"Schedule service" disappeared from app

"Schedule service" disappeared from app

Fairly new here, with a used 2014 S85. Have noticed that we are losing 1 rated Mike per hour, while the car is in the garage, so wanted to schedule a service appointment. Had to wait to be in good cell range, but once there, the "Schedule service" option was gone from the app.

rebooted phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, soft rebooted the car. Now at house with strong Wi-Fi, but still not an option. Any thoughts?

Boonedocks | 18. Juli 2019

Running Tesla iOS app ver 3.8.6 and “schedule appointment” Is available for both of our cars.

May have to email someone at Tesla for help. Sounds deeper than an app problem

The OG KP | 18. Juli 2019

Last 2 times I tried to schedule service via the app, it would not work. That was a couple of months ago and a couple of weeks ago.

EVRider | 18. Juli 2019

Are you sure you had the Schedule Service option before? Not every Service Center supports that option. See if your My Tesla account on the web gives you the option to schedule service.

azmikejan | 18. Juli 2019

It was there before, and reappeared about an hour ago.......

EVRider | 19. Juli 2019

Have you been drinking again? :-)

jordanrichard | 19. Juli 2019

Ummm, call them?

The problem with having auto/convenient ways of doing things is you forget how to do things the old fashion way.

Also, we as a collective might be able to help you out if we had more information. Do you have the climate control left on?

willgohere | 13. August 2019

I had this and deleted the app and reinstalled. Problem solved. It would be nice to get Tesla on the phone but unfortunately that is not how their business is set up. At my nearest service center ( Jacksonville, Fl) they do not answer the phones and typically take 24 hours or so to call back.