Anton Wahlman, Anyone?

Anton Wahlman, Anyone?

Anton is at it again. Now Ford is going to eat Tesla's lunch with a Mustang-inspired crossover EV and an EV F150. What fantasy world does this guy live in?

At least he is now acknowledging that their cars are well designed and beautiful, but geez. What part of building infrastructure does he fail to understand?

NKYTA | 19. Juli 2019

“What part of building infrastructure does he fail to understand?”

The part about building infrastructure? ;-)

SamO | 19. Juli 2019

He’s a hopeless clown convicted of stock fraud.

noleaf4me | 20. Juli 2019

The iPace was supposed to do that too. As was the eTron. No other manufacturer is serious YET.....Build the infrastructure and they will come.... | 20. Juli 2019

Wahlman admits to shorting Tesla. That should give an indication of his intentions.

Madatgascar | 20. Juli 2019

No, this guy really gets it, at least in part. As he points out, Tesla makes the best looking EVs. All Ford has to do is design one that actually looks good, and they can eat Tesla’s lunch.

Sure Ford can make a good looking EV. Anyone could. (Well maybe not Toyota.) But so far the big guys haven’t done it, and my money says they won’t. They make the cars and trucks their customers want, and their customers are primarily US auto dealerships, not individual car owners. The dealers desperately want EVs to continue to be niche market nerd-mobiles that sell only in the mandated numbers while ICEs remain more compelling.

So I’ll take Anton’s bet. Tesla will do its best to produce a pickup that beats the F150 at its game. Ford will do its level best to produce an EV variant of the F150 that is intentionally nerfed to NOT compete with its bread and butter. Both will succeed in their goals.

BuffaloBillsFan | 20. Juli 2019

I don’t think we will have to wait until 2022 before we start seeing Tesla trucks on the road . . .

That whole article is full of FUD. Is Ford actually going to produce an eF-150? What would the range be? Why would dealers want to sell eF-150s in the first place? Where would you charge them?

Fuck that guy.

nukequazar | 20. Juli 2019

I got into a ridiculous argument with that guy a few years ago. He was saying how amazing the Cadillac ELR was, and how much better it was than a Tesla. In case you're not familiar, the ELR was a Volt in a Cadillac suit--basically 1997 Prius technology. Top speed of 106 MPH with 0-60 in 7.8 seconds for, wait for it... $75,000.

Seems Anton is always short Tesla and Long GMC and Ford. Not sure how it's legal for him to write dishonest articles about companies he's investing in. He's a pig.

blakamp | 20. Juli 2019

Such arguments are commonly made about incumbents and disruptive change, and they are incorrect 99% of the time. Clayton Christensen has written extensively about it... Innovator's Dilemma.

Microsoft's PC dominance didn't generate dominance in mobile OS's. (Nor did Nokia's, RIM's or Motorola's.) Blockbuster didn't crush Netflix. There are a zillion examples.

It turns out it is way harder for incumbents to retool processes and operating mentalities than one would assume. Companies that are optimized and wired one way have difficulty changing that wiring to address disruptive change.

PrescottRichard | 20. Juli 2019

Easy enough, hey siri- remind me in two years to check who’s eating which lunch.

I’ve seen this before, and still, with Apple. Doomed! Does anyone do this short selling nonsense to Samsung or GM? Or Ford? I don’t frequent forums for them so maybe it IS everywhere.

Microsoft has done some pretty good acrobatics recently to stay relevant, for the time being. DOOMED! :)

jimglas | 21. Juli 2019

where is ford going to buy batteries to compete with tesla?
it's that simple

SamO | 21. Juli 2019

Batteries. Vapor ware doesn’t need batteries. Just gum flapping and hot air. Just what Ford is best known for. | 22. Juli 2019

I thought it was “Fix Or Repair Daily”. ;-)

nukequazar | 23. Juli 2019

Found On Road Dead

Nexxus | 01. August 2019

Effed On a Real Deal.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 08. Oktober 2019

Heh. That guy sucks. I wish I didn't actually know his stupid name. Last time I saw him was as a guest on TFLCar last year, where he was captioned inexplicably as an 'EV Expert'. He has at least been consistently, consecutively, and cumulatively WRONG about Tesla for over a decade, since before the Tesla Roadster was released, before their IPO. I was just curious if anyone, anywhere, still thought his position on Tesla was relevant. So I did a Google search for '[his name] Tesla' and it brought me here.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 08. Oktober 2019

Oh, yeah...

...[FOULED] Over Rebuilt Dodge...

Nexxus | 22. Oktober 2019

Well, if you go in reverse a Ford is: Driver Returns On Foot.

PrescottRichard | 22. Oktober 2019

First On Race Day.

Just saw a headline saying the Mustang (electric one anyway) will be rear wheel drive. Someday we will find out.