's first birthday

Wattney's first birthday

Or is it an anniversary? Anyway, one year ago yesterday we went to the Rocklin, CA Tesla store and picked up our LR RWD Pearl White baby. There's a point in our church service each week where the priest asks whether there are any birthdays or anniversaries this week. It took great self restraint to not mention Wattney.

It's been a great year! We have had exactly zero service or warranty issues. (Not counting I had to replace the right-side mirror as a result of a collision, but that's not Tesla's fault.)

Our poor Prius scarcely gets driven anymore. We take it out now and then to keep it alive, and when we need to haul bikes. Sooner or later we'll get a bike rack for the Model 3.

At the one-year mark, we're just a handful of miles short of 20,000. Neither of us has ever put that kind of mileage on a car before. (But the Prius has gotten less than 2,000 since Wattney arrived, so our total mileage is about the same.) In addition to all the normal local driving, there have been a bunch of trips around California, three to Salt Lake City and two to Portland. We love the car for the quick hops and especially for the longer road trips; we're heading to Salt Lake again next month, and I'm not sure whether I'm more excited about the family visit or the drive!

The car was magical on day one. It still is, but even more so. Look at all the features that have been added in the past year! Improved traction control. Dashcam. Sentry Mode. Navigate on Autopilot. Walk-away Lock horn. Romance Mode. And many more. From the frivolous to the practical.

What am I doing stuck in this office? I feel like going for a drive!

Happy birthday, Wattney!

rxlawdude | 15. Juli 2019

I think Wattney should have a glass of Red Barrel!

CharleyBC | 15. Juli 2019

"I think Wattney should have a glass of Red Barrel!"

I'm embarrassed I never thought of that!

rxlawdude | 15. Juli 2019

That's from a classic Monty Python bit about holidays.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Juli 2019

The machine of a dream, such a clean machine...................................

vmulla | 15. Juli 2019

In 10 days my car would be 19 months old. I'll do a year and a half review soon.

rxlawdude | 15. Juli 2019

@vmulla, we seem to have the same vintage - ours was delivered 12/28/17.

And it's been reliable as can be (37K miles), with a couple of software glitches that were easily remedied.

vmulla | 15. Juli 2019

Mine was delivered on 1/26 in Tyson's Corner VA. Vin 3100.

My car too was reliable as can be, I'm now at 40800 miles. Just the mileage should give folks an idea of how much I enjoy the car.

The car did have multiple build/warranty issues, but I'd say they are cosmetic/minor and NOT reliability related. AND I was happily ready to accept these to be one of the first to enjoy the car in the DC area, things worked out great!

I was super excited when I got my first Tesla, and enjoyed it for sure - but the 3 is something else, all these months and I'm still in awe at the vision.

vmulla | 15. Juli 2019

Correction- My car too was* reliable as can be

It is reliable, not was.

nwfan | 16. Juli 2019

Congrats. I think we have the best value Model 3 sold. I also have the LR RWD Pearl White 3 nearing 18 months
of ownership. Our cars are built to drive. Looks like you have done it with 20k in 1 year.

shank15217 | 16. Juli 2019

I remember PussyWagon's first birthday, she was a real looker. Red lips, white seatsz, fond memories.

shank15217 | 16. Juli 2019

I remember PussyWagon's first birthday, she was a real looker. Red lips, white seatsz, fond memories.

raqball | 16. Juli 2019

Happy birthday, Wattney! May you have many more!