Strange pat pat, rattling noise when car powers on

Strange pat pat, rattling noise when car powers on

Just yesterday, my 2017 Model S 60D started making this pat pat, rattling sound when the car turns on. It is loud and goes away in about 30 seconds. The sound seems to be coming from the interior behind the glove box. I am going to schedule a service appointment but I am curious if this has happened to anyone else. If so, can you explain the issue?

EVRider | 01. August 2019

Check out this article and see if it explains what you’re hearing: | 01. August 2019

There are some ventilation dampers back there, but my guess would be one of the two fans on the AP processor module is starting to fail. So far these fans seem very reliable, with only a few rare failures talked about. You might listen at the center two air vents to see if it louder as the fans empty into the air vent path.

RedJ | 01. August 2019

If it sounds like this:

It’s almost certainly an intake actuator in the HVAC system. Happened to me last year.